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Pandemic Hobbies - what's stayed and what's out?

I've personally gotten addicted to painting with oil paints and it has STUCK!

Along with that, what's stayed... is my gardening hobby. I've become such a green thumb and now the owner of about 4 ferns!! Along with that... HIKING! Here's me and some friends up at Hanging Rock in Victoria!



What's OUT....


I really gave cross-stitching a shot but it gave out... but I have some nice memories! I have a half done Snoopy that is yet to be finished :)



What's yours? And post all of the results of your hobby seeking!


Andy Gladstone Community Leader Dec 02, 2021

Great topic @Nicole Reichert!


Journaling, Hiking & Working Outdoors on Summer Fridays.

  • Journaling - is something that I always wanted to get back to as writing was my first passion - before reality set in and I went for a Computer Science degree.
  • Hiking - My wife and I love the outdoors, our five children hate being dragged on outdoor adventures. During the initial pandemic we were all spending so much time together all week long we didn't feel guilty sneaking out for a few hours on Sunday to do a local hike. Sometimes the kids even joined!
  • Working Outdoors on Summer Fridays - My wife and I decided to add an umbrella and table to our front porch, and Friday mornings in the summer I work outdoors until it's either too hot or I need two screens. I love working in the fresh air and getting some extra Vitamin D!


Tackling an aggressive reading list (although I will prevail one day!)

  • With the extra time saved on commuting, and frankly the fact that work did slow down quite a bit at the beginning of the pandemic, I went on a book buying spree. I love the feeling of paper in my hands when reading and loathe reading off a screen. I took two tracks - Classics and Interests. 
    • Classics - Think of all of those books we were forced to read in High School, but either never 'really' read (ahem, Cliffs Notes) or never appreciated because we were too young and immature to appreciate something we 'had' to do. Those books. I got through a few, but have some left, and not enough time to properly consume them.
    • Interests - Indistractable by Nir Eyal and Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. I am only 25% through TF&S - I think it has the most densely packed pages I have ever seen, and requires FULL CONCENTRATION. I guess I was too distracted to ever start Indistractable, and it continues to collect dust on my desk. 
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IN:  Watercolor painting...

OUT:  Daily journal and daily meditating

What I need to bring back in:  Daily meditation

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Is that Hanging Rock, as in, Picnic at.... ???

Monique vdB Community Manager Dec 03, 2021

Great topic! I went through an Animal Crossing phase at the beginning and I don't play anymore, but some hobbies (like neighborhood walks and Zoom happy hours with friends across the country) have stuck.  My biggest one that I've stuck with is also painting! Like @Marjorie  I took up watercolor, which turned into watercolor portraiture.  I gauge my progress by painting pictures of my favorite actor, John Ritter.

First portrait attempt:

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 9.04.15 AM.png


Latest attempt: 

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 9.04.40 AM.png

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Andy Gladstone Community Leader Dec 03, 2021

@Monique vdB you need to let us know which era each one was from! Three's Company, Hooperman or Hearts Afire! Nice work!

Monique vdB Community Manager Dec 03, 2021

@Andy Gladstone the first one is definitely Jack Tripper era, I think the second one is Hooperman-era. 😉

Wow, nice job!

John Funk Community Leader Dec 03, 2021

Awesome - and fantastic progress!

That is really something to be proud of! Awesome @Monique vdB! I love the eyes 💙 

We got a puppy so he is staying :)


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Out:  Having the idiot-box on in front of me, with lightweight stuff on it while working, because it disturbed my co-worker (here because she was forced to work from home for months).  I've not really gone back to it after she started going back to the office

In:  Keeping up with my reading - caught up on the regular magazines (there's now usually only 2-3 in the to-read pile instead of 30-40) and got back to a bit of book reading too

In:  Physical puzzles.  I enjoy crosswords and puzzles, mostly doing the crosswords in the magazines from the previous point, and finding games that are essentially puzzles on computers, but I've added something a bit more in-real-life:


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Andy Gladstone Community Leader Dec 03, 2021

Nice physical badge collection to compliment the virtual ones!

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John Funk Community Leader Dec 03, 2021

Picked up eating more than I should. Okay, maybe that wasn't completely new, but I have perfected it. And unfortunately, it has stuck - literally!

Fabian Lim Community Leader Dec 03, 2021

Out: playing soccer

In: peloton bike

Hi @Nicole Reichert 

  In the pandemic, my family and I became fond of going to the field, making legos and when we had to be at home we started playing bowling and we really had a great time



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I picked up two new hobbies during the pandemic: playing piano and tennis. And they are still here to stay. I still play the piano on a nearly daily basis for at least half an hour. And I got to know a new tennis partner that is at about the same level, so we try to play once a week; mostly single, but every now and then a doubles game as well. Great way to get to know other people as well.

