SourceTree 2.0 is horribly slow and not scaling well on Windows 10

I have just installed SourceTree on my Windows 10 machine and unfortunately, it was a big disapointment. 

It's not only loading repository and commit history very very slow as compared to older version but also not scalling well. I can see Icons and text are overlapping on left side of window. Please see image attached and also give us a way to download older verison. We do expect some QA before rolling it out.

My screen resolution is 1920x1080 with 125% text scalling (recommended).




Hi Saleem, this issue has already been reported as a bug and you can find it at SRCTREEWIN-7039

As you can see in the comment from Michael Minns, they're already working on fixing it :) You can watch it to be notified of further updates, and comment on it if there's something you'd like to ask.

Hope this helps!


How about the "horribly slow" part? 

I'm having the exact same issue as OP. As you pointed out that the UI DPI issue has been reported. But how about the "horribly slow" issue? Does it have anything to do with the DPI? 

I was using SourceTree 1.9 really well. The "horribly slow" only occur at 2.0

Seriously what is wrong with 2.0 amazingly slow

I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. I have 7 repos and the app under latest Win10 build, 32GB RAM, i7 and it takes 12 seconds to load. 

As I can not delete this comment I made in the wrong place (meant to be put as a reply to the initial post, not the comment, I will write this text here to inform everybody that, because I can not just delete this post, I will write it here, that you might not go so far and read all this text to the end, but look what I have postet right after the initial post. I will try to do that, after I am finished writing this notice about not being able to either edit the comment so it just shows nothing or a short notice that this post isn't valid anymore or "was not accepted due to ... whatever". I hope this short novel will make it through approval and people all over the world, especially those watching this thread will know that this post is not valid. Yes, the post you are reading right now is not valid and should just not exist at all. But I am forced to write something here, because I am not able to delete what I have just posted here - excuse me if I repeated myself here, but you might have already forgotten this fact when reading this long story about how a misplaced post has made so much hassle for me. So just go ahead, nothing to see here, really!

I can confirm SourceTree running slow on Windows 7, also 32GB ram with 8x i7 CPU.

So it's not only Win 10.

Ana - do you have a bug for the slowness in 2.0?

Updated to on Windows 7 a few days ago, and the performance seems much better now!

If you read the Blog entry on the release for SourceTree 2.0, it says that the way they got the speed up was by "adding a hybrid LibGit2 handler under the hood".

To take advantage of this, you need to make sure you are using the embedded git, not a version of git from your path... 

Go to Tools -> Options -> Git Tab, then click on the "Embedded Git" button.  (The currently active choice appears kind of greyed out).  If you were formerly using "system Git", you will see it download the embedded Git.  Restart SourceTree, and voila! Much Improved performance!

Screenshot below shows the relevant options AFTER I switched to embedded Git:


I was having the slow issue.  This seems to make the difference.  Thanks!

This helped for a little while, but I'm back to it being useless.

Yes, whenver I restart SourceTree it behaves for while and eventually starts being slow again. Interestingly, the log files have no information.

Except...the embedded git can't handle authentication very well, it never is using System Git possibly a problem? If I open up a shell and type "git status" it gives me file status immediately...while sourcetree takes FOREVER

Thanks @Steve Schilz. With your suggestion SourceTree has improved performance by a ton. I'm on W10

Ever since upgrading to it is horribly slow when open submodules, another repo, clicking on a commit, and, and and...

It's not all the time. It works fine for a while and then it gets horribly slow.

I tried a number of things, like making sure not to use symlinks for repos, turned of spell check (that was a problem in 1.9.x), and switched to embedded Git (as opposed to System Git, (Tools, Options, Git)) and nothing helped. At this point SourceTree is becoming useless (I have used it for years). I installed GitKraken, SmartGit, and neither have any performance problems with the exact same repos.

I agree it is getting useless.

Same here, it's insanely slow. (win10,

Same issue for me. On one given repository with about 8 files changed "git status" command is executed instantly while SourceTree takes 6-7 seconds to update it. 
Switching to embedded Git helps to reduce it to about 3 seconds.

It was the best git client. Now it's blows and whistles everywhere. It is now freezes, hangs, this annoying "progress circles" rotating all the time.

It was a git client. Now this is a 'nice tabs and rotators'. But I need a git client, guys! I'm not going to look this 'circles' instead of work!

