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Friday Fun: Your favorite NYE rituals, food & drinks!

We all know about some Xmas or Thanksgiving rituals in other countries. But what about New Years Eve? Are you having a party, a great dinner, nice drinks? Tell us about it & post some pics!


At my place we’re having a french fondue, where you fry vegetables, meat or seafood in hot oil or vegetable stock. You put the food of your choice on little sticks & then cook them in a hot pot in the middle of the table. A variety of sauces (Hot, sweet, garlic, soy, cocktail, cheese, etc.) with it. Very delicious! This matches good with some white wine or champagne.

And, let’s be honest, everybody is waiting for midnight. The fondue takes some hours of the clock. This year, with a hard curfew (1 am) due to our dearest fiend (You know, the big C), we played a nice “Guess the song with Siri, Alexa or Helo” to teach the kids some good music…

And what about you? Any rituals, food & drinks you do on NYE? Let us know & post some pics…

Love & cheers



Hi @Jan-Peter Rusch ,

This is a really nice topic!

Well, there can be a lot of things but let me tell you some that I would love to have on NYE!

1. Grilled Chicken

2. Multiple soft drinks

3. Fish rolls

4. French Fries with lots of cheese!




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Delicious food, except the french fries with cheese. But I'll try...

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Alexis Robert Community Leader Jan 15, 2021

Hi @Jan-Peter Rusch !


here in France, it's all about parties on NYE ! Usually people will try to attend 2 or 3 differents parties during the evening/night, the goal is to meet as many friends as possible to wish them a Happy new year.

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Yes, the french rave parties were on TV here in Germany this year. Maybe in a sort of maskless context... ;-)

Well not sure how it is in other countries, but the NYE goal in Czech Republic is for most of the people to get really drunk. And then get more drunk after midnight. 

I don't think there is some specific drink on NYE - there is just a lot of beer, as always in CZ.

Regarding food, people mostly make these little "sandwiches" (chlebíčky) and canapes (jednohubky) with many different ingredients:

Chlebíčky | Gurmán Klub | Výroba a distribuce lahůdek

Jak a čím zdobit jednohubky na silvestra?

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Yeah, czech beer like Pilsener Urquell or the ORIGINAL Budweiser is great! Not so sure over here to get totally drunk. But, my, it's C-time.,,,

@JP _AC Bielefeld Leader_ yes, these are classics! There are many many breweries here, so everyone can choose what they like according to their taste. Even of course, there are often many beer arguments over which beer is better.. :))

@Adam Rypel _MoroSystems_ great post... I just have one comment... it is not the only event for which the main goal is to get drunk in the Czech republic :D

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Its COVID, so remote games with friends online, Cards Against Humanity style game ( ).  Winning answers have to drink something on NYE of course.

PS: I'd highly recommend the Crabs Adjust Humidity expansions, depending on your sense of humour...


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Dave Liao Community Leader Jan 15, 2021

@Tom Kakanowski - ha, those demo cards remind me of a Key and Peele skit, gotta find it...

Great game. We played it NYE 2019... Don’t play this with your kids 😜

My family has done Mexican food (well, our style) for NYE dinner. 

On a New Year's Eve, I like to get together with my best buddies and cook different Indian cuisines, especially chicken, and serve these dishes to them.

Believe me, it is really a great experience to hear from your best buddies that I am a good cook, every time they taste my new chicken recipe. :-)

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Nice theme, thank you @Jan-Peter Rusch . When I was younger, it was always about meeting friend in some place where we could not bother anyone with loud music, partying, drinking and ... that what comes after drinking :D.
Organization was set up as follows. Everyone had to bring bottle of alcohol beverage (Slivovice is favourite one in my region - it is made from plums and has about 52-55% of alcohol). We always had a beer keg (50litres, so we had enough to continue drinking beer in the morning).

Everyone also brought small sandwiches and everyone brought for everyone so we had a lot of food. To be honest the portion of food per one person was probably the most common reason for sickness the other day :D.

This yeas I went to bed in 10PM because we have two little kids so no partying in past years and at least few future years :D

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Thank you for the topic! 

@Jan-Peter Rusch Maybe my main rituals is the making a wish


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Hana Kučerová Community Leader Jan 16, 2021

Every year we are visiting our best friends - they have quite big terrace and we can watch all the fireworks above Prague (= capital city of the Czech Republic) there at the midnight.

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Ivan Lima Community Leader Jan 16, 2021

Even far from my hometown (Sao Paulo - Brazil), to me, along with the traditional NYE food, it all comes down to a great barbecue... 😋

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Darryl Lee Community Leader Jan 16, 2021

In years past, we've visited a local pinball museum/hall that stays open a little past midnight. One price includes unlimited play, and in prior years they also used to have snacks, a limited bar, party hats, raffle prizes, etc.

This is from 2013:

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Great idea! I miss pinballs over here. You don’t find them anymore...

Daniel Ebers Community Leader Jan 18, 2021

Normally we do a raclette and watch fireworks (sounds very old-fashioned and traditional, I know) but this year it was kinda special.
So we skipped the big dish and had pizza - and jokes about 2020. And to be honest, a little bit of humour is never bad. And: who does not like pizza. Crazy times, crazy dishes.


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Hana Kučerová Community Leader Jan 18, 2021

It reminds me - I've just read today, that if you want to motivate your employees, you just need to praise them and give them pizza :-).

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Dave Liao Community Leader Jan 18, 2021

Lunch as a perk is a pretty awesome perk (assuming the food is good). One of my past jobs had a pretty healthy lunch (catered) most days of the week.

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