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Errors / etc when Pageant not running are a bit excessive...?

namida42 November 13, 2021


- Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, build 21H1

- SourceTree 3.4.6

- Pageant version that ships with Putty 0.74


Steps to reproduce:

1. Configure your environment / remote such that Pageant is used as your SSH agent to push to a Git remote

2. Start SourceTree while Pageant is NOT running (maybe also: or, is running does not have the SSH key for the repo loaded)

3. Attempt to push one or more branches to the repo


When doing this, SourceTree asks me if I want to start Pageant. If I click No*, it asks me a second time if I want to start Pageant. (Issue 1 - it absolutely should not ask the same question twice like that. Issue 2 - there really should be an option to set a default behavior for this dialog rather than asking every time it happens.) After this, it will display the usual Git error output - this part is fine and expected. Finally, it displays one more error saying "your commit succeeded but your push failed". (Issue 3 - although useful information, it's a bit redundant when it comes off the back of a chain of errors like this. Actually, my understanding is that this message would always follow at least one other error message, so why not add it to the previous dialog rather than giving it its own one?)


* for the record-  the reason I never let SourceTree start Pageant is because at least in a past version, I observed that if I let SourceTree start Pageant, then when I exit SourceTree, it automatically closes Pageant; this is extremely undesirable as SourceTree is not the only SSH-enabled software that I use

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namida42 December 14, 2021

Can confirm that this still happens in 3.4.7 as well.

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