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How to change options in credential helper.

Tokala__Chandu__LNG-CON_ April 17, 2020

1) IN credential helper i have selected "<no helper>".

2) Now i want to change that option to manager.

3) Can anyone please help me on this how to update.

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School-learner April 17, 2020

I just opened another question and I believe it's the sameas yours. Could you paste a screenshot so I can check if it's the same thing?

Tokala__Chandu__LNG-CON_ April 19, 2020

Thanks for the response, I have got the solution.

School-learner April 19, 2020

Are you ok if I ask for the solution? Do you mind sharing it?

Tokala__Chandu__LNG-CON_ April 20, 2020

Yes i will share it. PFB steps

1) Wipe Source tree preferences.

2) Uninstall Source tree if it shows on the apps and features.

3) Backup then delete the directory  below before proceeding with next step

   i) Navigate to C://Users/<UserName>/appdata/local, now delete sourcetree folders.

 II) Navigate to C://Users/<UserName>/appdata/atlassian, Now delete all source tree files and folders

4)Now re-install again

School-learner April 20, 2020

Hi Tokala,

Thanks. I'm at a stage where I'm learning to use github desktop. Out of curiosity and without sounding unpleasant, I only know how to add my repository from my computer to sourcetree. I haven't yet found how to add them to Would you happen to know this portion? I checked the internet and found something called custom actions which I belive must be done by every user to set the commands correctly. If you happen to know how to send the entire repository to, I would be very grateful if you are willing to share it. If it does involve the custom commands, you may just mention that portion as I think I found the steps to add the commands.

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