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Friday Fun: Your most embarrassing/awkward instant regret moment


Hi all!!

I'm a very curious person (and sometimes with an apparent inappropriate behavior -but that's just because I don't pay attention. I'm a good person. I swear!).
That curiosity is the main reason I'm in the Atlassian Community: to learn from other people's experiences... anyways, let's get to the point why we're here: to have some fun.

I would love to know what has been that time when you:

  • Have said something...
  • Have done something...
  • Have given a present (or something else) to someone...
  • ...or something else that has caused you an instant regret? And it went terribly wrong/embarrassing... 🤣

I'll start with a couple of examples from my own experience, so you can judge me and have some fun at my expense:

  1. Once, with a group of friends, we bought a card for another friend; we all signed that card to give it to this person.
    I was a bit distracted, talking to my friends while this whole signing was happening; therefore, I wasn't paying much attention to it. When it was my time, I signed with a "Happy B-day" message along with all my other friend's notes, which I didn't check.
    Minutes away from giving the card, I realized it was a condolences card... (Thank God, we're good friends, and I had the time to cross out the mess I've made before the card was handed -either way, I had to explain afterward).


  2. This other time, this job interview was ending and went very well with a CEO of an advertising agency (which later will become my boss and later on, in my business partner). I went straight for the handshake, and she went straight for a hug... well, my friends, I cannot tell you how awkward (and inappropriate) that hug was.
    Fortunately enough, we both apologized, we both made several jokes about it, and later on, we had a pleasant workplace journey in that place.



Now's your turn to share your instant regret moment!!


During an annual user conference presentation to an audience of about 1,400 people, I accidentally called our new product's optional floppy diSk drive the optional floppy (replace the 'S' with a 'C') drive. 

I knew instantly the horrendous mistake I had made and prayed everyone would just think they misheard me.  But a wave of laughter, starting in the front of the room and moving gradually to the back, told me otherwise.  

Ill Just Leave Now The Simpsons GIF - Ill Just Leave Now The Simpsons Homer Simpson GIFs

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OmG, hahaha, such a gold moment @Dave Rosenlund _Tempo_. I'm sorry 🤣❤

I would totally make a joke out of it, just to save it. Great story. lol.

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Thank you @Huwen Arnone -DEISER- for the topic, it's great :D

My most emberassing experiences are quite connected to alcohol :D. Once, when I was celebrating my 18th birthday I drank a lot so I can't even remember how and when I left the pub. But I woke up in the morning leaning on a flower container which was placed behind the cemetery wall. I lived in a small village so I didn't feel well and didn't want to leave our house for few weeks... I have at least a story to tell :D

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Thank you! I like to remember these types of awkward/embarrassing moments; it's when it's actually fun, but at the moment.... not that much. 🤣

HAhaha, your story is great; I have a couple of drunk stories as well, lol. Let's save them for another time @Martin Bayer _MoroSystems_ s_r_o__ 

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How does one even choose? We all do dumb things, that I suspect we remember and others dont!

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Haha, indeed! I guess you can choose one from the first one that pop-up to your head or the ones you most remember. Just because it's fun when you remember @Linda Milne_Togetha Group_ 🤣

Embarrassing and awkward have similar, but not quite the same, meanings to me.

I am not going to talk about embarrassing situations, I don't want to, there are far too many, and not an insignificant number of these were witnessed by people in the community.

So I'll go for a couple that are related, old and hopefully only recognisable to two Adaptavists and maybe a few more .  My secondary school (for non-UK people, and the elder UK people who don't get the new-fangled "year 14" type stuff, that currently means the pupils are 11-18 years old) has a lot of traditions I won't bore you with.  But:

When the 7th-form ends, we throw the school captain into the swimming pool.  Whilst doing so on my last day, I fell in with him, dragged in by my grip on his leg.  I'd love to say that "I was pushed", but I really do not know.  Very embarrassing at the time, but it faded.

Awkward - that thing where there is a field full of pupils being asked a question and being the first one to start to raise their hand because we might have an idea.  The question wasn't an accusatory one like "Who put the cow in the bell tower?", but a more problem-solving one like "does anyone know how to get a cow to walk backwards down the bell tower?"  I was able to say "how", but it needed six of us.

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You're right; those are different things, in fact, one can be a consequence of the other; I was just giving options away 🤣

OmG, I guess you must feel really embarrassed when you fell into the pool lol; I cannot imagine that situation. 

HAha, you got me thinking with your last story @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ haha. Aw, man, I love these types of stories.

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Cows DO have a reverse gear, it was just so awkward having to raise my hand in a crowd to admit that I knew how to get them to do it. 

