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Can't click commit button

Rachel Bookhout May 3, 2016

Hi there,

As of yesterday, I am unable to click the commit button on source tree after I have left my comment and checked off the files I would like to commit. I am on Version 1.8.3. Has something changed or did I need to upgrade?




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ken mckaba July 31, 2019

I had this problem too. It turned out that my lower-right area is not clickable for any app.

I used process explorer and dragged the "find window's process" thing to that area and it highlighted slack.exe.

I killed all the slack instances and the problem went away, even when I restarted slack.

I'll notify slack.

Jon Halliday October 16, 2019

Same problem here - killing Slack fixed it

Stijn Saelens October 16, 2019

Couldn't believe it, but yes, here as well.

Slacked caused this for me as well.

Thanks for sharing this !!

Jonathan Poncelet October 23, 2019

Thank you so much for this!

Jean Maradiaga November 6, 2019

As of today still a fix for a very annoying issue. I thought I was having a stroke and forgot how to commit for a second...

Sarah Third January 7, 2020

Slack was causing the issue for me too. 

sharon ma January 27, 2020

Yes, same problem caused by Slacked. Cannot close Slack properly, so has to kill it.

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spanky May 22, 2016

I have this same problem. I have found that if you switch to a different tab at the bottom such as Log / History or Search and come back to File Status it will be enabled.

That fixed it for me. Issue still remains in August 2018 in Windows V2.6.10

Ryan Chaman August 25, 2018

Thanks, Mike. That's the solution for me as well.

Diliup Gabadamudalige December 7, 2018

didnt work for me

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Lefka October 21, 2018

I ran into this issue today for the first time on windows version I tried closing SourceTree, switching tabs, re-staging files, nothing worked.

I ended up resizing the window and the button started working right away.

I checked out WebStorm and had the same issue. I couldn't close a notification window that was up.

So, then I tried file explorer at maximum size. Couldn't press any buttons that were in the bottom right corner of the screen. That means, at least in my case, this isn't a SourceTree, nor Atlassian specific issue.

There must be some notification in Windows that it thinks it's displaying and therefore disabling input at that specific spot on the screen.

James Brooke August 21, 2019

Same for me. I can't click the commit button at the moment on my primary monitor when source tree is full screen. If I make it smaller, or move it to full screen on my secondary monitor, it works fine.

Also confirmed that it affects other programs too, so it's Windows, not a SourceTree issue (in my case anyway).

ken mckaba August 26, 2019

are you running slack? see my post below.

James Brooke August 29, 2019

Ah, thanks Ken. Yes I am. I'll do the same check you did next time it happens to confirm that it's Slack. Thanks!

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John Mawer August 22, 2017

Same problem after upgrading to 2.10.0 on Windows. Solved by unstaging, and restaging files multiple times.

Jeff Lindblom September 5, 2017

Same, also closing and opening Sourcetree several times or performing several fetchs can shake it loose if the staging/unstaging doesn't do it.

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WilliamS November 4, 2016

This issue still remains. Button is not greyed out, but does nothing when clicked.

Naama Glauber July 10, 2019

in my case I wanted to pull but had to commit before..
It says I have local changes in commit but I couldn't see it plus I had nothing important, so I pressed 'discard', and discard all changes. the commit disapeared, and I could pull :)

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mikey_gemmell January 21, 2020

Amazing, almost four years since the original post, and this just happened to me. Closing Slack fixed it. Bizarre!

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avayababar January 8, 2019

I also faced same issue. Best way to resolve--In commit option select any of the option, commit button will get enabled and later, make commit option as is -means drop down selected to -:Select commit option" and this works, you will have commit button enabled.

Deleted user January 22, 2019

Sorry.. wrong post just now..

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dvantonder January 6, 2019

Getting this happening on 3.0.12.


Commit button in bottom-right corner works fine.


Big commit button in top-left corner doesn't work. Was quite embarrassing during our Git workshop as it's one of the most basic operations!


Our project has lots of submodules.

