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Miscellaneous Monday - Do One Thing Different

I've been on a introspective journey lately as I embrace middle age. I turn 52 this month. On paper I have another 28 - 30 years, but we really never know how long we have. 

To keep myself on my toes, I have fully embraced the power of change. Case in point, I am in the middle of a job change because I found myself getting complacent, so I decided to change it up. New company, new-ish industry. Totally excited for world domination again.

Change can be hard. 

Change can be scary.

Change can also be a blessing.

So, for this Miscellaneous Monday, I challenge you to do one thing different today. Just to change things up a little and note how it makes you feel.

It doesn't have to be anything crazy:

- brush your teeth with your opposite hand

- take an alternate route home

- go for a walk when you would normally watch TV

To quote the great David Bowie:

(Turn and face the strain)
(Pretty soon now you're gonna get older)


Hi @Ed Gaile _Atlanta_ GA_ 

It's a nice challenge and not so easy.

I decided today to drink a coffee with my left hand. And I'll try to do something different each day.

Thanks for posting it! 

I wish you a great week! 😃

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Love it!  Just a small fun change.

Thank you, Buddy!

I grab everything and write with my right hand, so it's a challenge accepted, hahahah!

Summer_Hogan Community Leader Aug 15, 2022

Great topic @Ed Gaile _Atlanta_ GA_ 

I try to mix things up and do something different everyday. Yesterday, I went for a walk in the AZ heat and tried a different route than I normally take. Today, I am going to try a different workout on one of my workout apps and see how I do. I'm trying to rev up my workouts (that's a term from Virgin Pulse)! 

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Yes!  This is one I always need to change up - exercise. It does a body good and keeps you from getting complacent.

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Aug 15, 2022

Great topic @Ed Gaile _Atlanta_ GA_ . I am a big proponent of change. I firmly believe that thru change we learn, fail, succeed and advance. 

To that end, I accept your challenge! I decided to take my dogs to a new park today for a romp in the woods. Certainly they enjoyed the change very much!

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Perfect @Jack Brickey I know the pooches enjoyed!  Change usually means out side of our comfort zone.... and that is where the magic happens.   

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Alex Koxaras Community Leader Aug 17, 2022

@Ed Gaile _Atlanta_ GA_ love your story man!

It's very aspiring! Making my own calculations about the road I walked and the road that's left, it's kind of terrifying but in the same time kind of alarming. So for today my change will be to think only positive and try to reject all negative thoughts!

Thanks for this!

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That is one of the best little changes you could make Alex!

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This topic is so close to my heart as we speak the same language @Ed Gaile _Atlanta_ GA_!
To me, change is always a way to observe, learn, and challenge myself to step on unfamiliar grounds. Even in the darkest hours, change is always for a good reason.

That said, with my schedule always being precisely calculated, I will take a few extra minutes to prepare and enjoy my lunch away from the desk (sounds silly, but it's almost impossible for me to do.. no rest for the wicked, I guess!)

I'm sure you'll dominate the new area in no time! 

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Well said @Teodora _Old Street Solutions_ !  Now just make sure you pay attention to Arnold during your lunch break :) 

Craig Nodwell Community Leader Aug 17, 2022

Great topic.
Change, change is what I do.
The best quote from a movie ( I use this a lot ).
"Change is good Donkey" ~Shrek -- Shrek II~

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LOL! That is awesome.

Daniel Ebers Community Leader Aug 17, 2022

Yes, very true. Something everybody should do more often.
When a change is good, it is real good.
When a change leads to a not so good result, hey, you can still plan on the next change - seriously, most times in life nothing really dramatic will happen when a plan turns out not to be perfect.

Many times it is just a fear (of whatever) that keeps us from unlocking new perspectives, chances and little encounters.

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Yes sir.

Change usually equals the unknown and we can be afraid of the unknown. I am personally at a point where I embrace the unknown and learn from the experience (good or not so good)

Connor Rising Star Aug 17, 2022

Interesting challenge idea. Today I actually took my lunch break and stepped away from my computer while doing so. My brain enjoyed disconnecting and focusing on anything but work for an hour.


If you shave with a blade, try using your other hand. Wakes you up fast!

More seriously, repeating patterns and habits in my life have been a concern since I was a small child. So I make an effort to just do things different ways, to try and hold OCD back. It doesn't address underlying stuff, but it is a good idea to shake ourselves up occasionally

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"but it is a good idea to shake ourselves up occasionally"

exactly this @Matt Doar__ LinkedIn 

Challenges make you alive. It doesn't matter if you are 50 or 20, the important thing is to have plans and do everything to achieve your goals.

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Exactly Fabio!!

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Aug 20, 2022

I think patterns or habits make us comfortable.  It is great to get out of our comfort zones so we can grow.  @Ed Gaile _Atlanta_ GA_ great topic.

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Right Brant - we tend to lull ourselves into complacency when we go on autopilot. Just a little change is needed to wake us up.

Craig Nodwell Community Leader Aug 21, 2022

I've been smoking for over 50 years.
I'm in the process of stopping.
I'm down to 8 a day from 75.
It starts in the morning.
Instead of coffee and a cigarette I now hit the hot-tub first then I make up stuff to keep me busy stalling for at least an hour and a half before I allow myself that first dart.

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Craig - this is awesome. Besides a support framework, It is all about changing your normal routine up.  When you normally would fire one up - go for a walk, or learn a new skill/hobby.  I know, 7 years ago, I quite drinking and had to make these changes.  I am seriously pulling for you.

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Alex Koxaras Community Leader Aug 22, 2022

Hey Craig!

I can relate to you. I quit smoking for almost two years and it was the best decision ever!

Doing little tricks, like you do, may help you get one step closer to your goal. I would do whatever kept me busy, in order not to smoke. Another thing that helped me was an application which provided stats of how my health was improving each day. That really kept me motivated (gamification).

Hope all the best and I really hope success in reaching your goal!

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Craig Nodwell Community Leader Aug 25, 2022

Still doing one thing different every morning.
This morning I chased the cat.
Tomorrow it might be the dog.

Andy Gladstone Community Leader Aug 26, 2022

@Ed Gaile _Atlanta_ GA_ thanks for this contribution. I recently was on a 16 day OOO vacation with family in Israel and we walked between 8-15 miles each day. We had a car, but it was generally easier and more enjoyable to walk rather than to drive. When at home in the US though I would jump in the car just to go around the corner.

With your post in mind and really thinking hard about the impact that the habit of driving everywhere has on my own health and world health I have started walking more now that I am home. So far I have been successful. It takes some better planning and pulling my butt off the couch sooner to get to places on time, but it is certainly always more enjoyable in the end. 

Next week's plan is to walk to the train in the morning rather than driving .85 miles and parking at the station. Maybe I'll check back in here and update everyone on my progress...

Good luck in your new role of world domination! 

decide to do meditation..........but with kids around seems a quite challenge

This is a great idea. I am partial to things like random acts of kindness or making sure you tell people thank you. This is something I also do at work, like if anyone give me a suggestion that helps me out, I always go back and say thanks. We also have kudos at work to do this. I will try from now on to think of someone to give a kudo to each Monday!

Craig Nodwell Community Leader Sep 28, 2022

Today I'll take the sponge bath.

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Oct 01, 2022

@Craig Nodwell take the sponge bath?  Are you doing OK?

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Craig Nodwell Community Leader Oct 01, 2022

I'm getting there.
Thanks for asking.


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