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Atlassian users offline party in China

Because of the  long distance, there are not many people in China who attend the  Atlassian Summit, but this does not affect our love for Atlassian  products and our passion for offline communication.

The following article is an Atlassian user exchange conference held in  Shanghai in the second quarter of this year. Nearly 70 Atlassian  enthusiasts participated in the gathering.

 Dozens of  corporate information technology executives from the banking, insurance, retail, automotive, consulting and Internet industries participated in  the event. Agile and DevOps experts Huang Ling and Chen Yu made a wonderful sharing of agile and DevOps on the spot;  Atlassian China solution partners Long Zhi Digital, CSDN and Wuhan  Huike's consultants introduced Atlassian products and The solution; Li Gan of Jingdong Mall and Lu Chen of United Automotive  Electronics as the Atlassian users in China also shared their experience in using Atlassian products for many years in the enterprise.



Development team agility and innovation
Huang Ling, who has many years of agile experience, shared the agile practice of the development team. Through the implementation of lean and agile methods, enterprises integrate the business and production chain links to form a closed loop of value chain, connect the needs of the company's strategy and market, and use design thinking to help locate the market and customer needs. How do the requirements from each team and level manage the demand pool in Jira through tiering and enrollment, and how to use mechanisms to judge and handle demand priorities. Adopting a dynamic product to-do list that embraces change while ensuring that the team's development pace is in order. How to effectively implement iterative reviews and reviews after the project is over, specify team improvement plans, how to motivate and inspire agile teams, achieve team self-organization, continuous excellence and optimization.


Continuous release of automation solutions
Qi Ming, ALM senior consultant of Shanghai Longzhi Digital, introduced the “Atlassian solution for automated continuous delivery release” and how to use CI/CD to realize automatic release to enterprises to improve efficiency and bring value. Shanghai Longzhi Digital is one of Atlassian Platinum-level solution experts with extensive experience in product implementation.


High availability deployment of Jira Software
Yin Liang of CSDN shared the "Jira Software High Availability Deployment Solution" for everyone. He detailed the importance of Atlassian Data Center in data backup and how it is deployed. Data Center is capable of high availability, high performance and real-time scalability, and is split by business and traffic load, with disaster recovery capabilities. The Data Center version of Jira and Confluence is the best choice for large enterprises.


United Automotive Electronics Jira and Confluence use practices
Lu Chen from United Automotive Electronics introduced the development of Jira and Confluence in the past ten years of the use of automotive electronics and the development of business support, as well as their very popular product plug-ins, such as Checklist for Jira; WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira Table Filter and Charts for Confluence, etc. Atlassian's Market Place has thousands of plug-ins with different features to meet the business needs of different teams.


Start the DevOps continuous delivery journey with a playful way
Chen Hao is an senior configuration management manager from eBaoTech. She has more than 12 years of experience in configuration management and publishing in the insurance industry and communications industry. This time she detailed the concept and culture of DevOps, the transformation journey of DevOps in the insurance industry and the case sharing of insurance customers.


Refined management and performance
He Hongqi from Wuhan Huike gave a detailed introduction to Gears, a platform for fine-grained work management, and managed tasks, resources, efficiency and problems. Tasks, resources, efficiency, problem transparency, job visualization, digitization through various dimensions of measurement systems, data support for management and decision-making, and provide guidance to teams and individuals on work and management capabilities, and help companies Management capacity improvement and team growth.


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Ashley Elder
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 24, 2018

Hey @Ollie Guan,

This writeup is awesome! We would love to support more offline Atlassian parties aka Atlassian User Groups. Let us know if you or anyone else would be interested in getting Shanghai reactivated as an AUG.

cc: @Darline

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