Friday fun: Happy anniversary, Atlassian Community!

We've officially been a community for one year this week, and we've come a long way. (Look at all those release notes...) We want to hear your stories: What's your favorite Atlassian Community memory? What's your favorite thing about being here? Who are the users and Champions who have helped make your experience special? How has the community helped your career or improved your experience using Atlassian products? I'm ready for a thread full of warm fuzzies, tearful adulation, and heartfelt endorsements. I'll even accept tepid praise. 🀣

I started at Atlassian right before the community launched. I'm amazed by all the technical improvements we've made, and have enjoyed the challenges of community management along the way, but to me, above all, community is the people who are part of it. I've met so many wonderful community members, online and off, Atlassians and users and partners and vendors, and I truly love and value you all. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us. 

Happy anniversary, Atlassian Community! 🀩


Erica Moss Community Manager Mar 29, 2018

TFW Monique gives us all an impossible task.


How does one BEGIN to pinpoint all of the magical community moments over the past year? The effort, enthusiasm and expertise y'all bring to this space every single day is awe-inspiring β€” you make our jobs so much easier and 67% more fun. I'm looking forward to even bigger and better things in the years to come!

@Liam Campbell liked this post! I think of you every time I see the little "spam" flag on a piece of spam. πŸ˜

πŸ‘‹πŸ» Oh hi! I've started working on our scrum process (using Jira, no less) in my current job at Patreon, so now I have a legitimate reason to join the community. Funny how things work out.

Love what y'all have done with the place, by the way. Keep up the good work. πŸ‘πŸ»

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Mar 29, 2018

Happy first Anniversary, good ol' platform! A one-year-old baby is making its first steps, you did that from the first day on. 

Well, you also had teething troubles and we all suffered from that a bit, but your great developers and babysitters have done everything to make you healthy and good looking, and most  of the old trouble is gone.

I knew some of your ancestors, they also had their problems. In the end, there was always a reason for implementing a new platform, start from scratch, reset and improve. But in my opinion, the big difference between you and your ancestors is the  community - that's why your parents gave you that name. You were intended to grow up to more than just a platform for asking questions and getting answers. And you did. And you still do.

I'm also a part of that - and I love it. There were so many great moments during the last year. I've been BeyoncΓ©, Captain America, an Admin telling fairytales, an Admin opening advent calendar doors. You, the community showed me so much appreciation and I got to know so many awesome people and friends here.

It's the social thing, that makes this community so special. It's the people, it's you. All the Friday Fun, discussions, tag clean up and showcases are knitting us together. And of course, Bridget, Erica and Monique. Thank you for making this so much fun.

I'm looking forward to our second anniversary, dear Community. Let's clink the glasses and drink to a new, very special, awesome year. Prost!

I got an email alert for this and the subject line was "[comment] ${notification.message.board.ancestors.get(0).title} > ${notification.message.discussion.topicMessage.subject}" πŸ€ͺ

Gotta drop this here for you, Beyonce! An extra prost to you and the rest of the Tag Cleanup Crew!



Erica Moss Community Manager Mar 29, 2018

SO well said, @Thomas Schlegel! You are the coolest.

That picture looks familiar!

carolyn french Community Champion Mar 29, 2018

Happy 1 year old birthday, Atlassian Community! There have been many positive experiences for me over the last year and as the community grows, I'm sure there will be many more. One of the things I most appreciate about this community is the encouragement to try stuff out and see what works or doesn't work (and to have FUN in the process!). I've become more confident to suggest ideas, knowing that many times it's a collaborative effort. There are many talented and friendly people here that contribute their knowledge to us all.

Shout out to Bridget, Erica, and Monica for doing a fantastic job to keep this site fresh, interesting, and informative, and also to make everyone feel welcome and included. Can't wait to see what's next.

To infinity and beyond!

Erica Moss Community Manager Mar 30, 2018

You bring so much to this community, @carolyn french β€” thank you for everything!

I'm extremely knew here. I didn't even know what Atlassian and Confluence were when I started this job in July and had to learn everything on my own. I discovered the community wasn't jsut about solving bugs but networking too, about two weeks ago and it's been crazy!

I don't have that many "experiences" to share yet... but we'll get there ;)

Erica Moss Community Manager Mar 30, 2018

I think we're all learning something new every day, @Heth Siemer! We're certainly pumped that you decided to join us here in the community, and we hope you continue to find value here. πŸ˜„

Scott Theus Community Champion Apr 02, 2018

I've been a project manager for 15+ years, using Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, etc. Most of that time was spent learning and adapting MS Project to fit the various methodologies for my projects, which are often a blend of two or three. The last several years have been primarily Agile/Scrum projects, which is at best very difficult yo manage in Project. 

