Miscellaneous Monday - Garden the Grid

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

Happy Monday, Friends!

I've seen smatterings of office plants and gardens in some of the various introduction threads, and I want to see more! My office is slowly turning into a greenhouse, and below you can see the various succulents I've collected, my freshly-decapitated orchid, my prized pregnant onion Harriet, and some sweet dinosaur planters. 

I used to keep Betta fish but, well, they've gone to the great fishbowl in the sky. 

Share pictures with me of your office gardens, communal plant spaces, or desk pets (alive or just pretend). 

Looking forward to brightening our Monday together!




Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

There's a little ugly owl on my desk. She's really ugly, but I like her, especially her feathered hat.


She was made for a christmas tree, but she ended her career in my office. Well, maybe it's better than staying 49 weeks a year in a closed box on the attic with other christmas decorations :-)

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

Aww, @Thomas Schlegel, I love her! She reminds me of a very fashionable grandmother. You can't beat the aesthetics of those old glass painted ornaments. 

In my old office I had a 'holiday tree' which had decorations rotated out seasonally. It started as a joke because I was too lazy to take down my little Christmas tree, so then it became a new years tree... then a valentines tree... then a leprechaun tree...

I agree that it's better they are showcased than to live in a box :)

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

Aww I love her @Thomas Schlegel :) If you ever decide to get rid of her I would welcome her with open arms! :)

The owl is pretty nice @Thomas Schlegel - not ugly.... only having her own character ;) 

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Jul 24, 2018

Yes, she's special, and I also love her, no doubt :-) 

Scott Theus Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

Allow me to introduce you to Gary the Gardenia and Spike. My workplace is very old school (as in "business casual" means I no longer have to wear a jacket and tie) so I got a few "looks" when I brought them into the office on my second day.


I just told everyone I was the new Plant Manager and left it at that.


Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

Gary!!! *meow*

I love them. Your palm is so itty bitty.


Also, reppin the Mandalorians, I like!

Scott Theus Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

@Meg Holbrook  They make sure I water the plants...because they're no good to me dead.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 23, 2018


Love it!  That's awesome!

I always look forward to your Miscellaneous Monday posts @Meg Holbrook :) Great plants! I also had Betta fish about 10 years ago but my heart couldn't take it when they died and I had to flush them. 

This is the only desk pet I have but he is more like a furry co-worker :) 

IMG_8240.JPGHere's my orchid that once looked like yours, but after a few months completely came back with 6 new blooms!


Now from my pinterest board, these are the items I would absolutely love to have on my desk! But then I wouldn't be a minimalist anymore, so I guess I wouldneed to choose just one :)


 Happy Monday Everyone :)

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

hose terrariums look adorable! I love that your dog looks like a tiny sheep and just perches on your desk. 

How long do you think it took before your orchid grew a new spike? My plant seems to be happily sprouting new leaves, but apparently some orchids get complacent and never grow a new spike. I love it regardless, but will be sad if it never blooms again. 

I actually need to repot it, the one I have is teeny tiny. Bought some orchid bark this weekend so it will drain really well.  

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

@Meg HolbrookLOL funny you say he looks like a sheep! I had him with me at the Hardware store last week and a little girl said, "Daddy look at the sheep". He burst out laughing and said to his daughter that she made his day while he wiped away tears from laughing so hard! lol I guess the little girl had a point, he does kind of resemble a baby sheep :) 

As for the Orchid, I lost all my flowers in February and the stem turned brown. I thought for sure it wouldn't bloom again but was shocked to see a month ago how much the stem grew, and all the new flowers in the last couple of weeks. So it took about 4 months I would say. I have been giving it three ice cubes a week, as my neighbour said that is the secret to watering them (a slow amount of water at a time), as they drown easily. Hopefully yours will bud again by the fall :) 

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

Also you will see the orchid stem grew from the side of old stock, I couldn't get it to go back in those clips, I was afraid to break the new growth.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

That's great! I see new root growth on mine, so very hopeful that over the winter it doesn't get mad about the lack of sun. I agree that the best way to raise an orchid is to ignore it. I water mine once a week maybe.

I ditched the old stick it came with when I trimmed it, figured she can grow however she pleases, lol. If I have a sideways orchid this time next year, will at least make for funny pictures. 

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

I love your amazing attitude @Meg Holbrook! :) I agree, let it grow the way it wants, it will make a great conversation piece regardless, even as it stands now freshly-decapitated :)

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion Jul 24, 2018

@Jodi LeBlancI love your desk and the views!

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Jul 24, 2018

@Fadoua Boualem thank you - I'm a minimalist but still love things :) 

I love the Yin Yang and the one with the beach chairs and the campfire :)

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Jul 25, 2018

Thanks @Patrice David Förster - they are from pinterest, I hope to make them someday for my desk - on my wish list!

I absolutely love the beach terrariums!  <3  I think I really need one!  

Ollie Guan Community Champion Jul 23, 2018

Although I prefer natural green plants, this kind of plastic ornament that doesn't need watering and care is more suitable for me :)


Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jul 24, 2018

Haha @Ollie Guan, that's awesome. Silk plants would stop me worrying when I take vacation and my plants get thirsty. 

Do I spy a Christmas Ornament on your desk as well?

Ollie Guan Community Champion Jul 24, 2018

Haha, yes, toys bought at McDonald's last Christmas.

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion Jul 24, 2018

My office desk!

I will share the home one later.

My desk.jpg

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Jul 24, 2018

Wow @Fadoua Boualem I love your desk as well, so colourful :)

Fadoua Boualem Community Champion Jul 24, 2018

@Jodi LeBlanccan you see the picture on the big screen? I loved them.

Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Jul 25, 2018

@Fadoua Boualem oh nice, I didn't see them at first glance :) 

Rather than sharing my desk - here is an image that embodies what I see on my screen.


Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion 7 hours ago

How's your decapitated orchid @Meg Holbrook ? Mine lost all its blooms and now it has three new stems that are about to bud. My neighbour bought the plant for me, and it had bloomed for 5 months. He fell sick and each day it started to wilt, the last bloom fell on the day he passed away. Now to see the new life on the orchid the past few weeks since his passing, I know he is in a good place and watching over us xo

Meg Holbrook Community Champion 5 hours ago

@Jodi LeBlanc- I'm so glad that your neighbor found peace and that your plant is doing well. 

My little orchid is growing a new stem! She obviously is in need of a new plant though, the roots are going absolutely crazy out of the pot (you can't see the worst of it here though.)


Soon, I will have more blooms!




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