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Mechandrius December 8, 2018

Solution? A long merge conflict log is blocking the screen. Just delete the '#' lines to make the commit message smaller, then the buttons reapear.

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12 Tone Software September 4, 2018

A potential easy solution: try clicking slower.

On my (Windows) machine clicking the "Commit" button with a normal mouse-click works maybe 25% of the time. But when I click and hold the mouse button--even for just a quarter of a second--before releasing, the "Commit" button works 100% of the time.

Does this work for anyone else?

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javiersanchezruiz August 1, 2018

I had the same problem but I think it was my error because I had to select the files I wanted to commit and click first on "Stage selected" (or press "Stage all"). Then the files with changes were ready to commit and button appeared enabled.

In mac I don't need to do this step.

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Niclas July 25, 2018

I had this issue, but it was a non-issue, I just had to select all files to commit, if not, the commit button is grey. Hope it helps someone. :)

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lixid3d September 13, 2017

I am still having this issue on and it has been this way since I upgraded from 1.5.2 about a year ago. The only thing that seems to fix it is closing sourcetree waiting for a couple of minutes and then reopening it and then typing in your commit message again. Then it works properly for awhile. Another thing I have noticed when I have this issue. I can click on commit multiple times and it doesn't work, but then I hit the enter key (not the numpad side enter key, the main one) and then it commits sometimes even though clicking the button didn't work. 

Side Note (maybe related): Sometimes when I go to open a repo I have. I cannot open the repo and the open is greyed out. Then I do the close sourcetree/ wait 2 minutes / reopen and I can open the repo then.  It might be something do with one of the file watching threads getting stuck in the background for that specific repo and locking up the tab if the tabs are all on separate threads, which they seem to be. Just my two cents.. Hopefully this gets fixed soon though. I am about to go back to 1.5.2 because the newer version has a bunch of issues.. especially with it noticing the working copy changes. Sometimes I have to wait for like 5 minutes or close and reopen just for it to see the working copy changes :/ but of course that could go into a trouble ticket also. 1.5.2 was awesome btw.. best version ever :] 

John Mawer September 13, 2017

I've had some success running clean up on the local repository. As on a windows machine had gitui installed, which will prompt to clean up the repo when you open it. Did help.

Herb Stokes September 13, 2017

I moved on to a different tool awhile back.  Every now an then I confirm it's still broken, because I do like SourceTree on the Mac.

It's hard to believe that the primary functionality of the Windows version of this product has remained broken for over 4 months now.

I suppose very few developers use Windows + SourceTree.

LoveraSantiago September 16, 2017

I was thinking that Im making something wrong. 

Ok command line here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Herb Stokes August 11, 2017

Works fine on Mac but still broken on Windows.  Rebooting no longer fixes it after today's SourceTree update.  Task Manager shows SourceTree using 10% CPU and 300MB to 500MB RAM while just sitting idle.  Must be other major problems with this app.

Bill Langton August 11, 2017

I haven't seen this problem since updating to version 2.x.  Just installed the 2.1.10 update today so no commits yet. 

Note: The STSP-4428 issue referenced above has been Resolved.  Someone should open another, or reopen 4428, if not already done.

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Suleiman Boutzamat March 14, 2017

Half a year later, the issue still exists.. Is it going to be fixed anyday?

bobs April 12, 2017

Yes - still an issue for me too. My user a/c on my Windows 10 computer doesn't have admin rights. I wonder if this is something to do with it.

Suleiman Boutzamat April 12, 2017

I found out "staging" the edited files allowed me to commit the changes. 


Try it to see if it works :)

Puyodead1 May 5, 2019

2019, solution was to stage files :P

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rabiaabrar June 19, 2016

I have the same problem. Tab switching doesn't help either, only reboot does.

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Bill Langton May 5, 2016

Restarted the machine when I left for the day.  Seems to be working today.

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Bill Langton May 4, 2016

Same here.  I am unable to commit any changes via SourceTree.    The Commit, Cancel, and Commit options buttons are all inoperative.  

Version 1.8.3.

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