Here in Belgium, the pandemic situation is quite bad right now. So, actually there still plenty of time to engage in these kinds of hobbies. And I don't mind, to be honest 😊

Dave Liao Community Leader Dec 04, 2021

Somehow I ended up playing more Pokemon Go than before. It sure helped that a lot of us on Atlassian Community play. 😅

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nina_schmidt Community Leader Dec 05, 2021

Same here 😊

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Laura Holton Community Leader Dec 06, 2021

How did I not know this, that's so great that there's a whole community within the Community! Here's to Pokemon Go 🙌

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Dave Liao Community Leader Dec 06, 2021

Meta-community? Sub-community? Poké-community? 👾👻🤖🐰

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Groan, I just realised - I got addicted to Plants vs Zombies 2. 🙄

Laura Holton Community Leader Dec 07, 2021

Meta-community 🤣

Don't worry @Linda Milne_Togetha Group_ I also had an unhealthy habit with Mario Kart 😅

Coincidentally my family bought a property in the South East Forests in late 2019. Covid meant that we moved in much earlier than planned, so my life has completely changed, but they were changes we were going to make anyway.


working from home  tick.jpg

establishing a garden tick.jpg


going to cafes & restaurants (not fussed) cross.jpg

Things I should have done:

finishing some (even just one!) of those half finished jumpers in the cupboard unhappy face.jpg

Laura Holton Community Leader Dec 06, 2021

My hobbies consisted of long walks at times walking around 6/7 miles a day which was a great break away from the same four walls and my computer screen! Of course there were my wonderfully cute dogs who will always remain in. As for other things I got into cooking and making my way through cookbooks and trying to read (more than just cookbooks that is!).

It's pretty much all still in bar reading books, the 'to read' pile has grown way to big...

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So... <geek mode one>  Have you seen the Dr Who episode with ms Robertson?</geek mode off>

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Dave Liao Community Leader Dec 06, 2021

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ BADWOLF! 🤓

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Laura Holton Community Leader Dec 07, 2021

If that's geek mode on @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ it means my geek mode never has an off 😂  Yes, the answer is yes!!

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Oh I can geek more than that on Doctor Who.  For example, I had an assistant in my previous job (whom you have seen on screen)


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Dave Liao Community Leader Dec 07, 2021


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That's awesome @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_! Mine looks a little pale in comparison but still as cold hearted...



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Jack Brickey Community Leader Dec 07, 2021

In - puzzles 🧩 

Out (temporarily) - kayaking and Kayak fishing but only due to an accident that left me unable vs. Covid . I am working on recovery so I can get back to it.

Andy Gladstone Community Leader Dec 07, 2021

@Jack Brickey my wife and I love kayaking! I hope you have a quick and speedy full recovery so you can get back out there on the water soon!

Jack Brickey Community Leader Dec 07, 2021

Awesome Andy. What type of kayaks/kayaking? In my youth we enjoyed whitewater but these days we take our Hobies out in the marshes of NC/SC.


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Andy Gladstone Community Leader Dec 07, 2021

@Jack Brickey we live on Long Island, so mostly the Connetquot , Nissequoque and Carmans Rivers. The Nissequogue is our favorite - 5 mile paddle on a tidal river. Anytime we venture upstate or out of state we look for places to rent and get out on the water though. During COVID and this past summer we started taking up SUP as well, but only on serene lakes and bays!

I've never been kayak fishing but can imagine it is a relaxing day out on the water - need to try that some day with my sons (wife hates fishing).

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First of all, I'd like to say that I LOVE this topic!

IN: Covid and the ever-present isolation and home officing made me appreciate movement more. I've never been a huge sports person but during those months, I discovered the pleasure of being present in one's body. So yes, that is (hopefully 😅) staying. I also started my therapy journey thanks to/because of Covid and that I am eternally grateful for.

OUT: Live music events (for obvious reasons). And boy oh boy do I miss them. I also kind of forgot about yoga which is something I used to do a lot. Might be a good idea to pick that up again, that's for sure. 

In: Reading (this has been a lifelong hobby but I'm still enjoying it!), owning and swimming in my own pool!  I've been wanting one for a while but finally made the leap this year.

Out: music festivals :(  something I definitely miss

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2021

I used to travel a bit more hope to do it again as things settle down.  I still spend most my free time in the outdoors.

Gaurav Community Leader Dec 28, 2021

Great topic...

In this period, I kind of got back to my old hobby...Legos and spent more time on it


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