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Lets talk about activities that keeps you active, both physically and mentally during this lockdown

Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

I always believe in this phrase - A healthy body makes a healthy mind (and vice-versa is true as well).

However, am not a big fan of gym, rather I swim and play badminton, because I feel more involved and engaged both mentally and physically.

With lock-down in my place , I am not venturing out at all except for essential buys, since am not used to exercises at home I went crazy during the first few days of lock-down itself, that was when my wife came to my rescue :)

Her suggestion was to do Yoga (by the way she does that each day, and not even once during these years I had even attempted it), trust me folks in my perception when I started Yoga it was not easy (though the level was still beginner), more than anything it requires patience. So I started with meditation to increase my focus and later few asanas for physical health.

With almost 2 months into it, Yoga has now become part of my daily routine, which to me by itself is a big achievement.

Will be happy to hear yours, the things that you do to keep yourself active during this lock-down. 


Up until today, I was still working in the office and we have a gym in the office which I use 4 to 5 days a week. My daughter started remote school this week and for PE she is required to do a few exercises and 30 to 60 minutes of activity. So in addition to my workout at the office, I have been working out with her. Now, I am going to have to shift to only working out at home. I will tell you how it goes in about a week. 

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Also, since the reason that I am not working in the office is that I have been furloughed, I might have to add meditation to help with the stress of the situation. :(

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Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

@Dharma Ramos , i can definitely vouch for that, meditation does help reducing the stress, do share your experience as well once started

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I'm sorry to hear you were furloughed, Dharma =\ My boyfriend was also just notified last night. It's definitely stressful — mediation sounds like a great idea to manage it. 

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scott_boisvert Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

I've been lacking in the physical part of it.  While in lockdown I have my treadmill in the basement for exercise. From a mental perspective, keeping up on current events and Zoom happy hours keeps me mentally engaged. 

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Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

@scott_boisvert awesome,  zoom happy hours,have got to know something new today :)

Jogging, walking, trips to the playpark (super early... no one around) and my absolute favourite:

Ultimate HIDE AND SEEK 🙈 in the house with the kids.... I am SHOCKED how knackered I am after an hour of that! 🤯

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Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

@Andy - PTC Redundant ,oh yes, my kid keeps me on my toes whenever am not in office calls, i realized lately its so much fun :)

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I've been trying to figure out what makes it "ultimate"? Just because they're playing with THE Fun Man Andy? 😉

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LarryBrock Community Leader Apr 13, 2020

Hi @Samie Kaufman - Your Gal at Gliffy - you quickly learn that anything involving @Andy - PTC Redundant is going to be "ultimate", "extreme", or "outrageous" because he's larger-than-life!  :-D

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Did you guys hear about my 5 week illness for the whole Month of May?

i had an #extreme lymph gland infection and #outrageous allergic reaction to the antibiotics.

left me bed ridden for days!



LOL 🤣😂🌟🥇

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Oh man, I'm so sorry!

I have been working from home for many weeks now. I worked from home a lot in my career; sometimes full time and other times where I went into the office for a few days a week and worked from home a few days a week. I also worked from home full time recently when I had surgery on my foot and could not walk and then was in a boot for 6 weeks. So I have lots of experience with it and I actually prefer it. To stimulate my body and my mind, the most important thing is sticking to my routine I already had in place while going to the office everyday. I also take bike rides or go for a 5 mile walk everyday. I also do things that are fun that we are allowed to do. So, it is working out for me ok so far. Luckily even though I work for an airline I still have my job and am working on projects to help the Covid-19 efforts to reduce calls to our reservations center.

Everyone else who is working from home, do what is best for you in this time and stay healthy!

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Jeff Tillett Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

We had just so happened to have started working on a home gym right before this mess, so I've been using the iFit service to do things like hike the grand canyon or the chilcoot trail. LOVE it!

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Daniel Eads Atlassian Team Apr 03, 2020

I grew up on a farm in Michigan, where it gets cold in the winter. Cutting wood was a common task! It's physically exerting and mentally satisfying.


Now that I live in a neighborhood (no more woods in my backyard) and it doesn't get cold in the winter, that's not an option for me.

My fallback (which I need to get more serious on) is playing trumpet! In the past I'd done some distance running, ab crunches, and breathing exercises to get my stamina built up. Playing a wind instrument requires you to have a lot more control over your breathing and core muscles than you might realize. Even non-wind instruments (violins, drums, pianos, etc) need more control than just "doing whatever". Playing any music is good for your body and not just your mind.

You can get pretty intense:

But on the more realistic side, I prefer my flugelhorn to my trumpet. It's a little heavier so I get more of an arm workout, and you move a bit more if you're playing expressively. I don't quite look like Sheldon Cooper playing it, but maybe!

