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Fun Friday: Your Favorite Mug

Jenn Riek Atlassian Team Aug 21, 2020

Today's question is: what's your favorite mug? Bonus points if there's a story behind it! 

After working from home for (some amount of time; time doesn't exist anymore), I've become very partial to one mug for my morning cup(s) of coffee.

I first saw it on Etsy, but it was just out of my comfort zone of what's appropriate to spend on a raccoon mug I don't need. About an hour later I decided treat yoself. It was gone. I resigned myself to daydreaming about the one that got away until I got home a week later to see it sitting on the kitchen counter. My fiancé had seen it online, completely independent of me, and said, "She needs it." 

I love it because it's slightly larger than regular mugs, thus giving me more coffee, and the design is * chef's kiss *.




I'm more of an espresso kind of person, so small cups on saucers are my favourite. Course, it's little paper cups at the moment.

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Bridget Community Manager Aug 21, 2020

@Matt Doar__ LinkedIn I too am an espresso person! I love making myself a nice cappuccino in the morning, and I almost always drink it out of this mug. I got it for my boyfriend this past Valentine's day and told him I'd never use it (I am a notorious hoarder of our "nice mugs") yet I have used it every morning since. 


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Monique vdB Community Manager Aug 21, 2020

@Bridget to be fair, that mug is beautiful!

Sharon Tan Community Manager Aug 21, 2020

LOL, gifts that keep on giving. Love it!!

Julia L. Community Manager Aug 21, 2020

I've recently leaned into thermos life because I drink my coffee so slowly and I had to figure out a way to keep it warmer for longer 🔥

My favorite one is from Merit Coffee out of Texas. I love it because it has very positive messages all over and is a little piece of home/Texas I am able to take with me wherever I go!

Y'all Enjoy ☕


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Alice M Atlassian Team Aug 21, 2020

I love owls and when I saw this mug in a shop in SF's Japantown, I had to have it.  I use it every day.  Every night I fill it with coffee and put it in the fridge so when I wake up the mug and the coffee is cold.  I love the crazy owl illustration, and I love it's cutesy but almost antagonistic Japanese vibe.  Very appropriate for all my morning feels.

(no subject) - - Atlassian Mail 2020-08-21 11-17-12.jpg

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Monique vdB Community Manager Aug 21, 2020

@Alice M this mug is so you!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Aug 21, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 11.30.22 AM.png

My top three mugs! 

The one on the left was a gift from my brother (who I didn't meet until a few years ago) and it has a pleasing shape. Plus it's a bird mug and I love birds! The one in the middle was made by a friend of my husband's and is so cozy to hold and drink tea out of. The giant mug on the right is the one I drink cafe au lait out of every day, as it holds a whole bunch of foamed milk!  

It was hard to narrow this down even to three mugs. Mugs are delightful. 

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Maria Pascarella Community Manager Aug 21, 2020

@Monique vdB that is such a perfect shade of blue! 💙

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This is my kitty-shaped pour over set! I love cats, and when a co-worker sent me the link to this cutie, I couldn't live without it - I placed my order on the spot 😸 I drink mostly espresso or tea lately, but when I want a big coffee, this is my go-to mug.

Image from iOS (45).jpg  Image from iOS (46).jpg

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Alice M Atlassian Team Aug 21, 2020

@Jenn Riek

it was just out of my comfort zone of what's appropriate to spend on a raccoon mug I don't need

Two problems with your statement ... lol ... (1) there should be no limit on what could be spent on a raccoon mug, especially of this caliber ... and (2) you obviously did need it. :)

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I have a bazillion coffee mugs, and I love using a different one every day. 

My favorite there would have to be a set though I collect a Coffee mug from every state or national  park I go to,  unfortunatly those ones are packed up in a box right now as we cycle our mugs in and out every few months, so no pic of those ones.

BUT I also really like collecting Beer Mugs

And my favorite on those guys, Its A toss up between these two:


I painted up the red one at a DIY pottery place called "Cafe Monet Art Studio" in Austin, to look all grimy and toxic experimenting by blowing bubbles in watered down glaze with a straw and slapping the bubbles on the mug, and it turned out way better than i imagined, and I caught myself off guard how well it came out, I was expecting it to look horrible, and it was a happy mistake.

and I got the Horn Mug at the Sherwood Forest Medieval faire 2 years ago, and it has some good memories attached, Highly recomend checking out Sherwood if you ever get a chance, its really fun.

