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What's your favorite specialty food in your city?

Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 10, 2019

I've lived in Texas for 99.9% of my life and we're definitely known for BBQ, but we're also known for our tacos!


I love street tacos here in Austin, specifically Las Trancas (thank me later). I get the Campechano taco. They serve it on a lightly fried corn tortilla, with steak + chorizo, topped with cilantro and onions. SO GOOD.


So I ask you, what's your favorite specialty food in YOUR city?


Monique vdB Community Manager May 10, 2019

Going to answer on behalf of the land of my people. My favorite street food is frites in Amsterdam from Vleminx. I get the ketchup/mayo combo or sometimes the oorlog (which has onions). 

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 10, 2019

Frites! YUM. ketchup/mayo combo sounds official

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Antonio Ferruz Community Leader May 10, 2019

Frites!!! ... Amsterdam !!! but most important -> Those frites in Amsterdam .. I love them..  YUM!!!

I need to come back again .. and again .. and again.. 

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Ja jongens! Lekker pattat uit Amsterdam......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oorlog is amazing... so is speciaal.

Joppie saus is also amazing....!

Tim Keyes Atlassian Team Jan 11, 2020

In Austin I really like the Trailer Park (Fried Chicken Taco) from Torchy's Tacos!  I also enjoy the plethora of BBQ choices.

Antonio Ferruz Community Leader May 10, 2019

I have a Friday's MUST !. Burgers & frites with my teammates 

It is not quite healthy .. but .. I am waiting for that moment every week :)

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 10, 2019

I love a good burger & frites! Burger must have bacon and avocado though :) 

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Chicken Paprikash...It's no contest, really.

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 10, 2019

Your confidence in Chicken Paprikash makes me want it that much more haha

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Yum! Their pierogies look pretty darned good as well.

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Well, I live in San Jose, CA but grew up in Yorkshire/Lincolnshire in England. Special food is everywhere in the UK. Plenty of cheeses and beers there that never get further than 100 miles from home. Poacher, Batemans and others.

Haslet is Lincolnshire haggis, a bit smaller than Scottish haggis but just as good.

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 10, 2019

I've never heard of Haslet. Now I know what to try when I travel to England!

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA, but my mother was English. I was apparently enough of a pain that she kept sending me to live with relatives. Hands down my favorite English foods were roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and roasted potatoes--with gravy. I recently went on a Holland America cruise--and much of the food was inedible, but one evening they had the most perfect Yorkshire pudding--I had three servings--and nothing else.

Yorkshire puddings are vastly underrated. I am German and although I only know them from an English cook book and never had authentic, they are the best. My daughter loves them, too, just like you, Karen. As long as there's Yorkshire puddings and gravy, she's happy.

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Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team May 10, 2019

Should you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, and you're not averse to greasy, unhealthy food, then I would recommend trying a Primanti's Brother's sandwich.  The serve it with french fries in the sandwich, along with a vinegar based cole slaw.  Personal favorite is the Pastrami


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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 10, 2019

I'm never averse to greasy, unhealthy food! French fries IN the sandwich? #lifechanging

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Mikael Sandberg Community Leader May 10, 2019

Oh, I miss Primanti Bros, used to live in Coraopolis PA and had one down the road from us.

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Living in England, it's quite difficult to select anything.  We've "borrowed" most of our food from places we've invaded or been at war with a lot.  The most popular food in England is Chicken Tikka Massala, which is a bastardised copy of an Indian dish, and we do love a good curry (korai if my memory is working). 

The runners-up are probably chips (Belgian), pizza (Italian), stir fry (Chinese), spaghetti bolognaise (Italian, but very bastardised as Bologne is famed for white sauces, not tomato based ones), Lasagne (Italian), Kebabs (allegedly lamb, grilled)  and for the vegetarians, we head off to the middle-east to steal hummus, flatbreads and falafel. 

Eventually you get on to stuff the English might really have done.  Fish and chips, yorkshire pudding, wellingtons, there's quite a lot of things we did sort of invent.  Just to annoy our American cousins, I would like to point out that there is a recipe for apple pie in a museum in York that is significantly older than the US, so "As American as apple pie" really means "not American at all, but English".

But.  I live in a small town.  There's no street food, or interesting eateries.  We do have one absolutely fantastic (Anglicised) Indian place, where the owner trains chefs who go on to work in the best places in Birmingham and Brick lane in London.  So I'm going to cheat a bit and say "Irwins".  They do not give me food or drink, but they do sell me the most fantastic tea leaves and coffee beans.  About three years ago, I found a coffee shop who made better coffee than I do.  I asked, turns out their supplier was, um, Irwins.

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Puddings, Nic, puddings. With hot yellow custard. Dessert that sticks to your ribs. Very British those are

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You forgot the pasties. :-p

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 13, 2019

I'm so hungry after reading all of these options! Whenever I visit, I'll have to try a few of these options and you'll have to give me tips on my English accent again.

Oh now you've done it! I miss pasties and meat pies. So good. Oh, and sausage rolls, I occasionally make sausage rolls and eat them with HP Sauce that I get from an International grocer. 

