Friday Fun: Favourite afternoon pick me up?

Danny Zuccaro Community Champion Nov 30, 2017

Time for more Friday fun! So what do you reach for when you are low energy and need a boost mid afternoon? My personal fav and guilty pleasure is a Crunch bar! Have loved them since my childhood and always gets me going again. 

What is everyone else turning to for that pick me up? 


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Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 30, 2017

Will the folks on this thread judge me if I say sugar-free Red Bull? 😉

I mean, I'm trying real hard not to but

Erica Moss Community Manager Dec 04, 2017

I feel like you're not really trying though? 😉

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I just had banana and Nutella! I was going to take a photo but...there was Nutella everywhere.

My favorite! 

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I'm a chocolate junkie. I know, it's not good for me, but I can't help it. Shame on me... 

I try not to have chocolate here in my desk, but if I would have to buy some sweets now, I would buy:


I also like semolina and rice pudding, but of course not in the office...

Erica Moss Community Manager Dec 04, 2017

I love the Ritter chocolate + mint bars!

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Espresso, and a short walk with headphones playing something energetic.

My doctor tells me that drinking espresso is bad for me (based on the fact he found out my espresso maker makes 6 shots and they're all mine), but it's still a better option than my old habit of nipping out for a cigarette

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Definitely a beverage -- La Croix, hot cocoa, or coffee depending on my energy level and what I've already had that day.  If I'm hungry it will typically be popcorn, chips, cheese, or Nutella and banana like @Bianca Encinas!

yes! It's basically fruit and nuts, right?

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Friday, Friday. I plan for social activities, because after a long week I need a break. Sometimes they're even social activities with just me attending, but the idea is there.

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Bridget Sauer Community Manager Dec 01, 2017

Favorite Friday pick-me-up? An Uber!!

Kidding :) 

This Friday a group of Atlassians are meeting at 3PM and are venturing out to pick up trash in the local neighborhood! Nothing like some urban treasure hunting with teammates to kick your weekend off right. 

Speaking of weekends... have a good one, everybody! 

Some times thinking about old funny TV show moments or sound bytes will perk me up a bit...


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Carolyn French Community Champion Nov 30, 2017

Getting up for a walk to get the blood moving, and then grabbing a drink- either hot tea or coffee. Sometimes I go for the sugar rush, but usually a crash follows....

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