Strange! For me, (clean install, no mercurial, 'push all tags' disabled in push settings) is the best working SourceTree ever. Its UI is responsive and it doesn't consume massive CPU in background.

experienced exactly the same both on Windows 7 and Windows 10. insanely slow, restarting helps for some minutes, a pity as it used to be my favourite git tool

It seems that every click I make in source tree fires a loading that lasts forever. I take minutes to make even the simplest commit/checkout. In comparison, everything is instantaneous with SmartGit.

Also, there are loadings everywhere, all the time and lots of errors about git being busy with another process.

Indeed. I went back to using 1.9 and things are working great...

It's a shame. This issue has been open for a long time. Bitbucket/Atlassian products are awesome. SourceTree 2.x sucks (right now).

Big Atlassian fan here... But at our company we've been forced to use other solutions because submodule don't play well anymore.

We've even bought a GitKraken license pack as SourceTree is now unusable. Every action takes upwards of 5-10 minutes to complete. So slow it literally is useless.

Some of my colleagues have elected to reverting back to an older version of SourceTree (1.9.5) to workaround all these issues. Others have even reverted to CLI only with gitk.

Wish I could use SourceTree... No other tools thus far as the same feature set, and is as usefull.

GitKraken has everything I'm aware of being in SourceTree's feature set. Only issue is I don't like that they charge a subscription where I don't see aded value year after year. They push too hard for selling tools that are in the domain of GitLab imho.

Lacking a lof of stuff that I use in SourceTree... And GitKraken still is very unstable (crashes, git corruption, failures to do simple operations). It is still a very new tool with all it's quirks that will get smoothed out over time (I hope).

But with all it's flaws, at least it's usable alongside the CLI. But would still prefer to use SourceTree.

"Lacking a lot of stuff" like what? It handles submodules, remote tracking, fast forward, hunk and line staging really well. Git flow works well as well. What else does sourcetree have?


I've never had crashes with git kraken, the only issues I've had is in relation to direct authentication/integration with Github gitlab etc. But setup the remote of a repository and it's fine.

- Cannot discard changes on dirty submodules (even though the option is offered)

- Half the time, discarding changes on a submodule will fail.

- No automatic "git sumodule update --init --recursive" when checking out a different commit

- Very picky on checkout if there are unstaged changes, auto-stahsing will often fail. (I would prefer no auto-stashing thank you)

- Merge and fast-forward will often fail, have to issue "git merge" on the command line

- Corrupting my git index if I do an interactive rebase while GitKraken is still running in the background (some of the times)

- "git gc" starts to issue "Unlink of file xxxxx failed. Should I try again?" after a while. Perhaps due to corruption?

- Cannot multi-select files, then click "Stage changes". Have to do every files one-by-one

- Why, why why not provide the option of using "System Git"? Seems like it would solve many issues

- Switching between repoisotories takes more time because it needs to reload (vs Tabs in SourceTree)

- No visibility/distinction between author and commiter. Which am I shown?

- No visibility/distinction betwen authored and commited. Which am I shown?

- I have yet to understand how to select the remote to Push to when there is more than one.

- Cannot change the scope of the diff displayed, What if I want 20 lines around? All the file?

- You'll probably laugh at this one, but I've yet found a simple way to copy (put in the pastebin) the name of a branch for pasting elsewhere. Currently I have to "Alt+T" and copy the command invite from the bash console.

- Needs better integration with external diff tools.

- "git flow" support? I haven't seen the equivalent of "Start Feature", "Start Release", etc. that SourceTree has. Seems to be lacking too.

- I don't like the way branches are displayed, using an horizontal line instead of diagonal like a "Y". Seems like my eyes have to work harder to understand the graph.

- I could probably go on for a while still....


There are 2 thing I will applaud GitKraken for however, because it does better than SourceTree:

1. Squash. Just select commits and right-click. Now if only it would not fail for no apparent reasons some of the times...


I agree that GitKraken has some bugs and misses some cool stuff that SourceTree has, but I can live with those.

What I can't live with are the seemingly random loadings on SourceTree that seem to fire either by just clicking anywhere or by a hidden timer. Those random loadings appear in every "box"  of the interface and each one of them take longer to process than anything GitKraken does - even switching repos.

Every program has its flaws, but at least in my real-life daily usage, SourceTree is the lease usable one and GitKraken is the, let's say, most comfortable one.

Agreed! This is why I'm using it right now on day-to-day, even worth paying for it. In our shop, SourceTree has simply become unusable.

But if Atlassian manages to fix their performance issues, I'll switch back in a hearthbeath. I miss it.

