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What is that one instance that comes to your mind immediately when you think about "Thanks Giving"

This is my first Firday-fun topic and it so happened to be "Thanks-Giving" today, so decided to advance my topic by a day :)

Although am in India now, I had the chance to be there few years back during the time of Thanks Giving.

Honestly, Thanks Giving was new to me that time, and all my friends told me about it was there will be awesome deals on electronics. So I spent sleepless nights going through shopping links after shopping links hoping to grab some good deals.

But out of curiosity (which I always am), I started to google what exactly Thanks giving is and why it is celebrated, and found it has links to harvest festival, similar to Pongal/Makara Sankranthi festival celebrated in India.

The one instance which I always cherish whenever I think about Thanks giving was when I was invited for dinner by my neighbor, it came as a surprise but I decided to go. When I entered their home I could see it was a full house, a family-reunion, and the sense of feeling that I was welcomed to be part of them made me immensely happy, that too when I was thousands of miles away from my own family members. 

Happy Thanks Giving all...



Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Nov 28, 2019

Great topic @Vinod Ramadoss!

Being in Canada, Thanksgiving happened about a month and a half ago for us, but I think the traditions are very similar.

Thinking back, the thing that remind me most of Thanksgiving is the smell of sauteed onions for the stuffing when we walked into my grandma's house.

My mom is one of eight children, so every time we get together (including thanksgiving) always has close to 50 people present.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends enjoy all the food!

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Awesome @Jimmy Seddon , i can see from your post how much it means to you.

And by the way, sauteed onions, yummyyyy, the taste still lingers back of my brain...

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Kat Marketplace Partner Nov 28, 2019

"Thanks giving" makes me think about gratitude.

Image result for gratitude

"Thanksgiving" makes me think about US movies and TV shows full of family drama and turkey. The cooking and eating of turkey seems to more about tradition than enjoyment of the food. Give me roast chicken and roast lamb any day :P

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Like Jimmy, I am also in Canada so our Thanksgiving took place on October 14th. I think of quality time with friends and family, great conversation and making memories.


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Poorvi Jhawar Marketplace Partner Nov 30, 2019

Being an Indian living in New Zealand the festivities of Thanks-giving is something I'm yet to experience. However, for me, I was introduced to the festival by the show FRIENDS. So, I know it is a massive deal for all people living in the States. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


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Monique vdB Community Manager Dec 02, 2019

@Poorvi Jhawar I think the one where Brad Pitt guest starred is my favorite. I know @Darline Auguste likes the football Thanksgiving episode. 

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Poorvi Jhawar Marketplace Partner Dec 02, 2019

@Monique vdB for me it's the floating heads :D The one with Brad Pitt is a close second.

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Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 02, 2019

Getting together with family.

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Dec 02, 2019

For me, it is all about family and friends coming together to laugh, catch up and enjoy a wonderful meal. I have many fond memories of helping my mom prepare dinner and playing outside in a pile of leaves. It is a time to reflect on what we are thankful regardless of the challenges we may be facing.

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DPK J Community Leader Dec 02, 2019

For me, "Oh! it is that time of year, when everyone in world will be on holidays and sharing gifts, and I will working in office".

This feeling get boosted up, when I send a mail and get out of office auto-reply.  :-)

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I have to recognize that here in Spain we do not have this tradition, so when I think about thanksgiving only some movies come to my mind.

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Jeff Tillett Community Leader Dec 03, 2019

For me it would be getting the morning paper and looking through the ads for great deals. I feel like this tradition is dying out with online shopping, but we still enjoy making a game plan and hitting the stores to check out all the craziness! 

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For me, ThanksGiving invokes thoughts of marathon backing sessions and whiskey. After all her kids moved out, my mom started hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the extended family, and since I enjoy baking I always make dessert. Before everyone went to different states and cousins, brothers, sisters, etc. all started having their own kids I would bake up to 10 pies and 2 cheesecakes. Now our gatherings are much smaller; this year I made one apple pie and one orange-ricotta cheesecake. 

Each holiday though there would be a moment, sometimes long for a full measure and sometimes short for a quick shot, where my dad, his father, his brothers, my brothers, and I would sit for a drink of some quality booze. An old single malt scotch, a small batch bourbon, maybe someone's favorite rye, it is always different. 

This year my dad and I shared a nice long drink of Laphroig 24 Year "Old and Fancy" that my brothers and I bought together this summer.  

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Thanksgiving is, for me, the time of year that I reflect on my family and my brothers and sisters serving away from home to keep us safe and free. I spent many of my holidays away from home during my lifetime so I know how difficult and important it is to have people (from all free nations) who are willing to make that sacrifice for the rest of us.

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Zak Laughton Atlassian Team Feb 07, 2020

I remember when I cooked a Turkey, second thanksgiving hosted in my house. People had been waiting hours for the food. FINALLY it was ready. Everyone sat down. I cut the turkey. It was still bright pink in the middle (oops).


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