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Cannot add GitLab account due to authentication failure (Sourcetree 4.0 on Mac)

Rob Majors January 2, 2020

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Sourcetree go to Remote > Accounts... > Add...
  2. Select one of the GitLab hosts (I'm using GitLab Enterprise) and provide a URL if required
  3. Enter username and password
  4. Select the HTTPS protocol (per the comments in the question linked below this also happens if using SSH)
  5. Click "Save"

The following dialog always appears:

Login error

We couldn't connect to GitLab Enterprise with your (<your_username>) credentials. Check your username and try the password again.


I am encountering this on Sourcetree 4.0 (229) on macOS 10.14.6

Additional information

As in the comments to this question: there was a set of steps which would resolve this issue in Sourcetree versions prior to circa 3.1.2 (216 or 225) but from that point on the UI changed and it was not possible to follow these steps, or possibly these steps never worked on the Mac Sourcetree application.

In particular, there is now nowhere in the Sourcetree UI where it is possible to load or specify a Private Token once one has been generated in GitLab.

That question is marked as Resolved and thus no further assistance has been provided there, so I am opening a new question to get help with the problem in its current form.

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Rob Majors January 3, 2020

SOLUTION: In step 3, enter your personal access token as the password. Do not enter your GitLab password.

Michael Bechard March 26, 2020

This doesn't work for me, on Sourcetree 4.0.1. I'm on Mac 10.14.5.

Jurjen van Dijk April 8, 2020

Works for me on SourceTree 4.0.1. OS X 10.14.5

smityfke April 23, 2020

This doesn't work for me too, on Sourcetree 4.0.1 Mac OS X 10.15.3

kostiag May 2, 2020

same problem does not work source tree 4.0 

I take it back using generated access token worked

Florin Steliean November 4, 2020

It is not working for me on Sourcetree 4.0.2 and macos 10.15.7. Still getting the same error

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André Sebastian-Bath December 11, 2020

Neither working for me. Used my email + access token on Mac OS 10.15.7 and 4.0.2 :( 

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Grace Chang August 19, 2020

Adding the token seems to work as a password hack; however, when I git push/pull, I'm prompted with another auth that fails with either my Gitlab password or the token.

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 9.36.53 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-08-19 at 9.31.19 AM.png

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Oana Mada January 28, 2022
The solution was (on Mac):
- revoke the old Access Token from GitLab (which had only the next Scopes: read_repository, write_repository)
- generate new Access Token having the next Scopes: api, read_user, read_repository, write_repository (it was strange that for other colleague it worked only with read_repository, write_repository)
- on SourceTree: go to SourceTree -> Preferences ->Accounts -> Add -> fill-in the details as in the following image (and for Password use the Access Token):
After this, I was able to Clone Repository ("Clone from URL").

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