Installation stalls at registration

Jeffrey Waldron January 30, 2019

I am trying to install on Windows 7, and after clicking on the Bitbucket icon, my browser pops up and after "grant access", the browser confirms authentication and says to close the page, but the install screen never activates the "Next" button... and cliicking Bitbucket again does nothing... so I'm stuck...

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Ana Retamal
Atlassian Team
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January 30, 2019

Hi Jeffrey, welcome to the Community!
This is most likely related to the browser. Please make sure Internet Explorer is updated to the latest version as Sourcetree relies on it for authentication.

If that's not enough, try changing your Internet Explorer Security Zone Settings:

  1. Open IE, click on the gear
  2. Select "Internet Options" > "Security" tab
  3. Select "Custom Level" for Internet
  4. Find "Access data sources across domains" and select "Enable" (make note of what the setting currently is)
  5. Try logging into Sourcetree again. After login in, follow steps 1-4, but reset the setting back to the previous option."

Let us know if that helps you!


Jeffrey Waldron January 30, 2019

Thank you... seems the key was IE... as I was using Chrome prior...

rsidell January 6, 2020

same issue, proposed fix does not help

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egonultas January 15, 2020

this solution does not work.

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rsidell January 15, 2020

This did not work

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gwarah January 16, 2020

I've tried with 3.2.6 version and worked. I'm in windows 7/firefox 72.0.1

KnowareMen NA January 20, 2020


I really need this sourcetree to work on a client's desk top which sits within a secure network.

Have followed instructions and source install will not progress to registration even though it has a successful login into my atlassian account

is there a list of firewall settings?

rsidell January 20, 2020

As I have already reported twice, the proposed solution DOES NOT WORK

I am running WIndows 7 SP1 on a VM with all of the updates, through 17 Jan 2020, installed.

Internet Explorer is updated automatically with the latest releases.  Currently 11.0.9600.19596.

Update Versions 11.0.170.


Access data sources across domains is enabled.

The installer puts up the BitBucket login and I enter the account and password (I was not logged in prior to starting the installation).

The browser then displays "This page can't be displayed".

The address bar shows http:////localhost:34106/?state=authenticated&code=mZXYzHpy5zAGMSTF7u


The Sourcetree installer is unresponsive to all possible clicks except exiting.


When I exit the browser, start a new one, and go to bitbucket, I am already logged in.


As I have said before, when I return to my host processor, which runs Windows 10, I can use Sourcetree normally.


Quo vadis?

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KnowareMen NA January 20, 2020

Have a similar issue..  IT support solved the issue where the  address bar shows "http:////localhost:34106/?state=authenticated&code=mZXYzHpy5zAGMSTF7u"


The install starts up and reports that it has authenticated on my bitbucket account, but that is where it ends.


Surely there is an error log some where we can use to trouble shoot issue!

rsidell January 25, 2020

Why doesn’t SourceTrer have technical support?


i am told to make Chrome default but also told that sourcetrer only works with explorer.


there is no guidance on how to make chrome default.


i am told to load mysterious files supplied by unidentifiable third parties into critical areas of my computer.  I am not willing to risk that.

its been a month and still not working.


i don’t know how or why people put up with this abysmal performance

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KnowareMen NA March 24, 2020

This is a windows 7 issue and we have corporate clients who are still sitting on windows 7 SOE.

Now with Corvid 19, resources are limited and our clients may not have head room to address issues at the moment.

So what happens when Atlassian purges HG repositories in two months?

It the virus does not get us Atlassian will!!

How hopeless is this sourcetree team?

jayriggs April 22, 2020

Can't find a solution for this problem.  Oh well guess I know a little more about Atlassian.

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gwarah January 14, 2020

I'm facing same issue. Tried to run using IE, Firefox and chrome, every attempts didn't work. But  the authorized register of Auth bitBucket session has been updated after all attempts.

Sourcetree for WindowsCommit with confidence and visualize your work. Securely manage your personal and team repositories with Sourcetree, a free Git and Mercurial client for Windows.2020-01-14T18:58:34+00:00 
gwarah January 16, 2020

Updating: I've tried with 3.2.6 version and worked.

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Jeff Sager January 21, 2020

I was having the issue on a VM with Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.

Using 3.2.6 with Chrome as the default browser finally worked.

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shriteshg8 January 24, 2020

Thanks!! Deleting AppData/Local, making Chrome default and installing SourceTree 3.2.6 worked for me.

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noamgr March 16, 2020
  1. Go to %appdata% folder (windows) and delete the folder "Atlassian" (not sure if it's necessary, just in case).
  2. Upgrade Chrome to the latest version.
  3. Make sure Chrome is your default browser. This process failed with and up-to-date Firefox.
  4. Run the 3.2.6 installer. Not sure if this works for more advanced versions.

What a sheety software...

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Deleted user January 11, 2020

don't ever update, no matter how many solutions you applied, it stuck on registration step. You have to delete sourcetree folder from appdata and then reinstall it for complete installation. Bad experience. I am not going to recommend it to anyone. Sorry

rsidell January 25, 2020

I tried your suggestion.  It failed in the same old way.

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Cody Wang May 8, 2020

Same problem here!

Windows 7.

Uninstalling the new version and reinstall 3.2.6 didn't work.

Now trying to regedit to clean up the leftovers to see if it fixes it.

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Marian Banas May 5, 2020

Installing a program should be straight forward with one click of a button.

Sourcetree's new installing routines made me move to github.


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Dennis_Nomer April 23, 2020

I tried numerous hacks suggested by various people to get this bloomin' thing to get past Registration. What finally worked was I updated Chrome to latest updates and uninstalled the current version of SourceTree and then downloaded and installed 3.2.6 for Win 7. I tried it twice, and on the second install attempt, it WORKED! This is an awful lot of screwing around to get some buggy code to work that should have just worked to start with.

Dennis_Nomer May 5, 2020

Later I also tried updating SourceTree (after already installed as 3.2.6) to the latest version using the update feature within the program. That failed in the same way as trying to install it outright. So I had to uninstall and then reinstall 3.2.6.

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Aneeb_Artist March 19, 2020

When Installation is more harder then writing codes.  Is there anything similar like soucretree ?

Jeroen Walter April 27, 2020


a fast and friendly git client for Mac and Windows

And it actually installs without problems. :)

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Guido van der Salm March 4, 2020

Having the same issue, not able to install sourcetree anymore, not even old versions. Both IE and chrome do not pass the registration tab..

Logging in to the Bitbucket site goes well, but the installation window just got stuck..

Some Atlassian help on this??

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sadiqkhoja March 4, 2020

not working for me either

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mike.donahue February 24, 2020

I have tried all browsers and the recommended settings. No luck. Same as everyone else. Any updates?

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Mike Sawyer February 23, 2020

Also having the same issue with Chrome on a colleagues machine, it seems to work fine with Firefox on my PC

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Ruth Kohen January 28, 2020

Not working for me either. Tried the last three versions of Sourcetree. The browser (Chrome) comes back with 'authentication successful', but the install window remains stuck on registration.

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GuxGux January 26, 2020

This is so frustrating. I'm trying to put a copy on my laptop and I've been trying everything and reading forums to find a fix for several hours.

Why not just let install THEN validate the registration??

The temporary webserver of the installer isn't working for me and that's where I'm so stuck now. Going to try with an older version and then to skip registration...

GuxGux January 27, 2020

The old version fix worked for me


Update : uninstall your current version of sourcetree app and download 3.1.3 version friom version history Link :

authentication will be successful after that.

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egonultas January 22, 2020

I am using this method to skip registration:

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Prashanth November 26, 2019

Facing the same issue.

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