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How advanced are your "green thumb" skills, and what are you growing this year?

Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jun 05, 2020


It is my honour to be filling in for your weekly dose of Friday Fun this week!

I'm going to bring back a question that was asked last year because it is very present in my mind right now and given the current situation it is one of the easiest things for me to pour my energy into.

What are you growing right now or if you don't have anything growing yet what are you planning to grow?

Last year, I spent time building a couple of raised garden beds which weren't too successful because I didn't get them built until fairly late in the growing season.

However, this year we are off to a good start, here are a few images I took this morning:


Now, what do you have planned!


Those skills skipped my generation, but my teenager did plant kangaroo paws in a spot just outside our kitchen. For a consideration towards his electric skateboard rebuild of course :)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jun 05, 2020

Every plant counts ;)

I wish I had two green thumbs, but alas, I am but an amateur.  But living in Texas has afforded me the ability to grow succulents. And the best thing about growing them, they rarely need water. You can easily forget to water a succulent for weeks on end and they don't seem to mind.

My big Agave plant:


Kinda sharp though, gotta watch out for it.  I have harvested about 6 pups off this beast for the past 2 years, each year and give them away.  The do well here.

IMG_20200605_130714.jpg   IMG_20200605_130639 (1).jpg

^ This is my panda plant, I think it's a member of the Kalanchoe family.  I want to think it is also called a 'Chocolate Soldier' but all the other examples of that plant I see are much smaller.  It has fuzzy leaves, they look like lots of little needles, but they are not sharp.  Great house plant. Got it when it was about 8 inches tall and I've had it 4 years, it's about 40 inches by now.  I'm trying to grow more of them from the leaves that drop off.  It's working, but they start out growing very slowly.

IMG_20200605_130740.jpg  IMG_20200605_130833.jpg

Another agave pup on the left, and a red onion plant.  I left a red onion on my counter for so long it started to spout.  So it got planted and I was surprised to see it shooting green onions out the top. Guess I never realized that green onions actually do come from actual onion plants, just not the bulb portion.

And last by not least, is my guardian of the garden.  My godzilla that prevents garden gnomes from taking over.  Oh also some purple heart plants that love lots of shade grow really well beneath a few big trees.

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Dominic Lagger Community Leader Jun 05, 2020

I‘ve not a green thumb at all...

We did a company challenge in spring this year. Everyone received 3 seeds for a sunflower. Nothing came out of my 3 seeds ... I took care of it, but obviously I did it wrong ;-)

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Jun 05, 2020

i am trying to plan okra and cherry tomatoes on my porch. i might not be patient enough because nothing is happening yet :) 

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Linette Atlassian Team Jun 05, 2020

I do not have a green thumb. I’ve killed a variety of different plants (even ones ‘impossible to kill’).

I started to get more into succulents, and I brought a ‘desk plant’ from the store. It’s a dwarf fig on a rock sitting in a little tray. You just have to make sure the tray always has water in it. This is much more my speed. It’s sat right there, so it’s obvious, and there is none of the “how often” worry. I also look after a moss ball in a jar of water. Again, make sure it stays in water. Even I can do that.

Funny thing is, after that people started bringing me plants as I was obviously a ‘plant person’, and somehow I seem to be keeping them alive too! When lockdown hit I brought my desk plants home, and even the inherited ‘dead’ orchid, has a bit more green on it. WHAT HAPPENED??


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Sachin Rising Star Jun 16, 2020

hey @Linette  dwarf fig on a rock is so pretty! Where do I find one :p

I appear to be able to kill almost any plant you care to mention.

Heck, I managed to kill a cactus, even while following the instructions to the letter.  And those were something like "water me once every four months and keep me somewhere sunny".  I don't know how I got it wrong.

