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Sourcetree for Windows Enterprise 3.0.8

Note: this release requires .NET 4.7.1 or higher for installation

Sourcetree 3.0 Overview

  • Support for additional hosting services (SSH, Repos, Avatars, PRs)
    • GitHub Enterprise
    • GitLab (Cloud, CE, EE)
    • Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
  • Use Bitbucket Cloud or Bitbucket Server to register
  • Update to embedded Git 2.18.0
  • Update to embedded Mercurial 4.6
  • Repository avatars for all supported services
  • Syntax highlighting in diff view
  • Security improvements

All Fixes

  • SRCTREE-2399 Fix un-checking "Refresh automatically when files change" in Tools/Options/General to correctly change Sourcetree's behaviour
  • SRCTREE-2406 Fix the "Don't ask me again" checkbox to stop asking to download the LFS adapter when checked
  • SRCTREE-2494 Fix the path for a diff/merge tools in Preferences to update correctly
  • SRCTREE-2500 Fix Bugsplat Crash
  • SRCTREE-2501 Fix Bugsplat Crash
  • SRCTREE-2505 Fix Bugsplat Crash
  • SRCTREE-2506 Fix Bugsplat Crash
  • SRCTREE-2509 Fix Bugsplat Crash
  • SRCTREE-2510 Fix Bugsplat Crash
  • SRCTREE-2729 Sourcetree does not display repository custom image at bookmarks
  • SRCTREE-2746 Fix offer to create a bookmark when opening a repository using File/Open
  • SRCTREE-2775 Add AV scanning using to CI/build/release process
  • SRCTREE-2776 Automated/One-click publishing
  • SRCTREE-2780 Rebase option is always disabled at Graph view for Mercurial repository
  • SRCTREE-2878 "Select All" click-able area is to wide at Push dialog
  • SRCTREE-3027 Remote repos are not listed if user doesn't have "create repo" rights for team
  • SRCTREE-3178 Sourcetree asks twice whether to overwrite file
  • SRCTREE-3179 Correct the old Sourcetree icon being used for "installed applications" control panel
  • SRCTREE-3189 Staged folder becomes unstaged if stage only one file from another folder in Tree View
  • SRCTREE-3508 License information is wrong at "About" window
  • SRCTREE-3635 Crash on closing Sourcetree
  • SRCTREE-3656 "Edit Custom Action" window re-appears on being closed
  • SRCTREE-3666 Pull window displays no remotes when they exists
  • SRCTREE-3716 Console output window does not displays for "Stage All" and "Unstage All" buttons
  • SRCTREE-3856 Sidebar displays wrong information about repository remote state
  • SRCTREE-3857 Clone to Local Folder not working
  • SRCTREE-3882 Push dialog uses checkboxes with different styles
  • SRCTREE-3887 Wrong focus for Push dialog
  • SRCTREE-4042 The request for default author and email appears all time when trying to commit
  • SRCTREE-4151 Bitbucket Server usernames not properly encoded
  • SRCTREE-4475 Add Bitbucket Cloud Registration
  • SRCTREE-4476 Add Advanced Install Options to Git Install
  • SRCTREE-4576 Add Account and Repository support for GitHub Enterprise
  • SRCTREE-4577 Add support for VSTS host
  • SRCTREE-4863 Upgraded to Mercurial 4.6
  • SRCTREE-4865 Add support for
  • SRCTREE-4881 Refactor: Replace slf4net with Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
  • SRCTREE-5184 Options -> Git -> System button was not enabled
  • SRCTREE-5465 Cleanup notifications style to match ADG
  • SRCTREE-5484 User is not able to drag Sourcetree child window when it's maximised
  • SRCTREE-5499 Graph column does not resize appropriately
  • SRCTREE-5500 Sourcetree crashes on opening explorer
  • SRCTREE-5502 Redundant "Maximize" button at "About" window
  • SRCTREE-5520 Set default TLS setting to 1.2
  • SRCTREE-5536 Internal code refactor of CreateRepoProcess
  • SRCTREE-5539 Refactor remote account support to not use hard-coded values
  • SRCTREE-5560 Sourcetree does not load folders for bookmarks
  • SRCTREE-5587 Add support for external-diff processing tools
  • SRCTREE-5590 Sourcetree doesn't delete repository from File System when user select "Delete Repositories on Disk" option
  • SRCTREE-5595 Fix Bugsplat Crash
  • SRCTREE-5608 Re-instate the concept of a project/owner when creating remote repository.