I started using Jira about 6 months ago, and if I never have to use MS Project again I will be a happy PM! Thanks for making my job easier.



Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 02, 2018

We love hearing that, @Scott Theus! Thanks for sharing.

Bryan Trummer Community Champion Apr 02, 2018

Will echo what was mentioned earlier there is no way to possible give enough thanks for everything this Community has helped out with. The amount of knowledge in the Atlassian Community is second to none, and I am pretty sure your going to find or either receive a solution to your problem. Another amazing thing is people will mention that maybe you should take a different route to achieve or just knowing that there is others out there who have experienced the same thing as you. I seem like a much more credible JIRA/Confluence Admin because of this Community and love giving a hand when I can! I also love just scrolling through the Community to just find out what others are doing or implementing....fantastic. HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Atlassian Community!

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 02, 2018

So kind of you to say, @Bryan Trummer! Be sure to check out our Champion program also, in case you want to join in on conversations in a more formal capacity. πŸ˜„

Jonny Adams Community Champion Apr 02, 2018

Happy Anniversary, Atlassian Community! 

I hope to be able to give back as much as I have received from this fine group of folks.

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 02, 2018

Thanks, @Jonny Adams!

Bridget Sauer Community Manager Apr 02, 2018

Happy birthday, everyone!! :) I'm so proud to have shared some of this past year with you. To many more!

More celebrating on this thread:

<- a look back at some of our favorite content moments since launch!

Sebastien Jacques Community Champion Apr 02, 2018

Happy Community! Happy 1st Anniversary!

The best part: it works both ways. I enjoy helping others and the community is my 2nd stop to get help (after the documentation). Additionally, reading through though questions has pushed me to learn more. Reading insightful articles has also broaden my perspective and opened new possibilities.

I've enjoyed the new community every step of the way since the beta. Now I want to give back to the community, increasing my participation.

The best part of this first year was meeting my fellow Champions at the US Summit. See ya'll in Barcelona this year!

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 02, 2018

We appreciate you, @Sebastien Jacques!

Alana Fernando Community Champion Apr 03, 2018

Happy Anniversary to the best community ever !!!

Lets try our best to keep this community the best community for ever :D 


Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 03, 2018

Thanks so much, @Alana Fernando!


Happy Anniversary, Atlassian Community!! 

I'm a recent member and first time writter (on this community ;)). 

I have read many of the questions posted in here and lots of them have already helped me in my new position. I am really glad tha have found a community like this. Hoping I can help and be helped in this 1 year old community. 

Congrats for the longtimers!! 

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 03, 2018

@Fede Baronti [DEISER] We love hearing that you're finding value here β€” and we hope to see more of you! πŸ˜„

Happy anniversary!!! :)


Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 03, 2018

Thanks, @Andrea Mendez!


Brittany Wispell Community Champion Apr 03, 2018

Happy anniversary! So happy to be a part of a great team outside of my work team! 

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 03, 2018

You rock, @Brittany Wispell! 😎

Congratulations Atlassian Community!

I just recently discovered the Community even though I've been working with JIRA & Confluence cloud for 4-5 years now. And I <3 it.

The community contributes to my learning yet still and allows me to contribute wherever possible. 

I recently discovered the Atlassian User Group so that's got me stoked. 

Keep on keeping on.

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 03, 2018

Hey, thanks, @Anup Thomas! We're glad you're here. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Apr 03, 2018

How did I miss this thread of epicness!! 

Happiest of anni-birthderies to the community. 


Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 03, 2018

Thanks, @Meg Holbrook!


@Meg Holbrook Waaaait a minute what's that little badge I see next to your name?


Meg Holbrook Community Champion Apr 09, 2018


Micky CARITTE Community Champion Apr 03, 2018

Happy Anniversary dear Community!

So glad to be part of the Story! I'm so happy to help over others, meet new people and get to know more about the Team!

Best memories so far have been meeting with great people, using the Champions Stride and chatting with some of you, but also through comments and threads!
Another great moment was when I received my Champion welcome package, which by the way was such a story by itself: was traveling when FedEx went home, had to call 10 times to retain the package till my come back, once back, package was tagged as "returned to shipper" on the same day, still went to facility and..... was still there!!! Amazing moment.

Again, thanks to all Champions and Community Team members for their dedication and support, it's great spreading my experience and knowledge receiving yours in return!

From Montreal, with love!

