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Authentication via SSH keys failed

Joey Bradshaw March 11, 2020

Just installed Sourcetree 3.3.8

I followed these directions for linking to my bitbucket account.

I opened a repo on disk that I had already previously cloned using exist SSH keys I setup a long time ago in bitbucket.

Any time I try to push or pull I get this dialog.

Why is sourcetree popping this up? I already have valid SSH keys.. There should be zero problems performing operations repos I've already cloned.


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Joey Bradshaw March 11, 2020

Wow this app is hot-garbage.

So you have to:

  1. Generate a new SSH key using PuTTY
  2. Run through a bunch of unnecessary hoops ( to save the public and private keys to disk.
  3. Go to your bitbucket account and add the public key, but the one displayed in PuTTY - if you try to open the .pub from disk and paste that it will fail with "Invalid key".
  4. Then you have to double click the Pageant app from your system tray and add the key you just created. 
  5. image.png


Not enough steps Atlassian. Add at least 10 more. l33t fails..

Why this app cannot connect using existing standard SSH keys, which are already added to bitbucket and being used by the git CLI, is ridiculous.

Galih Aria Dananjaya
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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May 11, 2020

Thanks that works

Electric Erger September 4, 2020

That sounds like your keys were messed up somehow since that process basically describes a basic SSH key pair setup: Generate keys, provide public key to end host, configure applications to use private key.

I'd check your public key and known_hosts for changes in IP or hostname since this can cause a common SSH authentication issue.

Steve March 1, 2021

This works, but after a while I need to re-do it again.  Just for fun's sake I guess.  I had to re-set it the 4th time today.

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I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
April 23, 2024

For me, the problem what that Sourcetree kept complaining about not having a key loaded, then saying I did have a key loaded, in a loop.  Turns out (for Windows), you have to double click Pageant hiding in the system tray (looks like Putty) and load the keys.  Sourcetree never brings the app up for you to see "oh, there's no keys loaded today".  They should stay loaded for the duration that Pageant stays loaded.

Bear in mind that you probably have more than one Pageant on your machine.

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