  • SRCTREE-5611 Convert Sourcetree.Localisation to .NET Standard
  • SRCTREE-5612 Convert Sourcetree.Api to .NET Standard
  • SRCTREE-5701 Upgrade to Git 2.18
  • SRCTREE-5706 Fix to allow openSSH to load multiple keys
  • SRCTREE-5707 Fix the log view not correctly updating when clicking on sidebar branches
  • SRCTREE-5709 Bugsplat Crash 4355
  • SRCTREE-5749 Remove any use of Bitbucket (Cloud) 1.0 API
  • SRCTREE-5751 Generate Web and PR Urls from Account information in preference to remote url information
  • SRCTREE-5752 The Remote toolbar button should help the user to enable it when it is disabled
  • SRCTREE-5753 Black screen flash when app starts
  • SRCTREE-5756 ST crashes for open New tab.
  • SRCTREE-5773 Use Bitbucket Cloud Email as default git/hg author after registration
  • SRCTREE-5774 Updated the copy on the registration page of the Welcome Wizard
  • SRCTREE-5784 When creating a new GitHub, GitLab or VSTS account automatically set it to be the default credentials for that host for Git, since the GCM only supports 1 set of credentials for those hosts
  • SRCTREE-5786 Fix the Toolbar Remote button to go to the target repository page on the host web site.
  • SRCTREE-5809 Fix the Hosted Account dialog to not freeze when editing the host url
  • SRCTREE-5822 Add a new Personal Access Token authentication type
  • SRCTREE-5826 Add avatar support for local and remote GitLab repositories in the New tab
  • SRCTREE-5827 Add Create Pull Request support for GitLab
  • SRCTREE-5828 Fix corruption of the accounts.json when adding new accounts
  • SRCTREE-5870 Remote link for github doesn't work
  • SRCTREE-5873 Fix crash when decline to run Git-LFS commands
  • SRCTREE-5897 Sourcetree allows to create Mercurial repositories on remotes that does not support this SCM
  • SRCTREE-5905 VSTS does not support personal repositories, so prevent Sourcetree offering to create one
  • SRCTREE-5909 Add syntax highlighting to diffs
  • SRCTREE-5910 Fix refreshing access_tokens for Bitbucket accounts
  • SRCTREE-5912 Automatically switch to the remote repositories listing view if repository creation failed to clone locally.
  • SRCTREE-5913 Fix repository search to work for GitLab
  • SRCTREE-5922 Fix maximizing Sourcetree's window
  • SRCTREE-5928 Fix to avoid crash when loading corrupt sourcetreeconfig
  • SRCTREE-5932 Correct typo in Creating Patch dialog
  • SRCTREE-5934 Fix intermittent crash when rendering remote repositories list
  • SRCTREE-5935 Add Create Pull Request abd Remote link support for VSTS
  • SRCTREE-5938 Correct the Hosted Account window to refer to Personal Access Tokens for VSTS
  • SRCTREE-5939 Fix VSTS support to list all repositories available to the account
  • SRCTREE-5941 Disable Fetch option when the repository has no remotes defined
  • SRCTREE-5942 Display repository avatars when listing remote repositories
  • SRCTREE-5945 Add help links to explain how to generate Personal Access Tokens in the Hosted Account dialog
  • SRCTREE-5946 Add GitLab CE support
  • SRCTREE-5947 Ensure the File Status view refreshes after completing a file merge using an external tool
  • SRCTREE-5954 Fix to prevent the commit message occasionally appearing as a committed file name
  • SRCTREE-5956 Improved file search behaviour
  • SRCTREE-5988 Fix to GitHub Enterprise support to support the Show Organization Repos checkbox when listing remote repositories
  • SRCTREE-5995 Improve performance by making the File Status updates async
  • SRCTREE-5999 Fix the behaviour of the Git-LFS install and dialogs
  • SRCTREE-6001 Improved UI responsive news when typing file name search terms in the File Status view
  • SRCTREE-6008 Fix to ensure the help link in the Hosted Account dialog reflects the selected Host type
  • SRCTREE-6015 Fix selection of Beyond Compare as Diff/Merge tool so it isn't specified as Araxis Merge
  • SRCTREE-6018 If the user selects a non-existent external merge/diff tool in Tools/Options/Diff, automatically reset back to System Default
  • SRCTREE-6019 Fix crash when viewing submodules in treeview
  • SRCTREE-6023 Fix crash when diff-ing a file with now extension and the syntax highlighting can't determine file type
