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Friday Fun: Your Brand Colour - what does it mean to you?


Hi All!  Pleasure to be here today.

It's my turn today to start the Friday Fun topic.  Today I'm choosing something I often consider and mention in conversation, but I'm never entirely sure I buy into it - does it actually affect me personally?

This is:  Colours in Logos and Brand Icons, and the emotions they represent/convey/promote/bring out.

Here's some questions to give you an idea of what I'm talking about;

  • Why is facebook's logo blue?
  • Why does Google use multiple colours?
  • Why is Coles' logo and branding always red? 
    • Why red? 
      • Why not green? 
        • Woolworths chose green...

Here's an article that explains it a little more than I am qualified to adequately do so myself;


So my question to you, the reader, the community member is;


What is your colour (of your brand/company), why did you choose it, and how do you feel about it?


My answer: We're a mix of Blue (mainly), Red (slightly), and Green (slightly).  I honestly don't know if colour was deeply considered in our logo design, but in an industry where incidents are a source of stress for most, I'm glad there's not a lot of red!


Great Friday FUN!!

Our logo, combined with our mother company's logo below.

I haven't got a CLUE why they chose these colours.... off tomorrow to go bother the marketing guys about this. Commence the Spanish Inquisition!


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I like the twinkling star reference within the Twinkls logo.

I imagine the navy blue would be somewhat night-sky more than an emotional colour.

Green is often the representation of Growth and Money. Perhaps they were going in that direction?

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Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 03, 2019

The logo looks like holding hands to me too. 

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Mirek Community Leader Oct 04, 2019

That new logo was introduced on LiveWorx 2016 conference as a part of new beginning for PTC. New logo combines the company name with a stylized “d” and “p”. It symbolize the merging of digital and physical.

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

@Mirek : I fricking LOVE the fact that you know this. Did you make it to LiveWorx this year?

I still have sooooo much to learn about PTC - right now, way of working and change management during acquisition is vital.

So the holding of hands is also a thing apparently.... this indeed is about:
D Digital
P Physical
H Human
(The white line of the hands together forms the H)

Fricking CLEVER ! ! !

Update on TWNKLS - the mix of blue with shade of purple indicates our creativity and imagination whilst it has strength and trust!
Also, the lines and dots represent the major constellations that hang above our office in Rotterdam!}

Fun fact... on the back of the business cards, the view of the night sky on the night of our individual date of birth is printed. TRES COOL!!


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@Stuart : So yes, you were totally right about the night sky!! :oD

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 04, 2019

Wait! @Andy - PTC Redundant your parent company is PTC?  In an old life I used to be employed by MKS.  A year after MKS were purchased by PTC, I made the decision to move on ahead of the massive layoffs.  It really is a small world.

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WAITED ! @Jimmy Seddon : Holy mother of PEARL. that's a small world indeed!
That's some time ago as well.... 2011 :oO
We're totally green. Just bought out this summer (June 7th to be precise).

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Kat Marketplace Partner Oct 04, 2019

Fun fact... on the back of the business cards, the view of the night sky on the night of our individual date of birth is printed. TRES COOL!!

That is super cool. 

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Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 03, 2019

Here is @Mike Cannon-Brookes's blog post about our brand update a while back:

We’ve built this belief around teamwork into our logos, focusing on the specific benefits we want our customers to feel when teamwork is at its best. And I’m proud of the end result.

Like us, you may notice important symbolism around teams in the new Atlassian logo – two people high-fiving, a mountain ready for teams to scale, or even the letter A formed from two pillars reinforcing each other.

I mostly see the letter A!

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A is for ANDY

and Andy is for F U N ! ! 

DPK J Community Leader Oct 03, 2019

I can't share my logo, but it is mostly centered around first letter of company name. And using primary color is way to go for us.