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 03, 2018

@Micky CARITTE That's persistence! πŸ™ˆ Thank you for all that you do, Micky.

Congratulations Atlassian Community for one amazing year! Reading answers, discussions, articles, and just seeing Atlassian users helping one another is really what makes this overall experience and environment incredibly valuable. This is the true meaning of "community". Bravo everyone! 


Davin Studer Community Champion Apr 03, 2018

As much as I enjoy helping others here I find that I myself have learned a ton as well. With the Answers site you really could only impart knowledge when answering a question. However, there are so many smart people here that have nuggets of knowledge that they have gained over the years using Atlassian products. The Articles and Discussions features allows those people to impart that wisdom without having to wait for a question. Thanks @Thomas Schlegel for all the articles you've written and wisdom you've shared. And @Nic Brough [Adaptavist] I can't tell you how many times I've gone looking for an answer and you're the one that has given the correct and helpful one.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Apr 03, 2018

Can't agree with you more, @Davin Studer! Looking up a question that I've been banging my head against and finding this well-thought answer is the biggest win for me. 

Awesome work all. 

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 03, 2018

@Davin Studer Joining you in celebrating @Thomas Schlegel and @Nic Brough [Adaptavist] β€” and also adding a big thank you for your contributions as well. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Apr 03, 2018

Thank you so much, @Davin Studer. I really appreciate your words. I'm glad you (and some other people) like what I do. When I began writing the articles, I wasn't sure, if anyone would be interested in these tales... I think, the admin has to wake up from hibernation soon :-)

@Davin Studer- it's two-way - your help with some of the more tricky code is very much appreciated (especially the Confluence user macros!)

Happy Birthday Community

This may be the fourth version of it, but I'm glad to see it consistently growing, and getting more people more help all the time!

I came for help myself, and never wanted to leave.

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 04, 2018

@Nic Brough [Adaptavist] It's impossible to fully articulate the value you've brought to both us and the community through the years, Nic! Thank you times a million. 🌟

Just wanted to thank all of you that help out here daily.   It feels awesome to be able to share my knowledge with others.  But I swear that I learn something new here everyday too.  

Happy birthday Community! 


Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 04, 2018

@Andrew Heinzer And thank you for all YOU do, Andrew!

One of my favorite things to do this past year was fall down a Community black hole. I'd come to comment on one thing and wind up opening 972347 Community tabs! So many interesting articles, discussions, comments, answers & GIFs.

new world.gif

It's been amazing to see the Community grow & I love this whole new world we're continuing to build!

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 04, 2018

@Darline Auguste πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Hurray! I'm glad to see engagement from MCB, and I'm sure he and Scott have better dancing skills than this :)


Super glad we're able to attach gifs and screenshots a lot easier than a year ago, and that posts are working well, and that it's gotten easy enough to submit answers that you can format and screenshot away to make the best answer without really having to think about it :)

It's been fun getting to see some realtime conversations with other Champions on Stride. Being able to have discussions (without waiting for questions) has also been amazing for learning from highly talented folks! Plus it's great to see so much positivity raining out of the Community team and all the Atlassians who interact online. That's one of the many things that makes this community so special and different than any other place you might expect to get support. Thanks for all y'all do, and here's to another year!

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Apr 04, 2018

Haha, this is taken from German television! But I'm sure these great dancers are not from Germany... 😁

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 04, 2018

@Daniel Eads Thanks for everything, Daniel! 🌟

Bill Gates was born in Seattle, and apparently Steve Ballmer now lives in Farmington Hills (outside Detroit)! Can the AUG team pull some levers and get him to come to my next User Group?

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Apr 04, 2018

Ah, that's why they looked so familiar... Shame on me...

Davin Studer Community Champion Apr 04, 2018

Nerds dancing on stage at a developer conference ... some things should be left unseen. :)

I found this community about 2 weeks ago and already it was so helpful. Happy Anniversary! Keep up a great work.

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 05, 2018

@Kate Foster I'm so happy to hear that! Welcome. πŸ˜„

Mirek Community Champion Apr 05, 2018

Happy anniversary! It is nice to see that community is starting to be more like a "community" than only a place to post and answer questions like it was for couple years already. I hope that it will not be the last anniversary and every year it will be just better and better..  I wish you that. I am back here after a longer break and seeing a lot of improvements. There is still a lot of thing to do to make it a perfect place, but things are going in right direction. Keep up the good work, keep calm and .. improve! :)

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 05, 2018

Love the enthusiasm, @Mirek! Thanks for being here. 😎


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