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Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

Good one @Daniel Eads 

My boyfriend and I love rock climbing, but we haven't descended into this level of craziness yet. ;) 

We've been playing more strategic video games or puzzle games like The Witness and Civilization 6. I do yoga, he has an exercise bike, and we try to get outside for walks and runs, too.

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Daniel Eads Atlassian Team Apr 03, 2020

Oooh yes, I started The Witness on paternity leave and now my little dude is running laps around me! Thanks for the reminder to pick it back up 🤗

I‘m not really into sports normally especially when it causes pain (so I like yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ but in a relaxed way, walking around but not too fast,.... pretty sure you know where this leads to)

But hard times in the lockdown are challenging me and I found it‘s hard getting to sleep - joined a martial arts group and now I have my daily „Bring Sally Down Challenge“


In the song is „Bring Sally down“ you go down and hold - until it‘s „Bring Sally up“.... and so on

No need to do it with knee squats you can do it with any kind of self-weight exercise - it‘s freaking hard, music is great, do it together with some people over some - celebrate yourself.

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Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

@Fabienne Gerhard , seeing this i remember the days in gym, i specifically skip going to gym when squats were scheduled,  and eventually skipped gym all together :)

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Ahaha I‘m with you @Vinod Ramadoss but believe me - fun comes.... it was hard to imaging this before and during the two weeks where I could hardly move without pain 😅

But for me it „cleans up“ my brain

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Rachel Wright Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

Chris and I take 3 or 4 short walks a day.  Otherwise, I'll sit at my computer for 14 hours at a time!  Anyway, it's quick, easy, gets me up and moving, and is good to get outside into the fresh air.  I also try not to think about work on the walks, but that doesn't always work.  I try to focus on nature and the surroundings instead.

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Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

Hey @Rachel Wright , you definitely not alone in this, many times no matter how hard i try i dont turn off mentally from work, sometimes this thought will be in my head while swimming and i end up loosingthe lap count...

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 03, 2020

My normal routine includes mornings at the gym, so now that's done. I've been trying to do yoga or take a walk around the neighborhood every day. I am really sad I don't have a treadmill or elliptical trainer but alas. (I don't have room for either of those things.) (But would really come in handy right now.) 

I've been enjoying walking around my neighborhood streets and photographing flowers, then coming home and trying to watercolor them. Here is my most recent attempt:

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.52.57 AM.png

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Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Apr 03, 2020

Thats awesome @Monique vdB 

Excuse me?!?!? This is beautiful!!!

Esme Crutchley Community Leader Apr 05, 2020

That's an amazing way to move around and get your creativity flowing @Monique vdB 



Two words ... "four kids." Now that I'm home all day and so are they I see them so much more and we are doing so much more together. Sometimes, they want too much time and I have to rein them in, but over all we'll have some good memories that come out of this.

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My friend switched to crossfit recently so she gave me the last few months of her BeachBody On Demand app which has so many workouts, so I can pick and choose and mix things up. I also walk Max, do yoga, meditation and only watch/read the news once a day. This has helped my mental health so much. Apple news is great as it is not just Covid, Covid Covid, there are some great magazines and articles that make me feel a bit of normalcy for a few minutes. 

Also shutting down work at my regular times and trying to do productive things around the house, factime with family and friends and getting outside in my yard as much as possible for fresh air. I am extrovert and get my energy from people, I am also a hugger so connecting through a screen is just not the same but I know how important keeping people safe is so I am doing my best to adapt :)

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Esme Crutchley Community Leader Apr 05, 2020

I also have to remember to switch off the work side at specific times. I've made a new user on my computers, that just work and not anything else, then I know when I'm at work, but more importantly, my colleagues know when I'm not there!

Ollie Guan Community Leader Apr 03, 2020


For this basic gym necessity, you shouldn't settle for anything other than perfect form. mat.

Just remember to make sure you have enough room to stretch out on the ground—and if you want to protect your elbows, use a good mat.


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Well my neck and back are really suffering last month, so I am trying to do at least some exercises on that. Never thought that home office is so physically demanding hah.

Mentally, I think it is the best to connect with your friends from time to time. We make like hour long video calls every 2 weeks, so that's cool.

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Dominic Lagger Community Leader Apr 05, 2020

I usually go to the gym twice a week. But those times are over for now. Now I go jogging or do home workout. Surprisingly this works quite well. In spring, I usually play golf on the driving range, but they are closed too. 

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Esme Crutchley Community Leader Apr 05, 2020

Fitness @ Home

I'm very lucky in the fact that last year, I turned our spare bedroom into a home gym. It's not massive, it's not perfect, but it's ours!

