Miscellaneous Monday - Sum Sum Summa Tiiiiime

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

Happy Monday, friends!

It's 100 degrees here in sunny California, USA with 50% humidity YUCK(37 degrees+ for all using metric out there). Basically, I feel like I'm in a hot pan with butter shoes every time I walk out the door. 

To my disdain, my in-laws came down for the weekend and wanted to visit an outdoor flea market/farmer's market. Maybe that came out wrong. I love my in-laws. What I do not love is Summer and walking around on hot pavement for four hours, which is what we ended up doing.

Like a dummy, I am now burned to a crisp and resembling a very sad lobster on his last walk to the boiling pot. Actual photo of me below.  Why don't I wear sunscreen? Who knows? 


On the plus side, I have scores of delicious vegetables and a couple of flea market treasures. On the down side, I can't move my arms. 

Did you do anything fun this weekend? (Lookin at you @Erica Moss!) 

Anyone south of the equator that can make me jealous of cooler weather? 

Happy Monday all, stay cool. 


Scott Theus Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

It was surprisingly pleasant in Cleveland this weekend....I spent it working on my kayak; it's time to cut the hole for the cockpit and build out the coaming. I chickened out though and sanded instead. It's a big hole in a work piece that took about 100 hours to build, so I have to work up to it.


Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

@Scott Theus, it's gorgeous!!

In terms of price, do you feel like building your own is more cost-effective than purchasing a pre-built? Some people are in it for the hobby aspect, for sure, but that fatty kayak price tag is what makes me think... "hmmm... I'm not too shabby with hand tools."

Those were my last words before I sunk in my handmade boat. 

Jack Brickey Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

start small and in the center. HA!

Looking nice!!

Scott Theus Community Champion Jul 09, 2018


@Meg Holbrook, it really depends on the type of kayak, the material it's made of, and what you're going to use it for. All else being equal, I'd say building your own is less costly...You can get a good touring boat in a kit from Chesapeake Light Craft for about $1200, while a similar fiberglass boat could run around $2,500 or more. (Rotomolded plastic is cheaper, but heavier; carbon fiber is lighter and more expensive.)

Add in the build time (100-200 hours for a kit or 500+ for a strip molded boat like mine) and there is no comparison.  I'm using redwood, which is pricy. If I were to sell this when it is finished I could probably get $8-10 grand for it.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

I'd never considered that there would be companies selling kits, that's awesome!

I'm assuming that since you're using higher-end materials that you've done this more than once? I've seen a couple of your other woodworking projects in the maker thread, but can't recall if watercraft was one you had shared. 

Scott Theus Community Champion Tuesday

Actually, this is my first boat. I grew up helping my dad make furniture and when a friend started building a kayak in his garage I though it looked like a fun challenge. I used the more expensive redwood because I did't like the look of the cheaper cedar my friend used; it was too "yellowy."

Once this one is done I'm going to build an Ulua outrigger canoe :)



Meg Holbrook Community Champion Tuesday



carolyn french Community Champion Wednesday

+1 for more kayak building updates!

Brittany Wispell Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

I have chosen the wrong time to visit my family in California. Y'all might not know but I'm from Texas so this heat is not THAT bad but I came here for cooler weather and it looks like I just brought it with me. So sorry!

The beach was much cooler than inland so that is where I went. Later in the evening I attended a Shakespeare play at UCI. They built this really cool outdoors circular theater (mini-Elizabethan theater) we were right in the action and it was a much cooler night. It was pretty cool. I've never seen a Shakespeare play before. I can not get the Insert Photos to work...so here is a link to the website for anyone interested. New Swan Shakespeare

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

I'm stuck in the Northern California valley, and now I know who to blame for this terrible weather!

My brother lives in McKinney, so I definitely have it better than their 114 degree weather plus thunderstorms, EEK!

So glad you got to see a Shakespeare! Outdoor theaters are wonderful, and luckily I've been able to take my kids to see a few. 

Jack Brickey Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

Living in Austin this time of year I get to enjoy those 100 degree days often. Avoiding the long walks on hot pavement are a given for sure and I stick to early morning and late evening walks w/ the dogs. 

