Hello again Edited

Hi guys, I used to be involved on the San Diego AUG along with @Mark Livingstoneback when I worked for Qualcomm.

Now I´m an active member on the Mexico City AUG, yet if there is something that I can contribute with here, consider it done.


Also I´d like to take this opportunity to say Hi to @Celina Zamorawho I met recently in Mexico City on the AUG and on an event from Bit2Bit Americas :)


Welcome, @jesusoros! Thanks so much for helping to welcome new members to this group -- that's super helpful. 😃

Thanks @Evan Golden, actually our names are very similar lol. My last name Oros translated to english would be something like "Golds" ;)

@jesusoros I know ORO is gold because it comes up in the New York Times crossword puzzle a lot! 🙂

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 03, 2018

@jesusoros Hey! It was great hanging out in CDMX and thank you SO much for being such an active and awesome member of this community. We are so grateful to have you! 

@Celina ZamoraHey girl! Yeah we had an awesome time, next time you come over to Mexico City I'm definety taking the crew out to have great food :)

I hope to see you soon.


Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 09, 2018

Yesssss! Sounds like a solid plan. Can't wait! 


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