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Increase SourceTree font size

Is there any way to increase the font size in SourceTree for OS X? Currently, the font size it uses is so tiny that my eyes hurt a lot after a while managing branches.

31 answers

I was hoping more people would have voted for this. I really can't use the font size as it is now. It is positively miniscule. I've never seen any Mac app with a font this small - surely it breaks some standard?

A preference to change it doesn't seem like much?

Not a complete solution, but I just found that you can at least change the diff font size by going to `SourceTree -> Preferences -> Diff tab`. 

this works great!  thanks so much for the answer Jeffrey!  

on Mac:


`SourceTree -> Preferences -> Diff tab`

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.36.58 AM.png

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Lol, I switched to using the command line ages ago.

Almost 2 years since I posted my answer and still nothing. I even told them about it in person at WWDC last year and they said they would pass the message on...

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It would be cool to add a custom font size adjustment

Since on windows are also bad..



I agree.  This needs to be fixed so the font can be adjusted.  SourceTree is unusable currently.  On my monitor the SourceTree font measures equivalent to a 5pt font.

The new dark UI helps readability but the text is so, so small. Taking hi resolution monitors into consideration for UI to allow for some type of scaling and font sizing would go a long way in ease of use.

Please increase font size. It's weird-ously small for HDPI monitors. So I started to use Sublime Merge, which resembles the Tower.

6 votes
Deleted user Nov 12, 2018

This app is unusable for me because of the small font size, it's a shame because it seems like it would be very helpful.

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Is there any word on this feature?

On HiDPI screens this is a serious defect.

We cannot read the text without an external LCD non-HiDPI monitor.

Come on Atlassian, it's 2020 already. Add the ability to increase Sourcetree's font size for crying out loud. So many other Windows application UIs let me hold down the Ctrl key while spinning the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the font size. That should be your goal when addressing this issue. PLEASE. This feature was requested four years ago! I suppose your silence on this thread implies that it isn't going to happen? That'd be a real shame.

Hello Atlassian developers,

Are there any actions in this direction?

Increasing font-size would be really useful feature in Windows or in Mac OS.


It's incredible how something so simple, yet so important can't be achieved by the SourceTree Team 

Big +1 for this feature request

I can't believe this hasn't been addressed yet. Sourcetree remains unusable for me.

I have the same problem. I have to use a 14" laptop momentarily, and I feel like I'm going blind.

Since this dates since 2016 I assume there is no possibility of a future fix. The app works fine on a 27" HD monitor but as people here commented if you are on a 15" Macbook retina you'll practically see nothing.

It is a shame the devs have ignored such a critical thing (reading simple text!)

Another request to control Sourcetree's font size (not just for diff)

Please Atlassian

A minor request is getting unheeded by Atlassian.  Even a reply as to why this is ignored or when i may be prioritized would be awesome.

Any news on this?

As by 2021 a lot of developers switch to 4k monitors.

5 years passed and still there is no option to adjust at least font size in SourceTree. I guess it's time to evaluate alternatives.


I have this issue now too. My troubles with Sourcetree started after upgrading my display to 49" ultrawide, which gives me 5120x1440 but renders the application unusable.

I'm gonna go evaluate GitKraken now.

It's definitely must be done. Impossible to use the app on Hi-DPI displays.

Hey everyone, I found a way for windows users to zoom in considerably in Sourcetree, by fiddling around with the compatibility settings! It pretty much doubles font size and makes it a lot more legible. However you must either be using two monitors, one a smaller one (such as a laptop) or do something every time time you open Sourcetree. 

Automatically: If you have two monitors, one a smaller one (such as a laptop)
First you need to set your smaller monitor as your main display. Then go to the Sourcetree.exe file, right click, "Properties",  "Compatibility", "Change high DPI settings", then enable the High DPI scaling override as shown below.
Now it will stay zoomed in the same level it uses for your smaller monitor when you switch to the large monitor. 

Manually changing display every time you open Sourcetree
Go to the "Change high DPI settings" and enable the "Override high DPI scaling behaviour" as before. This time also enable the  "Use this setting to fix scaling problems feature", as shown below.

Now before you open sourcetree change your display settings to zoom in as much as you can on your main monitor. Then open Sourcetree, it will take these settings and be more zoomed in. Now you can revert the display setting change and Sourcetree will stay zoomed in until you next close and re-open it. 

This would be such a big improvement in SourceTree! Look at how unreadable my unstaged files are (right), relative to the humane size used for diffs (left). The very small font size is exacerbated by truly regrettable color choices. The saturated magenta on dark background is practically unreadable.


Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 5.29.11 PM.pngOf course, all of this is substantially magnified from what I am actually looking at in the app itself.

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