A few years ago Hubster and I were in the gym 7 days a week, whether it was Les Mills classes or swimming or my personal favourite Aqua Fit! And while (I think) UK gyms aren't as expensive as US gyms, we couldn't carry on affording the £80 a month (for both of us). But Les Mills offer an On Demand service for £11.99 a month, which has 95% of what we did in the gym and more, whenever and wherever we want it!

We bought an annual pass years ago, and bought weights, a bench, yoga mat and Amazon Fire Stick and utilised an old TV to set up our home gym.

Since being on lock down, I've meditated more, and Hubster and I go for a walk every day.

Work @ Home

As I only work part time, 3 days on 3 days off 08.00-14.00, I'm sticking to those days and hours. That way, my colleagues know when I'm around and when I'm not. I use my Out of Office to remind colleagues when I'm not around and I've removed notifications for Outlook and Teams on my phone, so I'm not pulled into 'work' when I'm not at work!

We've got a social WhatsApp group for the team where we share daily funnies and generally random things, for us to stay in touch and that works really well!

Family @ Home

Again, I'm really lucky because my mother and Grandfather live next door, so a few times a week we all pop into the garden, staying 2m apart, and chat over coffee!

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My days of the week are all messed up now.  No clue if its a weekend or weekday!!  My most annoying co-worker is always on the wrong side of the door... being a cat butler now has its challenges on zoom calls.  


I miss going to the gym or even for walk on the trails around my office.  For the first few weeks of WFH I simply ate everything in sight and felt like crap.  Now I'm getting my head out of the fog its been in and starting to run mid day.  The weather hasn't been the best but I'm still getting out there and doing it.

I've connected with friends and we are holding each other accountable by doing vid chat and sharing exercise logs.

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mentally activities:
I work at homeoffice, so my brain is still active ;)

physically activities:
I try to walk and not do drive when I need to go to buy some stuff. Fortunately, I have a lot in my near distance so that I can walk.

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This winter I've been working to get my back into shape so I can start kayaking again; I'm so out of shape from not being able to exercise for so long that now that I can I need to start slow so I don't re-injure myself. 

So....I bought a desk cycle for my office and use it a few times a day. It's not as good as getting out with my road bike, but it does help. (I can even use it to work my arms by putting it up on a table.)

 Between that and walking a couple of miles at lunch time I'll be back on the water this summer. 


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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Apr 09, 2020

I don't know how I missed this post last week!  I have a daily morning routine of taking our huskey for a walk.  If I don't he's the most annoying dog all day long.  I also have a two year old son who loves to be chased in our back yard.

I have a home gym setup and I really should start using it, but I haven't been motivated enough to given I'm usually pretty tired by the end of the day now.

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@Jimmy Seddon 

Is is your morning routine or the one of your dog ;)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Apr 09, 2020

It's his physical routine so that I have a good mental start to the day ;)

Mirek Community Leader Apr 10, 2020

Well.. We were not able to be at Vegas this year at Summit where I did every day more than 25k-30k steps.. But if there is a way I simply try to walk to achieve at lest 10k steps and that make me happy to get through this lockdown. Overall sitting almost for a month at home is not good mentally but having Atlassian Community where we can all interact is really motivating. 

I'm currently in our 3rd week of lock-down. As someone used to training daily and running with my German Shepherd at least 4 times a week in the mountain, this lockdown is putting strain on my fitness.

In South Africa we’re not allowed to train outside of our properties during lockdown. The past Saturday would have been the running of the Two Oceans Ultra marathon of 56km. As I’ve entered for it, I decided to run it at home. Have a look at the video I made of this once off opportunity at

How did I miss that!? 

The second best topic for me after #food! 

At home, we are total gym freaks, and we are usually working out 6 or 7 days a week (yes, almost every day) as we pick the workouts regarding our mood, schedule, and workload.

The first thing we bought after the gym closed was a home bike :) Not having at least 5-6 miles walking a day is transforming me into a monster.

Since the beginning of the lockdown (a month now), I make some workout set for each morning. This keeps me energized for the day and help me stay fit while daydreaming about weights. The bonus part is that we have 2 kettlebells at home with decent weight (24 and 32 kgs).

And I use my #AtlassianCommunity notebook from Vienna to write down my workouts.  💙


Brant Schroeder Community Leader Apr 24, 2020

I have been taking my boys on walks and bike rides.  This helps keep us moving.  It is more challenging when the weather is bad which it has been over the last few weeks.

Basically there are mainly 3 activities that keep me both physically and mentally during this lockdown

1. Meditation

2. Exercise 

3. Reading Books

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