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Failed connect to

Stephen Phillips July 8, 2014


I am attempting to use SourceTree to clone a valid shared repository in Bitbucket. After entering the source/path for the repo into the Clone Reporitory screen, i receive an error message "This is not a valid source path / URL". Selecting the details button shows the error message "fatal: unable to access '': Failed connect to; No error"

Error Details

We are sitting behind a proxy, but the proxy setting have been set up correctly inside SouceTree because we can see the repository name appear when we select the globe icon to the right of the "source path / url" field.

Screengrab - Hosted Repositories

Can someone please let me know why this setting is not going through the proxy and help me with this setup??



4 answers

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Bo Yu October 13, 2014

Tools->options->Network tab, verify your settingsNetworksettings.png


Stephen Phillips October 19, 2014

Worked a treat, thank you very much for your help :-)

Ryan Rutledge February 10, 2015

Signed up just to say thank you for this suggestion. It was the "Add proxy server configuration to Git / Mercurial" checkbox that I hadn't done. After that, things started working.

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Andreas Imboden March 13, 2015

Worked like a charm ! Thank you sir, you saved my day.

gfernndezchas January 10, 2016

It worked perfectly. Thank you.

Shahid Akram August 10, 2016

awesome working ! thanks brother

Priscila Zesati February 20, 2017

OMG! such a simple solution and hours of desperation! thank you

Nitu Sahoo May 31, 2018

That worked with a different port. Thank you very much. You saved me. :)

Sunita Ravuri July 17, 2018

Really the solution suggested worked for me after several attempts for solving the issue. Thankyou:)

Rakhi Ria Rejee September 17, 2018

Sorry...Where to find this Tools->options->Network tab, verify your settingsNetworksettings.png

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Deleted user December 4, 2018

Same question... where is Tools->options->Network tab, verify your settingsNetworksettings.png?

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Vidya R Saripalli June 4, 2019

Thanks a worked finally

gajbhss December 18, 2019

Done.  it works. Thanks..!!


Hi All,

Same issue for me.

Any one help me to solve the issue I don't understand where I need to go to select Tools->options->Network tab?

I am using Windows OS. 


Best regards,


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William Kristopherson Betonio April 24, 2020

Brilliant! This exactly fix my issue. Thanks!

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iamguri August 26, 2018

For Ubuntu 14.04

I had the same issue in ubuntu.

But after removing from etc/host file.

Its started working for me.

Ross_Kerr August 29, 2018

This fixed it!

I had added this line to my hosts file months ago to fix a similar SourceTree issue and totally forgot 😂

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C-bo September 19, 2018

This did it for me, after wasting days on the Net. Thank you :)

thecuterat October 9, 2018

worked for me thanks

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Amanda Zacarias October 21, 2019

I'm having the same issue but cloning directly from terminal on MAC. Where can I find this Tools > Options > Network tab?

Thanks a lot

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Bo Yu September 25, 2014

I had the same issue

ghouse.quad May 23, 2018

Same issue in my Ubuntu 14.04

Gurpreet Singh August 29, 2018

Check my ans.

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