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How do I get the file tree back?

Kaveh Vaghefi Apr 29, 2014

Sourcetree 1.9.x completely changed the file selection UI. How do I get the tree back? There no longer seems to be an option to display files within their directories in a tree.

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Roy Leban Apr 30, 2014

I have added a number of Jira requests for the issues. Please vote up the ones you care about:

Changes are staged automatically after upgrading to 1.9

Bring back filename view

Restore Amend Commit checkbox

Fix scrolling for staging area

Move commit message history button to the top

Hunks all run together in 1.9 diff view

Adrian von Gegerfelt May 05, 2014

If only I could log in to vote :(

12 votes
alex hunsley Apr 29, 2014

I agree with most above: new UI feels like a step backwards, not forwards. No staged files view?!

10 votes
Kaveh Vaghefi Apr 29, 2014
Adrian von Gegerfelt May 05, 2014

I can't log in to vote :(

Mark Levison May 21, 2014

Jira declares an error when I try to login :-)

9 votes
Christian Spiewok Apr 30, 2014

Downgrading to 1.8.1. Horrible update:

- TreeView is missing.

- No staging area.

- Updating the window (pending files) takes way too long (nearly 2 mins here to catch up with the changes in the file!)!

- UI is taking to much space anyway.

7 votes
m m Apr 29, 2014

+ 1 I dont undertand this chage: tree view is probably the main reason I would use SourceTree at all...

rzero May 20, 2014

I've used SourceTree for a few years and have never used the tree view. It's the REST of the new UI that I have a problem with...

5 votes
Peter Chermie Apr 30, 2014

Some horrible changes in this update indeed. No column view in the file lists is deffinitely the worst of all. I think I'll downgrade to 1.8.1 for now :(

Why would you touch the basic UI functionalities while they work really well and people love them? Haven't you learnt anything from Microsoft's Metro interface? ;) Don't innovate just for the sake of the innovation.

I hope these issues will be fixed soon.

4 votes
Fernando Mazzon May 12, 2014
I didn't last 10 minutes with 1.9.1... Here's the old version for those who agree the new UI has no purpose in life:
(I couldn't find the windows version but it should be around there)
3 votes
Georges Berenger Apr 29, 2014

OK, after 1h of searching through all the menu options, I found it by looking at a screenshot of the new version...

The top of the panel that shows the commit details can be pulled down to reveal the files. For some reason, this section was pulled-up all the way, making it impossible to see and extremely hard to discover, but now that I've pulled it down, I can't pull it back up all the way.

You can see it the files in this view:

Philipp Muenzel Apr 29, 2014

Yeah, but that's still only flat view, it doesn't show tree or column view!

Kaveh Vaghefi Apr 29, 2014

Agree. What happened to tree and column view? Those were super useful. This really is more like a UI regression.

Georges Berenger Apr 29, 2014

I agree, this new view is pure BS. At least, I can see the files.

Thanks for the pointer to v1.8.1, I'll go back to this version right away!

Georges Berenger Apr 30, 2014

To be clear, when I first launched 1.9, the entire file panel was simply invisible (no even a hint of where it was). I just could not see *any* file or where that panel was. It was the only panel I could see in 1.8.1, as the revision details panel was invible in 1.8.1, and I had to grab the top of the only view there was in 1.9, the revision details view, to make the file panel appear at all. Now that I'm happily back in 1.8.1, I can see both the files & the revision details panel, which I never saw before!

Which doesn't mean that now that I can see my files, all my problems are gone. I pretty much agree that all these UI changes are regressions, a share of which are dealbreakers (separate staging section, tree view, maybe more).

Rob Maxwell May 06, 2014

Similar thing happened with me, but i noticed i could expand the missing panel slightly (seems randomly, like there's something preventing my drag and drop). Ultimately, I can't give 1.9 a fair shot right now, since my paths seem to be longer than normal, and most of the files listen in the panel look like this:

3 votes
Stephan Tual May 19, 2014

Worst GUI update ever. Very hard to understand what's going on, tree view gone, things seem to auto-stage when you press select checkboxes, it's maddening. Why oh why

Seth May 19, 2014

This is not an answer. Please vote up the issues that you would like to see changed using the links in the accepted answers.

