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Created Jun 8, 2018, Last active Jul 2, 2019


  • Featured Introduce Yourself!

    Let's use this thread to introduce ourselves. If you can highlight where you work, your role and what Atlassian tools you use, this will be a good way for folks to get to know one another. Feel f...

    777 views 16 8 Mark Livingstone (San Diego) 06-08-2018
  • Featured Our New Community!

    Hi all. I'm so excited about this new online community for the San Diego Atlassian User Group. We are one of the first cities to be granted access to this new feature of the Community site. Eve...

    190 views 0 10 Mark Livingstone (San Diego) 06-08-2018
  • Hello again

    Hi guys, I used to be involved on the San Diego AUG along with @Mark Livingstoneback when I worked for Qualcomm. Now I´m an active member on the Mexico City AUG, yet if there is something that I can...

    466 views 8 3 Jesus Oros 06-26-2018
  • Hello all!

    My name is Heather Jewell and when I started coming to this group I was a project manager/ system's administrator for Global Eagle. Lot's of things have changed and now I'm a Quality and Performance ...

    360 views 5 4 Heather Jewell 06-26-2018
  • Love the San Diego AUG Group

    I am Marcia Biggar Senior Sales Manager for Adaptavist based here in San Diego.  I primarily use Jira and Confluence for Employee Onboarding/Offboarding, as a Sales CRM tool (talk about change m...

    262 views 2 5 Marcia Biggar 06-21-2018
  • Hello everyone

    Hi everyone. Andy Bryl here from Adaptavist. Sales Account Manager. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next AUG in July. 

    190 views 1 2 Andrew Bryl 06-21-2018
  • Jira Training

    Hi Everyone!! I was hoping to get a chance to ask at the last AUG meeting but I was curious if anyone has gotten Jira / portfolio training from an outside organization. My team has a lot of new memb...

    505 views 5 5 Benjamin Zaczek 06-21-2018
  • Hello San Diego AUG

    HI - I'm Jess Fierro, PM and vendor manager at Parallel6 (a PRA HS company). It's good to hear there is a network for us in San Diego. Looking forward to more. 

    439 views 8 2 Jess Fierro 06-21-2018
  • Hello Online San Diego AUG

    I'm Steve Peterson from SmartDraw. I attend most of the on site AUG's when I can. I work for SmartDraw Software as VP of Sales. My team uses Stride and Confluence to share ideas, best practices, and ...

    203 views 1 2 Steve Peterson 06-21-2018
  • Hello, Nice new Community

    How is everyone? Norm Heath here. I enjoy working with Atlassian Confluence & JIRA to help promote their use in our organization. Looking forward to participating in this new collaboration tool f...

    217 views 1 3 Norman Heath 06-21-2018
  • Hello from Trevan

    I'm Trevan Householder - Atlassian Consultant with Isos Technology in Tempe, AZ.  I visit the San Diego AUG on occasion and love this rockin' group.  Since I don't get to make it out t...

    173 views 1 3 Trevan Householder 06-21-2018
  • Look how fancy!

    What a great venue to stay connected with everyone. And how cool is it that SD gets to try it out? Nice! I'm Tracy Walton, an Atlassian Consultant with Isos Technology and an all around Jira-Atlassia...

    180 views 1 5 Tracy Walton 06-21-2018
  • Introduction

    Shaun, VP of Operations at CXT Software and nominated administrator of Jira/Confluence Cloud.   We're a TMS software development company that's used Atlassian products for nearly 10 years...

    189 views 1 3 Shaun Richardson 06-21-2018
  • Hello Evan here

    Hello Evan Golden here.  Principal Consultant at Adaptavist, and a happy member of our Atlassian User Group here in San Diego!

    216 views 3 4 Evan Golden 06-21-2018
San Diego
San Diego

This group has an abundance of Atlassian Experts and customers in the San Diego area. We meet every 1 to 2 months to talk about all things Atlassian.

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