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Issue with Nagios2Opsgenie

Jason Adam October 28, 2019

I'm just starting to integrate our Nagios with Opsgenie.  I created a service template and assigned it to a test service.  In the logs, when switching to criticals I see nagios2opsgenie being called but I get the following warning:

WARNING Stopping, Nagios NOTIFICATIONTYPE param has no value, please make sure your Nagios and OpsGenie files pass necessary parameters


My service is defined with the following:

define service {
   name ops-genie-notify
   service_description /usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios2opsgenie
   display_name Nagiso to OpsGenie
   use passive_service
   check_command notify-service-by-opsgenie
   is_volatile 0
   max_check_attempts 1
   active_checks_enabled 0
   passive_checks_enabled 1
   check_period 24x7
   check_freshness 0
   event_handler notify-service-by-opsgenie
   event_handler_enabled 1
   flap_detection_enabled 0
   retain_status_information 1
   retain_nonstatus_information 1
   notification_interval 60
   notification_period 24x7
   notification_options c,r
   notifications_enabled 1
   stalking_options c
   _AlertTeam MOC
   register 0


The command is defined as:

define command {
command_name notify-service-by-opsgenie
register 1


In looking at the golang script notification type is set with the flag t but that doesn't do anything.  

I've tried with the arguments, without, pretty much everything I can think of but doesn't seem like my service command is configured correctly.  

Does anyone have an example that I can use to see what I'm missing here?  


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Jason Adam October 28, 2019

Neverrmind, apparently NOTIFICATIONTYPE is not used in service checks so it's sending an empty string.  I just switched it to be "PROBLEM" and that worked fine.  Though I guess my question would be if I want to send OpsGenie a message when a service goes to critical using a check service command, why is nagios2opsgenie expecting a non-empty string in the notification type field?

Alexander Fossa August 27, 2020

Hi - did you ever work out a fix - we're having the same issue with service alerts into opsgenie.


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