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Mmmmh, sausage rolls. My ex girlfriend's mom used to make these. After I had some for the first time, she always had to do extra when I was coming. :-D

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ : Nice long way of saying "tea" Nic! I love this post. Good old fashioned British griping! :oD

Non-Brits are always going on at me about the English Breakfast... this seems to be the pinnacle of the British cuisine and what we are most famous for across the world.

Roast Dinners a close second. 


Nic, if ever I have more money than sense, I'll send you this on a T-Shirt:

BRITISH CUISINE: the B stands for "Bastardisation of other cultures' cuisine"


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Must admit, an "english breakfast" is a plate full of deliciousness.  Even the vegan version is pretty damn good (if your pet vegan is willing to admit "vegan bacon" is stupid, please replace it with something that has flavour). 

Obviously, it does need beans from the Americas, decent bacon from the EU, tomatoes from the EU, mushrooms from the EU, HP sauce from the EU (tamarinds) and the NA trade treaty. And... and... and..

Yay, Boris has also fucked our food.

If you ever find yourself in Sweden I would suggest that you try Tunnbrödsrulle, it is a classic Swedish street food.

My favorite food here in Seattle must be BBQ, we moved from NC 5 years ago and could not find a good BBQ place that had Hushpuppies. That was until we discovered Brileys BBQ, their Hushpuppies are the best outside of NC.

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 13, 2019

Ahhhhh, that Tunnbrödsrulle looks AMAZING. Briley's is going on my Seattle "places to eat" Trello board

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No kidding. Swedes know what they are doing!

I'm in Idaho so, umm....potatoes? 

I'm not entirely sure what is genuine American food and I have no idea how authentic the foods from other cultures are here in America.  Every time I say I like Indian food, or Thai food (which are my favorites) people remind me that they aren't authentic--but how am I supposed to know?  I can't say that I have enough disposable income to just travel around seeing what 'authentic' food from around the world tastes like.

Maybe at the next Summit we should all bring some 'authentic' food with us to make/share.  I'm sure customs wouldn't mind suitcases full of food =)

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 13, 2019

Hahahaha a community potluck for the Community workshop lunch! The foodie in me secretly loves that idea

Living in Egypt make all Street food available 24/7 :D we have manyfood bikes very where 
but my favorite Street is KOshary (Egyptian plate) , Shawerma 

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 13, 2019

I love street food! Sounds like I need to go to Egypt

I wrote this in the "what is unique in your home town" thread, but it can't be said often enough: Panzerotti.

I'm from Hannover, Germany. If you ever happen to pass through and have some waiting time when switching trains, try to walk up or down the Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade below the station. There are a couple of places down there that sell this Italian culinary mess. It's a fried calzone-like pizza. Try to avoid the Turkish places. Their panzerotti are okay, but best take one from the Italian place in the back of the station or aaaaaaall the other way of the promenade at Schinken Kate's (Kate [de]: small cottage). One word of advice: be *very* careful with the first bite. And definitely take 1 or 2 napkins more than they give you.

Sadly I don't live in Hannover anymore and panzerotti are hardly sold anywhere else in Germany.

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 13, 2019

Thank you for that recommendation, @Jens Iwanenko ! You made me wish I was in Hannover right now trying a Panzerotti for the first time. My mom is Italian, so Italian food is always a delight for me. I'll add this to my Trello board for places to eat around the world. :)

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Simina Community Leader May 14, 2019

I am from Romania and I am going to share our specific sweet dish. It is called Papanasi and it is a doughnut with fresh white cheese inside. Sour cream and blueberry jam on top 🙏🏼 371B8D19-07AD-44FD-BD4D-D92C85A29B7C.jpeg

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 14, 2019

OMG that looks delicious @Simina !!

Amazing, I'm considering travel only because of that thing!

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Favorite topic - how did I even miss that!?

I live in Sofia (Bulgaria), and the second best thing here (except the mountain nearby) is the food! 

I'm with a lot of food restrictions, diets, and stuff, but my absolute favorite of all is Banitsa :) It's something like cheese pie, but the recipes vary from sweet to salty, with some greens or plain. Universal meal - you can have it for breakfast/lunch/dinner/cheat meal, whatever!

If you see me eating something like this - be sure that it is a special day for me!

PS: I love to cook it for my colleagues - there is no Bulgarian on Earth who doesn't like banitsa.

Related image

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That looks yummy! So yummy, I have to try making one. Let me know how authentic this recipe is.

Yes, Karen, the recipe looks authentic :)

If I’m in a hurry I skip the part with brushing the butter, I just put it in the batter.

And one more variation is adding the yogurt, 2-3 tbsp of flour and a baking powder to the mix - than the banitsa will be fluffier :)

Good luck and share if you like it! ❤️

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 23, 2019

I agree with Karen! This looks yummy. Thanks for sharing a picture :)


@Karen O'Keefe Let us know how it turns out

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Apparently this is my new favorite topic (and now I'm hungry).

