Can you please make the default status of "Push all tags" option as unchecked?

Oliver Cho January 2, 2019

Many of our company teammates are using the SourceTree as the Git client and it is pretty good in overall.

But regarding the tagging function, we're having a very annoying problem.

Normally we don't make a tag manually by each individual but the CI system makes some tags automatically when a new build is created.

Before we settled down with an agreed convention on tag naming, there were some experimentally created tags and we wanted to clear them out in order not to make an unwanted confusion. It looked just a simple straight forward thing, and removing them from the server and my local working copy was actually done easily.

However, since the Git is a distributed system the old wrong tags were already existed in other coworker's local repositories and because the default status of "Push all tags" option is 'Checked', those old tags were revived so many times when someone didn't sync their local tag with the remote server and pushed his/her commit with this option on, as the people didn't pay much attention on this option status and neither understand correctly what its impact is.

If once this situation happened we had to announce repeatedly to make sure this option is turned off and to sync their local working copy tags. 

I'm not so sure how many people are struggling with this issue but it was a surely annoying thing for us.

And so I want to know making its default status as unchecked would be acceptable for other users as well.


Best regards,

Oliver Cho

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Ana Retamal
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
January 3, 2019

Hi Oliver!

Thanks for sharing your idea and scenario with us, it will be interesting to know if there are more users that would benefit from this. Regarding your suggestion, I highly encourage you to submit it as a Feature request, that's the way our team acknowledges the wishes from our users and the way we track how many people is interested (by voting on the feature) You can submit it at .

Hope that helps :)


Oliver Cho January 3, 2019

Thanks Ana for your response.

I'll submit a feature request as well. Thanks. :-)


Oliver Cho January 3, 2019
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Ana Retamal
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
January 3, 2019


Oliver Cho January 6, 2019
Daniel Martinec May 14, 2020

This backfired at my team as well. Please prioritize the change of the default. Thank you!

alok.ranjan June 16, 2020

I also faced this problem while pushing the code then after un-checking "Push all tags", it got resolved.

Derek Gallo December 21, 2020

This should be taken one step further and the "Push all tags" feature should be dropped outright.  This is dangerous.  Backfired on my team as well.  We push to git remotes as a method of deploying apps.  When the remotes for our deployment were added, Sourcetree started unknowingly deploying YEARS OLD tagged versions of our apps.  The worse part is there was no apparent indication that this was happening.  If it wasn't for a security monitor we have setup we might have never caught it.

gabriel.feo October 4, 2021

To anyone else affected by this, I suggest commenting and voting on the open issue instead: 

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