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Friday fun: What super hero are you?

Davin Studer Community Leader Apr 26, 2018

As a kid I loved reading super hero comic books and the renewed interest these days in super heroes with all the Marvel and DC movies is pretty exciting to me. So, if you're like me today is all about Avengers: Infinity War (which comes out today). In light of that, today's Friday Fun is about super heroes. So, here's the question. If you could have a super power or be a super hero which power would you have or who would you be and why? I'll go first.

If I could have a super ability I would have super healing(like Wolverine). I'm actually quite a klutz and it would do me a whole lot of good ... like all the time. I routinely skin my hands, walk into walls, fracture small bones, etc. The whole super long life thing would be kinda nice too.

A side note ... my wife says my super hero ability is exfoliation because of my perpetual five-clock shadow/stubble. She calls me the Exfoliator. And along those lines how in the world does Superman shave or get a hair cut?


To be honest, I wouldn't be a superhero. I'd be a witch from the Harry Potter wizarding world! I'd also figure out a way to make it so I can summon my wand out of a tattoo that way it's never prone to break in my cloak. And have a dragon tattoo that flies around my forearm or something.

If I had to be a superhero... probably something similar to the scarlet witch from the marvel universe, or something along the lines of Recovery Girl from My Hero Academia... she kisses you and no matter the severity of your injuries she can heal you... I'm just not sure I want to kiss everyone XD


I totally agree with your Harry Potter answer, @Heth Siemer! 🧙🏻‍♀️

Does Rick Sanchez count as a superhero?  If not, then probably Rocket Raccoon.  (I'd prefer to be Deadpool, but I'm not witty enough)

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So I totally thought for some reason you were talking about Rick Sanders. Had to google Rick Sanchez. Totally thought the old dude was Morty and the kid was Rick... in my defense I've only seen one episode.

:-)  It's quite an acquired taste, but it works for me.

And that's why I always say, 'Shumshumschilpiddydah!'

I'm assuming that's a R&M reference. It went over my head.

I feel empowered already! I read so fast it's silly, I remember most of what I read (when I care) and my hearing is super. I heard that!

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 26, 2018

Totally agree with @Heth Siemer — minus the whole Dementor/Voldemort thing, it seems like a pretty cool world, and I'd like to be able to apparate!


Meg_Holbrook Community Leader Apr 26, 2018

For superHERO: I would choose Rogue. I've always loved her since I was a kid. She's tragic and awesome at the same time. She's kind of that meta superhero who can do anything. 

I tend to lean more towards the villainous side though. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn continue to be my favorites. (Not the new Harley Quinn though, yuck, get out of here.) What really made me love those ladies was Batman the Animated Series. Both women were strong, smart, and funny. In a world of princesses, they are the scientists. 

Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 26, 2018

I always wanted to be able to stop time like Evie in Out of This World. Does anyone else remember that show?


I recently realized that the main reason I want this superpower is so I can sleep in more. Dreaming big over here.

But I'm also on the Harry Potter train. Ravenpuff forever!

Davin Studer Community Leader Apr 26, 2018

Oh my word! Yes I remember that. And check out that sweater vest.

Bridget Community Manager Apr 26, 2018

I would like the superpower to have my same conscious but experience the world in another animal's body. For example, I'd love to see through the eyes of a Mantis Shrimp or Butterfly to experience colors humans have never seen before! Or, I'd like to be a whale and understand what other whales are saying to me.  

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 26, 2018

This is the most Bridget thing to ever Bridget. I love it. 😂

Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 26, 2018



I just fought for a solid 15 minutes trying to get this to load right...

Bridget Community Manager Apr 26, 2018

@Heth Siemer WORTH IT! This made my day :) 

Someone just reminded me.  If I'm going to choose a proper superhero, rather than characters I really like, it's Dr Manhattan, because his main power is "omnipotence"

Davin Studer Community Leader Apr 26, 2018

Not to mention his ability to be blue.

Well, obviously I'd like to be "Living Lightning". Not because of his super powers but because he came out in 2005. As far as I know, he was the first super hero doing that. It's good, that there are also LGBT super heroes nowadays.

Scott_Theus Community Leader Apr 27, 2018

I'm a "journey before destination" kind of guy so...

I'd like to be Ralph Hinkley from "The Greatest American Hero." He's just an ordinary guy who gets superpowers from a suit that the aliens gave him, and he lost the directions.

The fun part would be the challenge of discovery. Since I would also have to lose the directions to fit the role I would have to figure out ho to use the suit, what powers I had, etc.  

And I could fly.

Deleted user Apr 27, 2018


Saitama, One Punch Man, such a down to earth guy. 

Genos is probably my all time favorite character in that series! Tatsumaki has cool powers but an AWFUL personality.

Deleted user Apr 27, 2018

Genos certainly is Saitama’s moral compass. 

Yes, Tatsumaki is a petulant child at the best of times. 

Jodi_LeBlanc Community Leader Apr 28, 2018

Being an animal lover, I think I would want my super power to be able to communicate with animals - this article outlines 15! Hard to choose :)

miikhy Community Leader Apr 30, 2018

Nice compilation here!
I'd say the most exciting for me would be the ability to become invisible. I'd like to see things I can't if caught, such as a meeting between Trump and Kim Jung Un, what my best friend is doing right now, hide on stage beside my favourite band etc... just curiosity for things I'll probably never experience. I'm also someone willing to know and get the truth so, with that ability, you can't lie to me anymore life!

PS: Love the list @Jodi_LeBlanc

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader Apr 30, 2018

@miikhy - I think, sometimes it is better not to know everything 😄

Jodi_LeBlanc Community Leader Apr 30, 2018

@miikhy - I'd love to have that super power too, and wings or a teleporter to get to those places in lightning speed :)

miikhy Community Leader Apr 30, 2018

Oh yeah! +1 for the ability to teleport as well @Jodi_LeBlanc

@Thomas Schlegel you’re definitely right but..... 🙄

BryanT Community Leader Apr 30, 2018

If I had to choose a superhero I would want to be I would have to say Thor. Just because Thor is Thor. In the movies (far more in the comic books) he has had his issues to deal with internally. However, he overcame them and grew stronger from it. Plus he had to adapt to new places (Midgard).  All sort of things I can relate with just not on a Asgardian Thor level ha ha. Also, once again, its Thor, who wouldn't want to be Thor.


Scott_Theus Community Leader Apr 30, 2018

@BryanT All of that plus Mjolnir. (Bonus!)

carolyn french Community Leader May 01, 2018

Yeah, tall guy, not that good-looking, needed saving.

Green Arrow was always cool.  First saw him on the old SuperFriends cartoon when he was a special one off to rescue the other SuperFriends who had been shrunken and put into glass jars by some villain. 

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