I do have some survivors though. I seem to get on with "Monster plants" (The family for all of these is "monstera")

  • I have a 20 year old Peace Lily which has been through several rough patches where I over-watered it, but is still going.
  • My great-grandfather had a monster-plant (monstera delicosa) that the stories we have date it back to the 1890s, although the oldest photo we have of it is late 1950's. The family consider it a bit of an heirloom - my parents still have the same plant in the same pot as the 1950's photo.  My guess is that it's not the same plant, it's just re-seeded, but most of the branches of the family have a cutting/re-seed/whatever.  Mine was taken in 2001 and is still alive somehow.
  • I have a small garden.  For the last 10 years, it's been decking-hell and a handful of plants struggling to grow through some builders rubble.  We threw  most of it away and started again a few weeks ago.  I'm disappointed that the new bamboo seems to have died, but the handful of plants we chose to keep are doing really well
  • I geeked up on the third survivor.  I have a "smart" plant pot that has kept a small succulent alive for a year by talking to us - I think I need more of them.  A year of a happy plant beats my usual 4-ish months.
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Appearances can be deceiving... Cacti are actually damn easy to kill. Loads have snuffed it under my care over the years! 

Sounds like you're doing a stand up job with the Peace Lily!

It seemed to be a 'thing' here in the UK, that when lockdown hit, everyone hit their gardens. As we continued at work as normal (which i'm super grateful for!) I was late to the party. I've never done any sort of gardening before - I have a few IKEA bought succulents around the house but as Andy said above, you can forget about them for a bit - so that works for me.

About 8 weeks ago, I gave in and bought some seeds and a few plant pots. One lot started to sprout within a week which was encouraging (this is the what looks like overgrown, weedy looking flowerpot below). The other two lay completely dormant after a squirrel got it's hands on the new soil to hide treasure (peanuts) for later in the year (it was definitely the squirrel as it left finger prints at the crime scene). However, in the last week or so with the cooler weather and sporadic rain they've started to grow 🥳


I take no responsibility for the flowers on the right. They were grown lovingly by the local garden centre and B&Q 🤣 ...although the pink ones seem to be giving up on me slowly 🤷‍♀️

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I have planted tomato, coriander, and mint leaves in my balcony, I will share the pictures when they will grow a little bit. :)

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I don't have a green thumb at all, I managed to grow and keep some culantro (not cilantro) alive for a few months, long enough that I was able to make some sofrito with it, but then it went the way most of my plants go.

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I'm not normally much of a green thumb but I am growing these peppers from seeds and am really pleased with how they are coming on! The other plants, basil, mint and rosemary, are from the shop but the basil was all in one pot and even after I split them up, they seem to be doing ok.



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Sachin Rising Star Jun 16, 2020

Hey All, 

We are new to gardening, but we are growing herbs, tomatoes, succulents and few other house plants. It's been 4months and we are taking good care of them. Few of my favorites are
- Bonsai
- Chinese money plant
- Aloevera 
- Moth orchid - where the Tiny bird peeking out from the nectar of it!!


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Love this topic! @Jimmy Seddon your garden looks fantastic, well done :)

I started growing plants a few years ago, and it becomes quite a passion for me. It makes the home look much more comfortable for living; it gives me the satisfaction of caring for something, and overall a very good mental mood.

I have some flower pots on my balcony:


Inside is becoming a little jungle. I don't know what my avocado is planning, but it's extremely focused on getting to the moon :)




"And where are the edible ones?" @Jimmy Seddon will ask :)

I still have success with my basil, thanks to your advice for sun/warm place and regular watering (but not overwatering)! Thank you! 💙


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Green thumb is strong this year! We are splitting this garden with our neighbour. Can't wait to watch it grow: tomatoes, green beans, melon, carrots, lettuce, spinach, radish, squash, snap peas etc..


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Looks great @Jodi LeBlanc! Wish you the first salad to be soon enough! 

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Thanks @Teodora _Old Street Solutions_ I got my first radish yesterday, so adorable!

So much growth in so little time!


Great conversation piece @Jimmy Seddon  ! !

We remodelled the front garden the last few weekends and it's all about the LAVENDER ! !

Looking forward to these maturing. Good for the bees! 🐝💙

Speaking of which, our Roses in the back garden are doing great recently thanks to the mix of great weather and rainy storms, so behemoth bees are there all the time collecting. The amount of pollen they carry on their legs is insane! #TomPlatz


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Wow! Great to read about summer time in winter period :) 


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