I'm from southern California. I don't know what a typical SoCal dish is. I grew up eating English food and lots of salad/seafood. Lots of avocados and fresh citrus. We did have some iconic food places (like the Farmer's Market, Canter's Deli, Pink's Hot Dogs). There are others, but these three have been in the top since I was a kid (50 years ago).

When I lived in Ohio (for 27 years), the thing to have was Chili Spaghetti (which I love). My preference was Skyline (wars have started over less). Last week, I had some--and it was just as good as I remember. Ohio also has great barbecue. And they are famous for a candy called the Buckeye (peanut butter and chocolate).

I live in Oregon now. There are Thai restaurants on every corner. And every place accommodates whatever your food issue is (allergies, vegan, vegetarian).  Oregon grows most hazelnuts and pears in the world. We also are heavily into microbrews and wines. And coffee. And Marionberries. People here are proud of growing their own veggies and herbs. We have lots of fresh seafood and lots of sushi. One current trend that I love comes from Hawaii: poke bowls. 

Poke is traditionally seasoned raw tuna and onions. Here, poke bars are popping up all over. The idea is you pick a base (salad or rice), then one or more seafoods (salmon, tuna, octopus, etc), mix-ins (mango, pineapple, seaweed salad, onion, edamame, and much more) and then add a sauce (spicy, not spicy, etc) and various toppings (like furikake, crunchy garlic bits, sesame seeds and the like).  This is a trend I can get behind.

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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 23, 2019

*googles Chili Spaghetti* Now this is something I can get behind

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Thank you for the reminder, @Karen O'Keefe , there is a Skyline about 2 miles from my office. Guess where I'm going to lunch?

I have a recipe somewhere for Buckeyes; the center is butter, peanut butter, and powdered sugar and it gets dipped in melted chocolate chips. (I use these.) I'll see if I can find it and post it. 


Edit: Here you go:


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@Scott Theus So, what did you eat for lunch? Did you get cheese coneys or chili spaghetti? I used to order a three-way, semi-inverted. Now I have to order the chili through mail order, buy the right kind of finely grated mild cheddar, cook my own spaghetti and do the semi-inversion myself. Still delish.

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@Karen O'Keefe  I had a small three-way and two cheese coneys (no onions) with the Skyline Chili hot sauce. 

And I got chili on my shirt. 

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I had poke for lunch.

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It's got to be fresh off the boat lobster, and hand-cut sweet potato fries - this was from last week at the Lobster Barn in Victoria by the Sea, Prince Edward Island.


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Cassie Mayes Community Manager May 30, 2019

@Jodi LeBlanc ! This looks AMAZING. If I didn't have a shellfish allergy I'd be all over it. :)

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Oh so sorry to hear you have a shellfish allergy @Cassie Mayes - if you come visit PEI I will bring you to Cow's Ice Cream, another unique spot to PEI :)


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@Jodi LeBlanc : these look AMAZING.... to complete the three-course meal, what's on offer as a starter!??

Well for you I would recommend Island steamed mussels in wine and garlic sauce @Andy - PTC Redundant or a classic Island seafood chowder with local seafood and Island potatoes. For @Cassie Mayes with her shellfish allergy I would recommend a gathered greens salad with goat cheese, pumpkin seed brittle, beets, and maple vinaigrette :)

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Now I have my PEI 5 Course Meal Sorted out.

Thank you kindly @Jodi LeBlanc !!


Looking forward to your visit! 🦞🥔☀️ 

Wow ice cream, made from white cow milk produced through munching green grass grown on the red soil on that!

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Isn't it wonderful @Friendly Giant - you must try it! :)

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Not my city but now claiming it as "mine" since my recent holiday and new found love of the place.... Sintra in Portugal.

Famed for the Palácio Nacional and the incredible Castelos dos Moros & Palácio de Pena that sit impressively atop of the mountain, Sintra is also home to a great Craft Beer pub... VILLA CRAFT.

They have their own amazing craft beer Rafeira. It's a winner for the Untappd addicts.

The building is off the beaten track (max 90m walk) away from the tourists and also houses a great Win & Tapas bar, fantastic Vegan restaurant, a patisserie and butchers... so there literally is something for everyone!

As a true dutchperson i like cheese, now that i am regularly in the town of  Woerden i take home a specialty-ordinary cheese from local market.

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Excellent share @Friendly Giant 🌟👏

Reload Stockholm is the best! You can pick your own bowl from a huge variaty of ecological and even full vegan choises. The oumph is the gratest!

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I am from Puerto Rico and we have a lot of yummy food, but my home town is known for these rice fritters we call "granos". The rice is ground in a coffee grinder, then cooked for a bit with water, butter and salt, formed into this shape and fried. The pre-cooking makes the inside soft, then frying makes the outside crunchy. 8dd7a3e2-97b7-44f9-a84a-0ce6816ebb12

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mjummie, and what kernel is pressed into the middle: a nut or …?

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That's a square of cheese, from a type of cheese we call queso de bola, it is like a gouda.

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Zak Laughton Atlassian Team Feb 07, 2020

Austin, TX here as well, and I LOVE breakfast tacos! If I ever leave Austin, this will be the thing I miss the most! They're tasty, cheap, and you can buy them almost anywhere!


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