  • SRCTREE-6040 Fix showing duplicated personal repositories when listing Bitbucket Server remote repositories
  • SRCTREE-6041 Fix the Remote toolbar button for GitLab
  • SRCTREE-6045 Fix "You don't have any remotes.." message so it only displays for local repositories that have no remotes
  • SRCTREE-6047 Fix showing duplicated personal repositories when listing Bitbucket remote repositories
  • SRCTREE-6057 Fix Stage Selected behaviour
  • SRCTREE-6072 Fix authentication errors for VSTS accounts
  • SRCTREE-6073 Fix a crash when perform Shift+Ctrl+C with a Mercurial repository
  • SRCTREE-6097 Add support for
  • SRCTREE-6098 Add support for GitLab EE
  • SRCTREE-6102 Fix to prevent Sourcetree locking up when a bookmarked repository is unavailable because its networked drive location is offline
  • SRCTREE-6125 Open in Explorer always opens the repository root folder
  • SRCTREE-6126 Fix to ensure when remotes are renamed it is applied consistently
  • SRCTREE-6127 Blacklist the GCMW releases 1.16.2 and 1.17.0 as they have Bitbucket authorization bugs, if found override with 1.17.1
  • SRCTREE-6128 Allow the Force option to be used with Mercurial repositories
  • SRCTREE-6135 Fix crash when declining to remove a tracked file extension in Git-LFS dialogs
  • SRCTREE-6137 Prevent Sourcetree cloning, by default, potentially malicious Git subrepositories in Mercurial repositories
  • SRCTREE-6152 Fix error when discarding line changes in Mercurial repository
  • SRCTREE-6170 Allow Bitbucket Server accounts to be created when the host URL includes a context path
  • SRCTREE-6172 Log Selected no auto-selects the source commit
  • SRCTREE-6175 Performance fix: reverse the checks to enable/disable the pull/push/fetch buttons
  • SRCTREE-6178 Fix double display of remote repositories for VSTS hosts
  • SRCTREE-6182 Enable Edit / Copy menu options selecting text in diff view
  • SRCTREE-6185 Fix a crash when add remote URLs to existing repository
  • SRCTREE-6186 Re-instate Bitbucket Server registration option, lost when its Id was updated
  • SRCTREE-6212 Correct the URL used to by the Remote toolbar button for VSTS hosts
  • SRCTREE-6213 Remote details popup doesn't save details about remote
  • SRCTREE-6216 Fix cloning of GitHub Enterprise repositories
  • SRCTREE-6218 Fix to ensure repositories are cloned locally after a remote creation for GitHub Enterprise hosts
  • SRCTREE-6225 Fix to prevent the local repositories list occasionally freezing
  • SRCTREE-6238 Correct the parameters submitted to external diff and merge tools
  • SRCTREE-6249 Blacklist and override broken versions 1.16.1, 1.16.2, 1.17.0 of the Git Credential Manager for Windows
  • SRCTREE-6251 Revert and fix the Checkout Branch In Sourcetree workflow
  • SRCTREE-6255 Fix for remote repository creation on Bitbucket hosts
  • SRCTREE-6262 Prevent user select 'Create Repository on Remote:' option if they don't have any accounts setup when creating a repository
  • SRCTREE-6263 Fix to creating of remote repositories under a GitLab group
  • SRCTREE-6281 Remove scope(s) parameter from OAuth grant requests to Bitbucket
  • SRCTREE-6286 Fix to remove filtering to only retrieve user owned repositories from GitLab hosts
  • SRCTREE-6341 Fix Sourcetree crash when opening log window
  • SRCTREE-6371 Fix the current branch not being correctly selected after a UI refresh
  • SRCTREE-6476 Remove Atlassian account as a registration option
  • SRCTREE-6479 Re-order the Welcome Wizard to align with the macOS version
  • SRCTREE-6508 Correct running the diff tool when requested rather than the merge tool
  • SRCTREE-6511 Correctly reference Askpass.exe when the Git Credential Manager for Windows fails
  • SRCTREE-6511 Correct the dependencies of Askpass.exe used when the Git Credential manager fails
  • SRCTREE-6529 Fix the link to Analytics details in the revised Welcome Wizard
  • SRCTREE-6530 Only set the default username and email in Sourcetree's configuration when explicitly asked to in the Welcome Wizard


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