I've the same problem and it was almost unusable, but I proceed with a clean install and import all my repositories from the cloud and now works at least at the same speed the 1.x version does.

Also, I did clean the Sourcetree dirs on my home dir on Windows, I don't know if that helps out too, but is working very nice now.

Good luck,

I have to change my opinion.

After a few days of use it started to behave like before, but even worse... I installed in a new PC to work.  Its even slower than the other PC I used before and have it installed before.

In this new PC, even I save my user/password, it keeps popping a windows to re-authenticate :-(  and it takes about 20 to 30 seconds each interaction with the application.  The app just updated today to and its even worse I think.

Guess I'll revert back to 1.x releases.  At this moment 2.x is more or less useless.  Please Atlassian fix it, IMO was the best git client all-around.


Actually, I think the utter slowness of SourceTree 2.0 is wonderful, because it forced me to learn just about all the available git commandline options. Now I'm even faster than using SourceTree 1.x. ;-)

But seriously, the slowness is just killing my productivity. I've uninstalled 2.0. Unusable. Period.

understand you pretty well - as SourceTree is unusable now i switched to shell now knowing much more then simple 'git push' or 'git commit -m' commands

Another very unhappy user after 3-4 years being thrilled with the app.  The slowdown is at least 2 orders of magnitude.  I updated the embedded Git and clicked the "Disable LibGit2 integration" box in case.  Updating embedded Git helped (I had 2.8 previously), but not enough.  Now it's only about 1 order of magnitude slower than before.

It's absolutely awful and unusable as it is.  It's not an interactive tool anymore; it's batch.  Been struggling with it for a month or more, figuring updates would fix it, but nothing so far. is a breath of fresh air in comparison, perfectly usable.

Windows 7 x64.

I agree with the comments here. Sourcetree is a great app and 2.* is still working well on a Mac. On Windows however it is so slow that it basically became impossible to do work with it. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

I'm a Windows user and have hesitated to upgrade beyond Version Everyone else on my team took the leap to 2.0+ and have regretted it. I kept the around to fall back to just in case anyone else here needed it. Some did go back to that version while others went on to SmartGit.

I'm in the same boat as the rest of you. I loved sourcetree until v2 now it is a total waste of time. I use submodules and need multiple repos open at the same time. I can't take the slowness anymore! Please fix Atlassian! Why no comments from an Atlassian Team member on this issues?

On Windows 10 x64 with SourceTree v2.1.11.0 I the app was slow for me too. Would take 3-5 seconds or more for SourceTree to scan and detect file changes even in small repos with only a hundred text files of 300 lines or less each. Trying to open another bookmarked repo would sometimes freeze the app entirely.

I then noticed that the embedded Git version was out of date so I updated it and after restarting SourceTree now everything is snappy again.

Coincidence or perhaps related to this conversation, worth a shot to make sure not only is SourceTree current but the embedded Git is current too.

Tools > Options > Git


For anyone finding this thread - disable the libgit2 integration (using the checkbox you can see in the above post by Doug Ayers. This sped it up for me.

I confirm, doing this makes a HUGE difference.

Thank you so much, the startup seemed a little slower but I'm no longer twiddling my thumbs for 10s after every action.

It helped for a while, but I ended up buying GitKracken because it was still waaaaay to slow.

Here are a few tips that have gotten the insanely slow 2.0 working better for me on Windows 7:

  1. Use embedded Git (Tools > Options > Use Embedded Git)
  2. Disable LibGit2 integration (Tools > Options > Disable LibGit2 integration)
  3. Run SourceTree as Administrator

Hope this helps. 

Two reasons why I won't be using Sourcetree anymore:

Can't add a new repository:


I spend most of my Git-Push time staring at spinning icons, "Loading" and "Not Responding":


I've tried every solution suggested in this thread, and even started with a clean install (Including removing all settings files). Time to give GitKraken a shot.

I've been using GitKraken for the last two months now. You won't look back! haha.

So far so good! Got it up and running in less than 15 minutes, compared to 3 hours this morning and 1 hour last night trying to get SourceTree to push a 20-line commit.

It's a shame, because I was already used to the ST layout, but sometimes you have to learn to let go.

 I can comment on the time spent complain you have because of huge processing times

Change the following two settings and see huge improvement:

- Tools > Options > General > Repo Settings - Set the Log rows to fetch per load to "0"

- tools> options> git - check the checkbox for "Disable LibGit2 integration"


Problem solved.


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