I did have fun this weekend preparing for my month-long trip to the North Carolina Outer Banks (Ocracoke). I pulled out all of my surf fishing gear, took inventory and added to it at my nearby outdoor store. Though it isn't until October, it helps pass the time thru the heat of the summer. I have decided I will need a new chair that will comfortably hold me and my favorite beverage on the beach for hours. Oh...and I will be using sun screen! ;-)

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

If I was a lobster in Cali, I'd be a fried egg in Texas right now. 

My brother tells me they've had a bunch of thunderstorms recently, you see any action? 

That's the one thing that I miss going through the midwest is all the crazy storms that come out of nowhere, so cool to watch. 

How'd you get so lucky for a month off? Sounds like it will be wonderful right in the middle of fall. 

Jack Brickey Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

Austin has been blessed by some good rain that started last week and really kept the oppressive heat in check. Yay!

Well in my job I have some flexibility. :-) In reality I can work remotely so while I will be gone a month I will be work off and on as needed. But, hey If I can sit on a call for an hour in the morning and then jump in a boat and putt around casting lines the rest of the day I'll take it!!

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Tuesday

Now I'm jealous of your ability to conference in during the morning and be in a boat a short time later! 

My house flooded so I spent most of the weekend shop vacuuming up water out of our server room.

If I wasn't cleaning up the water I was replaying Batman: Arkham Knight.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

oh noooooes!

Plumbing failure or weather-related? Hopefully there won't be too much water damage. 

My sister is a "dingus" as she put it. She didn't turn our sprinkler system off correctly and the hose burst on Wednesday. So Thursday during the day my brother realized that the water had been coming in through the window well right beneath it.

Luckily it was a storage / server room that had been destroyed previously by a plumbing failure AND a weather-related flood that we hadn't repaired yet. The window area is completely destroyed and the carpets in the hall were so soaked that when you stepped on it there was about an inch of water.

There wasn't really anything important in that room that got wet aside from a few franken-computers I was working on. I'm drying those out to see if they're salvageable. It got all the way to my bedroom but not into my bedroom thank goodness cause I have hardwood floors! That would've sucked!

I was here with my friends who wanted to watch football


Jack Brickey Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

well i see a few beers on tables so seems like a good place to be.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

Do they set up outdoor seating just for the world cup or is always like that? We have a couple of places in town that set up big car ports outdoors due to surges in business for the games. 

Happy hour pretty much all month, huzzah!

The TV, tents and some of the benches are pretty much permanent.  Just off to the left of the photo, there's a massive sunny garden where most of the benches usually are.  This pub regularly wins awards for its beer, so that's even better.

You can probably tell that Chris and I (the chap in grey) have zero interest in the football...

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

I met with friends, for a strawberry cake, then we played Pandemic Legacy


and Escape Room Funland


Then we were so exhausted from saving the world and escaping from Funland, we urgently needed  a barbecue and of course played one more: Fresko




Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

I've only ever played Pandemic, how is Legacy? My board-gaming power couple friends moved to Sweden last summer, so we've been woefully behind on gaming. 

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

Legacy games usually tell a story. By playing the game, you will change the game permanently. E.g. a city can get destroyed and it will be permanently destroyed for the rest of the games. Your character can die and then the card will be torn - the character has gone. Every decision might be a decision for all future plays.

Pandemic Legacy is played in 12 episodes. In each game, the story is told further on. You open secret packages, get new goals, put sticker on the board, destroy cards, etc. And the story continues...


Pandemic is the one game all four kids in my family will play together. We're so bad at following rules that we have a house rule for all games like this called "narrative ruling"... basically, if the story we've been playing out makes sense to change a rule, we will. Especially when playing games like Pandemic, Eldritch Horror, or Arkham Horror.

Legacy has that built in. It's at the top of my wish list (after the rest of the Eldritch Horror expansions haha).

Erica Moss Community Manager Jul 09, 2018

@Thomas Schlegel Inquiring minds want to know: Do you love board games or theater more? (My bet is board games.)

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

@Thomas SchlegelI love Pandemic. My favorite board game

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Jul 09, 2018

@Erica Moss - Most of all I like good stories - whether they are told by games, theatre plays or movies. 

Yes, board and card games are my favourite, but a life without theatres is hard to imagine...

Erica Moss Community Manager Jul 09, 2018

@Thomas Schlegel Great answer!

@Thomas SchlegelI love Pandemic, too - and of course most boardgames. Definitly have to try out Legacy.