2 votes
Chris Graham Apr 30, 2014

OMG, I used to love this tool, now I hate it. How can an update go so bad, so quickly?

2 votes
Steve Streeting Apr 30, 2014

(corss-posted from the blog)

Rather than reply to every comment here I thought I'd respond here at the top level. Firstly, apologies to people who don't like the changes in this update. We always knew it might be controversial with some people, although we genuinely felt that after doing user tests and using it ourselves internally for many weeks that after an adjustment period, it felt better. I hope you give it some time, try the alternate approaches, but if you still feel strongly, the previous version is still available here:

We're making some small refinements and fixes for 1.9.1, and we'll be reviewing all the feedback for future updates. Changes to a core UI component which hasn't altered much in over 2 years is always going to be tough, but there were definitely things to address when it came to new users (particularly those new to git). We thought we'd got the balance right between making it easier for new users while retaining the preferences of more advanced users - which includes us! - but your feedback is useful in gauging the success of that in the 'real world' of course. Thanks for your feedback, and for your patience; we all want to make SourceTree the best tool for everyone.

Adrian von Gegerfelt May 06, 2014

Like the comment on this issue (, I'd say that these changes wouldn't make it easier for a new user either.

We are five users here in my office, and we are all very disappointed with the new working copy and commit windows. You can't even select multiple files.

Seth May 06, 2014

The blog Steve posted states that you can select multiple files (try Cmd+Click and Shift+Click), then press the space bar to check (or uncheck) them all.

Adrian von Gegerfelt May 06, 2014

Thanks, that does work, and it's incredibly bad GUI design! How should I have known?

George Cook May 20, 2014

I honestly find it a horrible step back. Having separate scrolling lists/tree view for stage/modified files was a great workflow.

Sometimes I have huge commits (I'm a unity devleoper, so import packages with hundreds of files).

Not being able to have a tree view just kills it, the same as not being able to see what's being staged.

Considering the old view is working really well, and has use cases for many users (there's quite a few voices here and on Jira), would it really hurt you guys to have an option for both?

It might be we can come to terms with the new view also if it at least had a tree view? (though I personally struggle with it regardless - it hangs, it's buggy, it's not really doing the things I want.. it's just a pita to be honest).

Alex Colburn May 20, 2014

What alternative tools are people exploring?

George Cook May 21, 2014

Github for mac is an obvious option. I'll stick with my 1.8.1 for now; and if this change seems permanent with no means of viewing tree/separate scrolling for stages/changed then as an iOS and Unity3d developer I'll have no choice but to try out github for mac...

EDIT: I just tried out 10.8.1.. like ice water in a desert... (phew)

2 votes
Yuri Noyanov May 05, 2014

Unfortunatly, I have to revert to 1.8.1 too. Working without treeview is too dificullt and dangerous for me. Looking forward to return it in a next release.

1 vote
Martín Currao Feb 16, 2016

Years later, they update the Windows version. New horrible UI. And no tree view. The only two functions I really used from SourceTree were the treeView and the Branches graphical Log / History (you should remove that too, Atlassian, that would be another great move). 

And they left the Switch View icon, but with no options but the default, like saying "Look, here you could do things before". 

SourceTree 1.8.1


  • Atlassian account: Use existing Atlassian credentials to login to SourceTree or create a new account here.
  • Git LFS: Automatically install LFS tools, initialize LFS for repositories, and modify what file types to track
  • UI Updates: Icon refresh, and streamlined toolbar
  • Performance updates:
    • Improved rendering of the diff view
    • Deprecated Fluid Staging view in the file status view
    • Deprecated Tree File Listing in File Status and Log Views
    • Refactored code base to allow for separation of services within the application


I still don't get how removing Tree File Listing counts as an enhancement...