I also have a secrete on the bottom of the red one that is there to put a smile on the faces of others when I take a drink :) 


- Earl

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Alice M Atlassian Team Aug 21, 2020

That bubble effect is pretty amazing, @Earl McCutcheon

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Aug 21, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 3.14.46 PM.png

Also couldn't pick just 1! My other mugs will be soooo jealous but my top 3 from left to right -

1. This one is from Easy Tiger (a beer garden/bakery in Austin) and it's the most perfect shade of millennial pink and reminds me of summer nights biking there in college 🚴🏼‍♂️

2. This one is from Communal Coffee (a combo coffee shop and flower market/gift shop in San Diego). It has 2 very wonderful things on it and reminds me of the trip I took there to visit a friend where I spent time * ~ finding myself * ~

3. This one was a bday gift from one of my best friends, it's from Helen Levi and is super pretty!

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Jeff Thomas Atlassian Team Aug 21, 2020

I'm a fan of my old Stash mug.

stash1.jpg stash2.jpg

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The main thing for this is that it is just the right size for a cup of tea - large enough to enjoy it, fine enough that the aroma wafts up, and small enough that you drink it all before it gets too cold.  Oh, and cat.  Because it's me.


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Here are my top 3 mugs each one has a story (in my defence I have to say I‘m a caffeine addicted and definitely drink too much coffee.... so I need more mugs 😅☕️)



#1 my big daily morning mug may parents got me from their trip to Canada (my only relatives living in Vancouver I haven‘t visited yet) I love the haptics and look and how much coffee fits in this cup 😍

This makes make 20 minutes or so start in the day where I can think my things over and dream of visiting canada e.g.


#2 slinky dog mug - I love weener dogs and Toy Story! This special mug reminds me of our dachshund (we still miss her so much) and is a combo-special with a tattoo ☺️


#3 this one needs no introduction - Mr. R2-D2 - got this mug when I started my new job 4 years ago! Love Star Wars and droids. This mug is my special Home Office Coffee mug. R2 is following me right from the start - some of my colleagues already ask if me an R2 are ready before videocalls 😄 love it

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I have 2 mugs :-)

But for some reason I cannot add a photo of them.

One is a Canon lens. I love to photograph but I'm using Nikon, so just to say I have Canon lens that I use as coffee mug feels great. (PS I also have one of Nikon)

The second one has a scary face on one side and a happy face on the other side and is kind of skull.

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These are my favourite mugs. I stopped drinking coffee and tea on August 24th (or took a break from it), I was only drinking one cup of coffee a day and tea just for a treat on weekends but wanted to see if my natural energy would kick in if I stopped the coffee. So far I miss the lets' get things done buzz I got from coffee, but feeling fairly calm, relaxed and overall zen so I am enjoying that for now. It's funny on my fitbit my average resting heart rate has dropped 4 beats since stopping the caffeine. So these mugs will be waiting for me in my cupboard when/if I decide to start drinking coffee and tea again.


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nina_schmidt Community Leader Oct 15, 2020

Better late than never: mine are those! 😉 you can express your daily mood without saying anything 😂

and they are manufactured 10km next to my home town, that’s an additional plus! 💚



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Fazila Ashraf Community Leader Nov 06, 2020

Taking time to choose one of these faces in the morning will be a mindfulness meditation in itself..!

Nice mugs :) 

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@Jenn Riek - I'm six months late to the party, but I've got to chime in: my favorite mug is one I received for my birthday awhile ago. The design is by Kimmy Scafuro, I'm a fan of her tough cats!

For the most part, folks on conference calls can't tell what's on the mug, but it's funny to hear "are those cat butts?"


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Flavien Gache Community Leader Feb 12, 2021

I might be late to the party too but I must share my wonderful cat mug that all my clients and coworkers are forced to look at during video chats.


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Dave Liao Community Leader Feb 12, 2021

@Flavien Gache - happen to know the artist? Curious on the mug's backstory!

Flavien Gache Community Leader Feb 18, 2021

@Dave Liao It seems to be Jane Crowther according to the signature ;)

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Hana Kučerová Community Leader Feb 13, 2021

My double sheep coffee mug :-)



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