For what it's worth, one of the six people was needed to make the "reversing truck" bleeping noise, as cows definitely aren't fitted with bleepers ;-) 

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Last night I was doing dishes and remembered this story and started laughing by myself. LOL. Thank you for sharing; for real, @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 🤣

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Ok, so I've got mountains of awkward moments and embarrassing situations under my belt. Let me share with you one that makes me want to die a bit to this very day 😅

Maybe 10 years ago, I was at a concert with a bunch of friends. One of them brought her boyfriend as well. During the break, we were hanging out in the foyer. I was standing and talking. My friend's boyfriend was sitting next to me on this sofa that was super smooth and fluffy. I love smooth and fluffy surfaces. That's why I  was stroking the armrest of the sofa as I was speaking. Suddenly I look down and see that somehow I am no longer touching the sofa but the poor guy's leg in his corduroy pants. I shrieked, jumped off, and apologized like a million times but I still feel really bad about this 🤦‍♀️ 😄

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Hahaha, you're on my team (the team of the people in awkward and embarrassing situations, I guess 😂)!!

The best part of this thread is that exceptional people's capability of laughing about yourself; it's something I admire in people. 👏🏼👏🏼

And regarding your story, LOL... that's awkward, indeed. I've been in similar situations as well. Thank you for sharing @Michaela Staffova!! 🤘🏼

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I find it very therapeutic to share these stories and laugh at them. It's the only way of preventing myself from waking up in the middle of the night and thinking about all the embarrassing stuff I've ever done 😅


Anyway, thanks for starting this thread @Huwen Arnone -DEISER-, what a great topic! There's nothing like seeing that we are all but flawed humans, right 😁

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Totally, laughing about yourself it's a great way to make it easier @Michaela Staffova.

Thank you for actually appreciating the bright and practical side of this thread!! 😊

Like Michaela Staffova likes this

Wow, so many to remind myself of.  

One really awkward moment was when I was rushing through the parking lot, ran up to my car, opened the door, and someone was sitting in my driver's seat... ONLY, it wasn't my car.  Only one that LOOKED like my car.

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HAhaha, Oh my goodness!! This is a fantastic story!! 🤣

What happened afterward? Did you run away and never look back? What happened with the other person? So many questions!!


Thank you very much for sharing, @Marjorie!!

@Huwen Arnone -DEISER-  well, we looked at each other wide eyed for what seemed like minutes but was most likely seconds.  I said "OH my God, so sorry." and shut the door.  Then, just slowly walked away looking for my car.  

I didn't even give them time to reply.  I basically ran.... but in a sulking kind of way.  

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This is a great story. Loved it. Hahaha, thank you very much for sharing @Marjorie  🤣🤩

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Nov 19, 2021

Seems that I have these types of things occur all the time.  One of my favorites was I had a presentation to couple hundred people on a large project. Left my house did the presentation.  It went really well.  Upon returning home my wife promptly pointed out that my fly was undone.

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LOL, that sounds embarrassing indeed @Brant Schroeder! At least anything went out of there. 🤣😅

Not today, Santa

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Fabian Lim Community Leader Nov 25, 2021

Un amigo bostero me invito a un partido de la Copa Libertadores entre River Plate y San Lorenzo en el Gasometro.  Yo hincha de River con 14 años.

Conseguimos entradas gratis porque el viejo de mi amigo era un cana y estaba organizando la seguridad del estadio. Llegamos temprano y nos sentamos en la platea de San Lorenzo.

En el segundo tiempo River metió el primer gol y lo grite.... un siliencio en mi sección... y la gente ya puteándome.  Y me puse nervioso.... que boludo por qué lo grite?... no paso nada gracias a Dios.  

Pasaron unos minutos y San Lorenzo lo empató... y todos me lo gritaron en la cara como se debe.  Era un pibe asi que no me mataron.  

Gracias a Dios, el viejo de mi amigo nos llamó para que salieramos temprano por la zona VIP unos cinco minutos antes de finalizar el partido y salí vivo. El partido terminó 1-1.  

Para otro Argentino que me va a entender:@_Fabian A_ Lopez 


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  1. No sabía que hablabas español, @Fabian Lim que bueno!! 😎

  2. omG, no sé cómo saliste vivo de allí. Hahahaha, sin duda es una historia para recordar. Con tu permiso, lo compartiré con mis compañeros de DEISER que tenemos dos argentinos y seguramente se echarán unas risas (y por alguna razón no puedo mencionar @Fede -DEISER- por aquí). CC @Jose A_ Jiménez 

¡Gracias por compartir! 🤣

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Fabian Lim Community Leader Nov 26, 2021

Dale no hay problema.


Like Huwen Arnone -DEISER- likes this

Gritar goles en la hinchada equivocada es una buena forma de perder la cabeza en Argentina XD

Gracias por compartir Huwen. Un gusto Fabián! Al otro Fabián (López) ya tengo el gusto de conocerlo.

Un abrazo.

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M Amine Community Leader Dec 01, 2021

would be good if we can have a translation feature like for fb comment

Like Huwen Arnone -DEISER- likes this

cc @M Amine 

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