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jominney November 27, 2018

We've recently started using Sourcetree for our team workflow with BitBucket. All was going fine during setup and testing, but as soon as we set up our first pipeline the Sourcetree application has started freezing about 50% of the time we are trying to use it. We are just getting an "not responding" type scenario, and this is happening for multiple users on various machines.

We don't have a big repository (in fact, it's very small)

This is not on a particular process - it is happening on Pull requests, when we try to commit a very minor change, and when we try to change screens even. Just clicking around the application is causing it to freeze. Reviewing the process log, the pausing doesn't seem to be happening on any particular process.

This is not going to be a sustainable solution for our team long term if this keeps happening and we'll need to look at different software if we can't work out why it's happening.

Both machines it was happening on last night were running Windows 10, and we have the latest version of Sourcetree installed (we only installed it on one of the machines last night). There are only two repos set up at the moment and automation has only been added to one of them for testing purposes. We've turned off Windows Defender, and it hasn't made a difference. We've unticked the "refresh on file change" option, and it's still happening.

Some more information in case anyone is playing along at home...

- We've narrowed this down to happening on a specific repository (we only have 2 set up at the moment, and one of them seems to be fine)

- The one that was freezing has the following differences from the other one:
  1. The repo was created from inside Sourcetree (rather than on the web interface for BitBucket)
  2. The freezy one had a pipeline set up, while the other one didn't. We've since tried deleting the .yml file and also permanently disabling the automation for the problem repo, but it hasn't fixed the issue.

- We're in the process of setting up a third repo with the same content/settings as the problem one, but on a different site. We'll try creating this one in BitBucket (instead of Sourcetree) to see if it makes a difference.

Any OTHER ideas? Suggestions?

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Mike Corsaro
Atlassian Team
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December 5, 2018

Hello! Could you do 2 things for me?

  1. Run a repository benchmark on the problematic repository (Repository > Benchmark Repo Performance...) and then upload that here
  2. After doing that, try opening the Process Viewer (Tools > Process Viewer...) and then repeat the problematic behavior. Observe what's happening in the process log, and then try saving the logs to a file. Email me that file (mcorsaro @ the company that owns this

Is there anything else special about these repositories? Do they have many submodules? Are they running from a network drive? Thanks.

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