So many games - so little time.

Often thought about an escape room game cause I really really love escape rooms - how do you like them? Are they similar to the ones you play in a real room.

Sorry for so many questions - my brother is coming over for a visit in a few weeks and we are already discussing what to play.

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Jul 10, 2018

@Fabienne Gerhard I like most of them, sometimes they are unfair, you have to find very small hints on cards which are hard to see if you have reached your middle forties... 

Start with the Exit - Games of Kosmos. There you have three different degrees of difficulty.

I personally liked best  „Tote im Orientexpress“. A good starter are also the first ones „Die verlassene Hütte“ and „Das geheime Labor“. I didn‘t like the Egyptian one, „Die Schatzkammer des Pharao“ - it was unfair...

The riddles are great, the helping system is good and playing them is fun. A real room is better, but the games are awesome also.

@Thomas Schlegelcool that sounds great - I got a starter pack for my last birthday "Die drei ??? - „Haus der Rätsel“ (haven't tried yet)

Used your mentions for a shopping list :D

Erica Moss Community Manager Jul 09, 2018

I was in Montreal this past week, and we faced two back-to-back days of 90+ degrees. I don't handle it well, but I loved everything else. 😎

small 02.pngsmall 03.png

It is Winter here. On Sunday it was grey and rained most of the day which gave me full permission to sit on the couch with a blanket and my toddler watching Netflix all day. 

The toddler was feeling unwell so wanted a quiet day otherwise we would have had to burn off some energy outside despite the weather.

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Tuesday

Hey @Meg Holbrook sorry to hear about your lobster adventure, sounds so painful! You would love it here in PEI, it's 27 degree, and that's hot for here, we usually have about 24 degrees (75F), on average in the summer. 

As you may have noticed I have been MIA for about 5-6 weeks, I have been studying around the clock for my Language level evaluations (did them on July 5th) and this weekend was the first weekend/evening that I didn't study, felt so good! I get my results this week, fingers crossed. 

I spent the weekend relaxing, catching up on things that I had put off for several weeks when French was my life, and spent sometime hiking in the woods with my hubby and dog, and visiting friends.

I will be more active on here and may go back and reply to some of your Miscellaneous Monday posts, always looked forward to them each week.

Have a lovely rest of your day!


Fadoua Boualem Community Champion Wednesday

@Jodi LeBlancOn a pas mal de Francophones dans le groupe

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Wednesday

Merci beaucoup, je peux pratiquer mon français avec vous tous :)

carolyn french Community Champion Wednesday

Welcome back with more French skills than before! Definitely noticed the lack of PEI updates ;)

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Thursday

Jodi!! So glad to have you back, really missed chatting! Best of luck on your evaluations, I'm sure you'll have done wonderfully. 

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion yesterday

Thanks so much @Meg Holbrook - I missed chatting with you too! Thanks for the well wishes, I got my B level, so close to the C I was striving for, but I will give it another shot in 30 days :)

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion yesterday

You are so sweet @Carolyn French :) I will make up for it this summer, and will give lots of great PEI updates. Here's a few pics from my recent visit to Cavendish Beach :)



Erica Moss Community Manager yesterday
Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion yesterday

 @Erica Moss you need to come visit :)

Just got back from Costa Rica; it was amazing. Here is a picture of me in the ocean!

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 9.45.21 AM.png

carolyn french Community Champion Wednesday

Pura vida! 🤩

Welcome back to the other vida- we missed you!

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Thursday

Living in west coast California all these years... it still amazes me how BLUE the ocean is in places that are not here. 


I hope you had a great time, you were missed!

Monique van den Berg Community Manager Thursday

@Meg Holbrook I know, it was blue and not freezing cold! So different!

@carolyn french Pura vida!! I missed you all too, for real. 😍

Manon Soubies-Camy Community Champion Friday

Oh it looks so beautiful @Monique van den Berg! That blue!

@Monique van den Bergthat's called to me a "Mind Cleansing" place. Looking at the picture gives me a sense of relaxation.

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion yesterday

Wow @Monique van den Berg - looks like paradise! So happy you had a lovely vacation :)

Erica Moss Community Manager yesterday

@Monique van den Berg 10/10, would view this photo again

carolyn french Community Champion Wednesday

This past weekend was spent getting over a cold by lounging on the couch and binge-watching How I Met Your Mother, which I can't believe I never started in on before now. How that is possible, I don't know. 


