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  • Featured Introduce yourself and your workspace!

    Please introduce yourself!  Tell us your name, what you do, the Atlassian Products that you use, and, if you'd like, post a picture of your desktop! For the Aug 8 AUG Attendees, in order to qu...

    47 views 3 0 Michael Soh -AUG- 08-01-2019
  • Featured Welcome to the Atlassian Community Group for RVA!

    Hey fellow Atlassians! This site is used to promote our Atlassian User Group as well as to post comments, questions, etc. for your local network to answer.  Don't be shy! If it's your first ...

    19 views 0 0 Michael Soh -AUG- 08-01-2019
  • ISO Presenters for October and Beyond

    If it's just me talking, this AUG is going to get boring real fast.  So, if you would like to present (or have an idea on a presentation) please comment below or contact me directly at michael.s...

    8 views 0 0 Michael Soh -AUG- Monday
  • Want to present?

    We're always looking for presenters.  You don't need to be an expert or even a power user.  If you have a unique take on a functionality, or you have a cool use case, and you want to share ...

    36 views 0 0 Michael Soh -AUG- 08-07-2019
  • Upcoming AUG Meetups

    The hope is to have AUG events on the first or second Thursday of the month, depending on speaker and venue availability. The following dates have been confirmed for the remainder of 2019: 9/12...

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  • Sponsorship Info

    Are you interested in hosting an Atlassian User Group?  Maybe you want to sponsor the meetup?  Read on for more info!   Venue Sponsorship If you and your company would like to ho...

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Welcome to Richmond, VA, home of the triple crossing! This group is open to all, but mainly used by members of the Atlassian User Group in Richmond. Photo is by Mobilus In Mobili and is licensed via CC-BY 2.0

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