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Amir Barzilay February 5, 2019

Hi there,

so, im having trouble with the subject with Sourcetree 3.0.1. 

A few months ago, I cloned the project using a username&Token url. 

As it seems the Token has expired and so i've created a new one and tried adding the account to sourcetree. 

I'm typing in the username (tried primary and secondary) & token as described in my account in

The only thing i'm baffled about is the host i should be using, tried:


2. my git url. 


keep getting: 

We couldn't connect to Azure DevOps with your ('MyUserName') credentials. Check your username and try the password again.


What am i missing? 


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Edwin Klesman January 9, 2020

I got this working via the following steps:

  1. Create a PAT in azure DevOps (
  2. Make sure you copy the generated PAT as you won't be able to view it again
  3. On Source Tree, go to add account and select Azure DevOps
  4. for the host, I used https://{organisation} as the new URL format for azure DevOps didn't work
  5. enter the generated PAT as username
  6. use the PAT you just generated for the password as well


If somehow your Sourcetree doesn't seem to be using the right PAT credentials when you try to clone your repo, force Sourcetree to use the credentials by prefixing the URL with them:

  1. Get the URL from the Azure DevOps Repo, ie: https://{organisation}{projectname}/_git/{projectname}
  2. Add the token as username and password in the URL of the repo, ie:

Using these steps, SourceTree will force using the PAT as credentials for the repo and you can clone and work on the repo directly.

PS: Somehow, I couldn't get the username - PAT as a password combination working. I found out this route and it works for me.

I hope it saves you some time!

psundareshan March 22, 2021

this worked for me! thanks Edwin.

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Edwin Klesman March 23, 2021

Glad it helped you @psundareshan 

Christian Wölke March 23, 2021

@Edwin Klesman @psundareshan The issue is solved in the newest release

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Edwin Klesman March 23, 2021

Good to read that! I know that connections like this can be a little fragile, but what I understand from MS is that the current setup will last for the upcoming period. 

Thanks for the update @Christian_Wölke 

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Amir Barzilay February 5, 2019

So.. adding an account didn't work for me, but i managed to solve the problem by changing the repository url to include the new token 

Sourcetree -> repository -> repository settings -> remotes

Hope it helps someone... 

amrud April 11, 2019

doesn't work for me. the repository settings option is disabled

jay.n May 3, 2019

did you solve this?

Amila Udayanga May 22, 2019

I managed to get this sorted by doing the following.

  1. Create a PAT in azure devops (
  2. Make sure you copy the generated PAT as you won't be able to view it again
  3. On Source Tree, go to add account and select Azure DevOps
  4. for host, I used https://{organisation} as the new url format for azure devops didn't work
  5. enter username that you use
  6. use the PAT you just generated for the password

Hope this helps


above works for adding the account, but gets an error when trying to clone a repo from DevOps as the git url is in the old format. 

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Craig Haydon May 29, 2019

@Amila Udayanga .. did you resolve the cloning issue. If so... how did you fix?

David Connor June 6, 2019

@Craig Haydon I managed to get it working using his/her instructions. Step 4 is the important one then it's just a matter of logging in.

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Armando January 12, 2020



for me works to add an Account using the URL




Username: Your PAT

Passwort: Your PAT



How to create a PAT (Personal Authentication Token):


Then all works fine!


Kind Regards



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jeevasusej October 14, 2020

It is really working. 

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Christian Wölke November 28, 2019

There is still a bug open for that topic, since one year. Please vote for it, to solve it asap.

Authentication fails when using Azure DevOps URL



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Christian Wölke March 23, 2021

@Amir Barzilay @ou can close that issue as it is solved

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Christian Wölke January 12, 2020

Hi Guys

A few of you are describing an workaround with using the visualstudio URL. But the main problem is, that the new azure URL does not work.

This needs to be fixed please.



Edwin Klesman January 12, 2020

It seems to be different depending on unknown factors.

When I open up my projects (even one I created this January (2020), and go to the repo to find the clone URL it says:


So I use that. I didn't bother checking if the new URL format works since the tool shows me that URL. 

If there are people that see the new URL format as "clone url" for their repo and that is not working, you're right: it should be fixed. But it needs to be fixed by Microsoft


What I find troublesome is the lack of documentation stating on how to get access to the repo correct (PAT as username and as password?)... This takes a lot of time for people.

Christian Wölke January 13, 2020

Hi Edwin

Thanks for the answer.

I already mentioned that problem posted a bug also in the Microsoft community.

For me it is not clear where the bug needs to be fixed. Maybe you can also contribute on that bug.



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Amair Mohammed October 8, 2019

@Amila Udayanga

I w as able to log in and clone the repo successfully. Thanks for the instructinos.!

Amila Udayanga October 9, 2019

Glad it helped :)

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