SourceTree is very slow on windows 7

I love the look and ui of source but its so god damned slow on windows. I have only a few tabs open and simple operations like adding/staging files, commit etc all result in the spinner coming up killing the ux. Also network tasks like pushing and pulling seem to take way longer than on the command line or with smart git.

i have a quad core i5 8gb ram and an ssd so im hardly running light and am on the latest version of source tree

any ideas?


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For those interested in tracking the progress of this bug, you might want to "Watch" Please don't post comments on the bug unless you have useful information to contribute ("SourceTree consistently slows every time I perform these steps:..."; "My SourceTree log has this message that looks related"). If you simply want to confirm that you're experiencing the issue, click the Vote button on the bug.

You can see by reading through existing comments that Atlassian is trying to improve performance, but they are having trouble duplicating the type of slowness you guys are reporting. (I am not Atlassian staff, but I also don't have any performance problems).

Same issue where source tree would slow to a crawl... usually when previewing previous large commits... downgrading to fixed the issue

Just to update, most of the slow-ness has been resolved for me with newer versions of source-tree. I am currently using with none of the issues I had before.

i tried both 1.52 and 1.63, although faster, but they are both very slow still (esp compare to OSX version).

however, i just tried github windows client, their performance is matching much closer to sourcetree OSX....



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Jeff Thomas Atlassian Team Jan 20, 2014

Hi Luke,

  • Does this occur on any repository you try or just one?
  • Do you have a lot of untracked files? A large number of untracked files can slow down Git, which in turn slows down SourceTree.
  • If you run the Git commands from the command line, are they fast or just as slow as SourceTree?

Not sure if my speed issue is the same as Luke's, but I'll add my situation here, which may help.

We have a repository with many submodules (~25). Before we split it into submodules, SourceTree was very fast. After the split, it is very painful. After opening a tab (submodule), it displays instantly about 75% of the time. The other times, the window bar gets a "Not responding" and it takes 10-30 seconds to update. Selecting the root project is usually very slow: wait times can be beyond one minute.

My collegues with SourceTree for Mac do not have this problem. After the switch to submodules, they had no change in performance.

To answer Jeff's questions: 0 untracked files, but many files fall under .gitignore; individual git commands on the command line is very fast, although a 'submodule foreach git status' can take 20 seconds to complete all submodules; I've only tried it on two repositories, but the second is extremely small,so not a good test.

In the UI, I've turned off all automatic refresh options.

Ideally, SourceTree would allow me to turn on a log of all git commands used by source tree, timing included. Then I could troubleshoot the problem effectively.

This issue started in October, 2013 - not sure which revision that was, but I tend to update immediately.

I have the same problem, and my projects have many submodules. Restarting will fix the problem momentarily. However it will slow down and eventually become unresponsive.

My project has no submodules but SourceTree for windows is still very slow. Git runs fast from the command line for the same commands (fetch, pull, merge, rebase, branch). Everything looks at least 10 times slower in SourceTree (using Win7 and the latest SourceTree for Windows as of this writing)

Following up on this. Switching from http to ssh for our GitHub hosted repositories improved the speed. I'm not sure everything got faster but at least the things we do more frequently became tolerable.

Sourcetree also became significatly slower after the upgrade to 1.6.3 (from I think 1.6.0).

Is there anythink we can do help analyse the issue?

Completely agree with Robert, the last update was really poor. The performance has dropped to the point it's painful. Staging a file takes around 15 seconds and after a commit you can be waiting for a few minutes for the staged file pain to clear. What also doesn't help is that each file is staged when you check it - so you're talking 15 seconds each.

Same problem here. The last 3 updates made SourceTree really really slow. This happened after upgrading to 1.6.0.

I have had no issues - ST 1.6.3, Windows 8.1 64 bit, embedded Git, SSH remotes.

I also have no submodules, hooks, or extended integration of any kind, but my repos are very large and old (migrated a 8+ year old project from SVN) with many branches.

I can confirm this. Since I upgraded it's very slow. It got so annoying I especially made an account here to report this.

We released 1.6.4 today which deals with many, many performance issues. This stops unnecessary diff view refreshes, and stops the file lists from refreshing when switching between various views. Check the release notes here for more on what was fixed in this version:

I just upgraded, but unfortunately the application still is sluggish. Staging and unstaging (even of smaller sets), switching between tabs, switching the selected document to diff, all feels unnecessarily slow.

Seems somewhat faster after updating to but it's still slow. Especially browsing through the log/history.

I love sourcetree but its been so bad over the last few dot releases in terms of ui changes and performance i am really starting to consider changing. I juts hope it can get back to the level of performance it used to be. When i use it on my mac it is way better. the windows version is where the issue seems to be. I'll test on windows 8 and see if that makes a difference.

I also have the performance issues described above; takes seconds to stage files, selecting files, switching between tabs etc. I am running 1.6.9 with embedded git. I think everything started when the UI changed for staging/diff. It got nicer but very slow instead.

Same here. I'm running 1.6.10

@Luke De Feo the latest version is, not

I have the same issues, which seem to have started with one of the 1.6.X updates. The latest (1.6.10) still gave these problems. It some takes takes litarally a couple of minutes to wait until the application responds again. A collegue who has the same configuration doesn't have this issue after upgrading, but I couldn't work anymore. I've downgraded to 1.5.2 and now everything works fine. And good riddance of the staging checkboxes too. ;-) seems to be even slower, my colleague also downloaded 1.5.2. This version is still available at:

Can confirm. 1.5.2 is significantly faster than all 1.6.xx versions. I'd love to get access to the source code and profile the performance issues.

Such a great interface but way to slow to be useful (both windows 7 & 8) We still have to use Tortoise for now but look forward to when SourceTree is useable

Thank you very much @Robert Sirre. I have uninstalled 1.6.11 version and installed 1.5.2 and now everything is going much faster. 1.6 version took me until 3gb of memory ram and ten minutes to load the list of files. 1.5 version do instantly all this actions

Down grading to 1.5.2 also helped for me thanks @Robert Sirre and @Alberto Fernández

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