Daniele Niero Feb 22, 2016

after moths of pushing to have it on windows too... unbelivable

1 vote
Alexis Cedeno Mar 30, 2016

Actual options, not tree view present


Older version , tree view present.


There are a lot of people in the forum experimenting the same issue.


I really appreciate is there a way to have the tree view back.


0 votes
Philipp Muenzel Apr 29, 2014

I second that! Tree is gone, and column view is gone. I wonder how anyone can work like this??

See also:

0 votes
Georges Berenger Apr 29, 2014

Yes, this update is maddening! Who the hell thought it was a good idea to make this change!

Reviewing diffs, mine or others', using the tree view is the single most important thing I use SourceTree for! In facts, most days, that's the only thing I use SourceTree for...

0 votes
Georges Berenger Apr 29, 2014

So now, how do I revert to the previous version? I can't find it...

0 votes
Philipp Muenzel Apr 29, 2014

IMHO that's no reason why Mac users should now put up with the limits of the Windows version.

0 votes
Seth Apr 29, 2014

I can't help chuckling to myself, because the file selection UI you are describing has been the only UI ever available in the Windows version of SourceTree.

It is very annoying, the easiest way to find a specific file is to start typing its name into the search box. If you are focused on modified files, just set the filter to "Show Pending".

0 votes
Kaveh Vaghefi Apr 29, 2014
0 votes
Roy Leban Apr 29, 2014

While we're at it, how do you hide the distracting lines between file names? Reading a long list of path names with separator lines makes it harder to group them by directory as you're reading. Plus, it fits fewer files. This product is for developers, not average people, and we like file and directory listings where we can see more, not less. The lines serve no purpose other than visual clutter.

And ... how do I get the view where one column is the filename and the other column is the path (or directory)? That was super useful! Now I have to make the left pane really wide in order for it to show me the filename, which shrinks the diff to way too small on my laptop screen. Yeah, it's not much of an issue on my big screen, but I also work on my laptop.

Really, what were they thinking?

0 votes
Roy Leban Apr 29, 2014

I spent some more time trying out 1.9. There are worse problems than the loss of the file tree.

Their "improved commit" experience is worse (or buggy, or both). Files sometimes automatically stage themselves when you change them.

Before, it was really convenient to look at the list of staged and unstaged files together, since they both scrolled separately. I use staging all the time while I'm working to snapshot a good (but not commitable) state while I continue to make changes. Now, staged and unstaged is one scrolling list, so I can't see both together.

The new diff view is not better -- it's worse. The wide gray bars are harder to distinguish from the pastel pink and light green bars for the diffs than the sharp deliniation we had before before. It is useful to see the hunk deliniations because it indicates a jump to another location in the file.

The commit options are worse, buried in a menu when there is plenty of room for them. I use Amend commit all the time, just like staging. I stage, stage, commit, stage, stage, amend commit, ..., push. This makes it easy for me to forget to amend. And they made the "push immediately" option, which I personally never use, really prominent.

Putting the entire commit pane at the bottom makes the commit comment history popup appear broken. Nice.

We paid for copies of SourceTree for everyone in the company before it became free. I've been really happy with it. But this is a downgrade.

So ... I just UPGRADED back to 1.8.1. 1.9.x is going to need a lot of work before I consider using it.

0 votes
Mark Beech Apr 29, 2014
Terrible update! Reverted back to 1.8.1 and will be staying there until this BS is sorted
0 votes
Mark Beech Apr 29, 2014
Terrible update! Reverted back to 1.8.1 and will be staying there until this BS is sorted
0 votes
Seth Apr 29, 2014

Have any of you opened a bug report/feature request at If so, please post it here as an answer so everyone in this discussion can vote it up.

0 votes
Seth Apr 30, 2014

Roy and Kaveh, you should convert your comment (bug reports) to answers. Kevah can them mark them both as the right answers.

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