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How to stop auto-collapse of sidebar folders?

Evan Miller June 7, 2017

SourceTree has suddenly started randomly collapsing sections (File Status, Branches, etc.) and repo folders automatically whenever it refreshes. It's not 100% of the time and it doesn't always collapse all of them; I'm having trouble figuring out the exact behaviour.

Not the end of the world but it makes even the most basic of operations slow and painful.

Is there an option for this I accidentally toggled on somehow? Can't seem to find any info on it.

Bug Ticket

13 answers

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Lukas Schmidt June 8, 2017

You are not alone; same here since the latest update.

3 votes
colingreczkowski June 22, 2017

Bumping, would like to see this fixed

3 votes
Ben Capewell June 20, 2017

Bump - this is really annoying!

1 vote
Randall Eike August 4, 2017

This constant collapsing is ridiculous.  I regret upgrading.  Please fix.  This is not a "feature," it is a bug.

1 vote
JeromeSelinger July 27, 2017

I thought I was alone in this... this behavior is killing me... 

When can we have a fix on this?

1 vote
adriangreen July 13, 2017

I am getting RSI from this torture. No keyboard shortcuts to assist either. This, in addition to the inexplicibly stupid removal of the repo tree, is pretty much killing me. I have several hundred repos to keep on top of. Sourcetree used to be the GUI for managing them.

Now I am in hell. ALL of these new 'features' they are adding should be at least configurable so people who actually need to get work done get actually get some work done instead of marvelling at the latest 'minimalist' design.

Lukas Schmidt July 14, 2017

Did you read the blog entry that explains many reasons why Sourcetree had the redesign?

adriangreen July 14, 2017

No, I had not read that article. I personally have never felt that ST 1.x was in any way slow - possibly a side effect of buying decent hardware for my work.

IMO they would be better unifying the GUI under a common code-base - huge undertaking, I know. Personally I'd much rather they make this effort, and make things configurable, so that users have a choice. Choices! That thing separates the frustratingly limited tool from the power-users tool-of-choice. I would even much rather they commercialize the product - because it (was) previously so good at providing a balance between simplicity and complex overview.

I'd pay for ST - once they reverse some of the latest design decisons - and place effort into fixing apparent performance issues by other means (like porting to Java or something).

(I use JB products - their guis exhibit just as much or more complexity, and (for me) are flawlessly smooth.)

1 vote
Tim Jarsky July 13, 2017

Workflow: Expand folder tree >> Select folder >> Checkout branch >> Any Error >>Expand folder tree >> Select folder >> Checkout branch ....repeat

David Johnson April 25, 2019

You lost me at "Checkout Branch".  I'm not sure what is meant by that, and I don't see any text nor button called "Checkout Branch".

1 vote
Jonathan Khor July 6, 2017

Absolutely. If I want to collapse my "folders", I will. Please at least give us the option to keep persist the collapsed state between refreshes.

0 votes
Jannis Borgers October 1, 2019

Thought I’d give it a try. I only recently found the tree view feature, but whenever I’ve made a commit, the tree view collapses and I have to dig through the folders again to find the one file I want to commit next.

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Steve Parks August 9, 2017

Here is a Jira ticket that is Priority Low!

Help Vote it up and maybe they'll fix it:

0 votes
Steve Parks August 9, 2017

Same thing.  Hampering productivity and currently evaluating other products such as GitKraken, SmartGit and Tower.

I don't know why Atlassian seems focused on disrupting people's work with constant changes to UI without options to use Classic UI or turn things on and off.

0 votes
JeromeSelinger July 27, 2017

I would not venture into installing a non-official release... the actuall official releases seem to be half-testing... I guess I have to suffer and wait...

But thanks for the suggestion!

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Lukas Schmidt July 27, 2017

SourceTree fixes this. Can be downloaded if you adjust the download link from the homepage. Use at your own risk, I'm not sure if it is supposed to have been released.


For your convenience here's the official download link to the "old" version:

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