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Can't see all my hosted repos

When I go to clone a new repo and view the list of all my hosted repos, I can see most of repos, but there are some missing.

  • Using github and https.
  • Show private repositories is turned on.
  • Have clicked on refresh a few times.

I can see the repo in github, and I can clone it if I paste the URL into SourceTree manually.

Can't figure out what's stopping it from being displayed...

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my repo is actually swamped by everything in organisation atm....

the repo is question was created by me and I can't see it the list. is this a bug?

...why was this comment was marked as the answer?


Anyone from Atlassian care to weigh in here? This is affecting over 100 people on our team. (Self-hosted/on-premise hosting)

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For me, they are missing when the Project Name does not begin with the Project Key.

I had a similar problem; after adding my GitHub account to SourceTree, repos belonging to my organization weren't appearing in the 'Remote repositories' list. I tried starring the relevant one, but that didn't make a difference. 

I discovered it was an issue with the default permissions in the OAuth settings; by default, it doesn't give organization access. 

To fix, go to your GitHub settings -> Applications -> Authorized OAuth Apps -> Sourcetree ('SourcetreeForWindows' in my case): you can see the list of permissions granted, and underneath that Organization access, and the option to turn it on.

(I'm not sure if is the same/similar problem to above, but I came across this question when searching for a solution, so thought it good to add my solution here after I worked out what the issue was.)

This is the correct answer. GitHub Desktop for Windows seems to not need any additional permissions. However, third party tools such as Source Tree do.

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Excellent! I was wondering about this for months but just lived with it!


When I change the Project Name to begin with the Project Key, all of the repositories immediately show up.

Doesn't work:

  • Project Name: ASD
  • Project Key: ASDF


  • Project Name: ASDF anything at all
  • Project Key: ASDF

This works for me as well! Thanks!

Hey Steve, I've double checked everything again...

"Is the repo owned by the user name you've configured in SourceTree's Hosted Projects? If not, it will only show up if you follow it."

So the answer is no...I've created it but its owned by my company. But I can't find the follow button! I have "Watch" and "Star". Little help? :)

Ok, Starring the repo made it appear. Yay!

Is this intended functionality?

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Yes, this is what used to be called 'Follow' or 'Watch' (and maybe still is if it had text ;)). It's intentional because seeing all the repos you have access to can get overwhelming quite fast if you're in a company using the service.

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I've figured it out. In github, I'm set to automatically follow all new repos I have push access to. So whenever someone else added a repo, it was being starred automatically. Thats why I had heaps of repos appearing in SourceTree. But the ones I added myself weren't being starred automatically. Mystery solved. Thanks for the help guys!

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And how do I solve this when connecting to Bitbucket on premises instance the "Bitbucket server"?

We have on premise instance of Bitbucket server and it seems there is no way how to connect to the server, choose a project, list the repositories within and select the one/those of interest.

Only way how to clone the repository is to paste the actual git repository URL into Clone-repository->Source_Path/URL dialog and press tab (may use also enter) and then press Clone button to execute the action!

If the sourcetree was anyhow meant as Bitbucket GUI client I would consider this a bug as there isn't any option to "star' the repositories on Bitbucket server webface area. (or at least I wasn't able to find it).

I'm now using the source tree 1.6.25 which also has another nasty bug inside the code which denies me from connection to a server (when trying to list project, repos) with statement "Auth... failed..." ... "You are not permitted to access this resource '" where the "'" is on next line and on it's beginning. My account is synced from crowd and its configured with project administrators rights.
Also while it rejects my cloning attempts I'm able to create new repository in the project and this repository will be listed on the Clone-Repository->Hosted_repositories page (the button with the Globe on it) and I will be to clone it (and so on). This issues persists also for other users until he or she is equipped with system administrators rights. So far we were able to test that this issue doesn't appear for all the users even if their configuration seems the same the result differs. (Users tht doesn't face this issue are able to work normally).

Our version of the Bitbucket on premises server is 4.1.3

I haven't found any related questions or support issues mentioning this issue a part from this one so far.

Any suggestions ?


We are seeing the same issue. We have a bitbucket server instance and we don't see all of the repos in SourceTree. How do we fix this?

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Looking at some of the http traffic from SourceTree, it looks like it actually limits it search to the first 30 repos in a BitBucket Serve project!  There is already an issue reported here.  I added to it.  Voting it up might help.

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Clicking 'star' above my repo didn't make it appear in the list at

but it exists:

Above, Razaq says if you logged in with your email instead of your user name it won't appear. Can this be right? I wonder if there's any way to make it appear.

For me, it was the Star button that as the key. Need to star a project in order for it to show up in the list.

Have you used your GitHub username to add the repos? or just the Email? if you used the Email this might happen as well.

Hmm...I think I would have loged in to github in a browser and created the repo there but not 100% sure. Is there a way to get it to appear in the list?

Is the repo owned by the user name you've configured in SourceTree's Hosted Projects? If not, it will only show up if you follow it.

Hmm...I'm part of a team that has access to the repo with the username that I've configured in SourceTree. Does that count?

No, just having access to it doesn't display it. That's deliberate - it's possible to get access to a huge number of repos via team membership (in big organisations) and for that to swamp your repo list to the point of being useless. That's why we only show you repos you own, and those you follow.

my list is actually swamped by everything in organisation atm....

the repo is question that I can't see was created by me and I can't see it the list. is this a bug?

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Shouldn't this be configurable? It's not intuitive, and there's nothing in the UI to indicate it.

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