How do I decrease row height in history view?

SourceTree 2.7 - Major Release:

"Increased font size and row height for sidebar and commit graphs"


I would like to decrease the row height, how though?


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I totally agree with the above. What (the f*) are you doing Atlassian!?

At least make it possible to decide for oneself as this really mess up my flow.

Agreed — I use the history view to actually see what the history of the repo is, not just the last few changes.

Did anybody actually ask the users what they wanted, or did some designer just decide to go with what looked prettier to them?

Same here. I want previous version font size and row height. Plus what is wrong with labels? Vertical align is incorrect and they look ugly.

I don't care about BitBucket CI status, I get it's your software, promotion, etc, etc. But breaking core things is not the best idea.

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Though I generally I agree that whitespace can make for a cleaner appearance, information density is more important when it comes to a tool like SourceTree.

The update from build 142 to 143 (both of which are tagged as version 2.7) seems to have quietly reduced the row height to something more reasonable. I can live with this happy medium, but if I had the option, I'd probably revert to the version 2.6 row height.

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I want to revert font size...

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Yes. Revert the row size or make it a preference for those who want to view repo history in the history view versus the last few commits. For those of us on small screen, we can't make the history pane huge. We need density, not empty space. There wasn't a whitespace problem before. But now there is.

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