Meg Holbrook Community Champion Thursday

I never did get to the last couple of seasons. Now you make me want to go back and watch, I loved that show so much. 

Monique van den Berg Community Manager Friday

 have so many thoughts but will save them until y'all get to the ending. But here are some pictures we took on the set! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.18.25 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.20.25 AM.png

carolyn french Community Champion Sunday

That's too cool! Where's the set?? (and is that a fake baby... I'm not far enough along to know for sure....)

Might be a while till I get through all the seasons. I try to save my binge watching for when I actually can't do anything else but veg.

The bar totally reminds me of the pub in Shaun of the Dead. It's like they can't possibly go to another one.  😄

Monique van den Berg Community Manager yesterday

@carolyn french does "far enough along" mean what I think it does?!?!?! Congratulations!!!

My sister works in film production on the Fox lot, and the soundstage behind her office is where they filmed HIMYM.  This is my real baby, lol. Cobie Smulders saw us on set and came up to introduce herself and talk about motherhood. So nice :) 

Last time we visited, we saw the Modern Family set, but that was less exciting because we don't watch that show! 

Meg Holbrook Community Champion yesterday

@Monique van den Berg GET OUT OF HERE WITH YOUR COOLNESS!! I'm impossibly jealous that you met Cobie. 

Also, ahhhhhhhhh! Grats @carolyn french 

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion Friday

Well well well while some people are relaxing, I am trying to hold Atlassian and make sure it doesn't fall 😜


Monique van den Berg Community Manager Friday

I love this picture so much.  You definitely help hold us up, Fadoua!!

And also your jean cuffs are so cute too. 😊

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion Friday

Thank you @Monique van den Berg! My jean was supposed to be little bit higher but it was almost 3 pm and I was already exhausted.

Scott Theus Community Champion Friday

...as one would expect after holding up Atlassian all day @Fadoua Boualem!

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion Friday

😀 good point @Scott Theus!

Meg Holbrook Community Champion yesterday

@Fadoua Boualem - I love this picture, too awesome!

Erica Moss Community Manager yesterday

You definitely lift all of us up, @Fadoua Boualem! Love this photo. ✨

Danny Harris Community Champion yesterday

I visited my sister on the weekend. We ended up going to an ice cream festival.

I was not able to capture the moment for my love of all ice cream by taking a selfie of me stuffing my face, instead I have found an image of one of the ice cream stalls that might help you @Meg Holbrook (or make you jealous).

ice cream.png

Monique van den Berg Community Manager yesterday

That looks absolutely divine.

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion yesterday

Yum Yum @Danny Harris. I hope you had a great time with your sister.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion yesterday

@Danny Harris - the depths of my jealousy are without bounds. I feel like every time I go to baskin robbins, they just have the crusty frost-bitten leftovers from each bucket, and it will never EVER look as good as this does. 

Obviously, I need a better ice cream joint. 

This weekend here in the UK it was so hot that I was able to spend a day at the beach with my partner which was really nice.

Long may the heatwave in the UK continue.



Monique van den Berg Community Manager yesterday

This looks heavenly, @Kristian Walker (Adaptavist)!

Meg Holbrook Community Champion yesterday

I love how there's just tons of people chillin on the side of the road. This is the life I want. 

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion yesterday

I let you enjoy Beaches, ice creams, festivals. For me since i learned that there is (Water on Mars):

Water on Mars.jpg

I am going there:

Nasa Mission.jpg

Meg Holbrook Community Champion yesterday

@Fadoua Boualem - any weekend you get to wear a space suit is a weekend well spent IMO. 

The galaxy looks good on you. 

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion yesterday

Lol when you have kids, weekends go by their choices. I try to enjoy what they pick. Even sometimes I end up having more fun than them 😅

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion yesterday

Wow! This suit suits you Fadoua, maybe a career change is in your future - I am sure you would be a fantastic astronaut :) I met two astronauts in the past few years (Hadfield and Saint-Jacques), such an amazing experience. Here's a couple photos :)



Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion yesterday

Can't seem to upload the second one.

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion yesterday

You look amazing @Jodi LeBlanc! Becoming an astronaut that I am not sure about 😂 I will die before the take off


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