I have also gone through Atlassian's design guideline, and it is great resource for anyone to start thinking about logo -

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Ever the secretive Community member @DPK J ;o) Working for the CIA... NSA.... Scotland Yard...? :oD

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DPK J Community Leader Oct 04, 2019

@Andy - PTC RedundantIs it that obvious, I guess I need to work on my skills :-)

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Oh no... not obviously at all.... ;o)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 04, 2019

Here is our company logo:

Igloo Logo – Green.png

Personally I don't know why we choose green, but it's always been my favorite colour so I love it.  I also get to wear tons of green swag so that's a bonus!

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Maybe the designer of the Logo doesn't like colourblind people and doesn't want them to learn it!?
I recently heard of a hilarious urban legend, where a designer HATED the product owner of an app... but they were red green colour blind, so everything was designed in those colours and totally in the wrong way.... it ended up look a total mess.
Sadly, despite much effort, I never found a single evidence of this being true!!

This is what your company logo looks like to a green colourblind person - you're welcome!


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While this is very interesting, they're missing a small base of the population. Us colorblind folks see these logos and the whole world in a completely different hue. There are 3 (with subsets) different types of colorblindness which lead to multiple different interpretations of these colors or lack thereof.

Maybe that's why when I see logos I'm more interested in the design then as the color does little to nothing for me. Color means very little to me, or at least up until recently. I purchase the EnChroma glasses and those literally opened my eyes to the world of color. Still, after the majority of my life seeing washed-out colors to what I can see with the glasses now, it's going to take a while to pick a favorite color, let alone a colorful logo. (I do know now that I don't appreciate hot pink. It was a washed-out white before and now with the glasses it's brighter than a traffic cone!)

This is very interesting to see how all the color "normies" perceives the world and logo colors. More so to see how colors can emotionally draw you in.

This is a great and fun perspective topic!

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That is so interesting Stephen! I never knew about the 3 types (plus subsets!) 
And the EnChroma experience is so cool. Thanks for sharing!
When you finally choose a favourite colour (or colours) let us know!

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LarryBrock Community Leader Oct 22, 2019

Choose plaid @Stephen Sifers , choose plaid!  ;-)

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Are we talking favorite colors or space travel?


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Our logo has a red and blue heart tipped on their side and overlapping to look a bit like a small cross. It's actually a pretty clever design. Our logo used to be just a wire-frame cross with a heart in the middle, so this new logo that was a cross made of a couple hearts was a pretty clever change. As for the color choice ... as I'm not in marketing I couldn't tell you if there was an intentionality to the color choices.

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I work for Portland State University, and our logo is a design made up of an intertwined "P" and "S" and "U":

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 1.38.04 PM.png

The color is "PSU Green" which supports one of our key messages "Sustainability is part of our DNA. We are one of the nation's greenest campuses..."

I like the green, and like @Jimmy Seddon said, I get to wear lots of green swag!

Fortunately, the branding team also gave us lots of secondary colors, so we can use these as well: 

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 1.39.27 PM.png

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Here at my company all workmates have a fruit related alias, this funny story began a day where I teach one of my colleagues how to create a cute dropdown in Jira by using emojis as a value.

I made the demostration with an avocado icon, so since that day my colleague was known as Fury Avocado, late I named myself as Sweet Bananas :)


I ended up using the name for my Atlassian Marketplace vendor, and as a result here is the cutest logo in the world:




No idea what do you think about guys, but that yellow make me feel really proud 💛 and makes me laught from time to time when someone ask me Why you use a kawai-banana as a logo?


Other proud members of my crew :

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There will be a day where we will mix together and become a tasty fruit salad!

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Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Oct 05, 2019

The psychology behind logo colours has never failed to fascinate me, to me and to many whom i interacted with the colour of the logo influences the perception about that company.

Red is attractive,  however it depends on where it is used, i prefer to have a red coloured car than a company with red logo.

Blue and green are more appealing to human brain, so companies which wants a human connect generally prefer these colours or colours resulting due to blend of blue and green.

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 06, 2019

@Vinod Ramadoss that's something interesting I had never thought about.  Thanks for sharing that insight!

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Vinod Ramadoss Community Leader Oct 06, 2019

Thanks @Jimmy Seddon , am happy to know my post is helpful

These are based on an article i read about "Universal principles of design" and would recommended to read this when having time. It covers exhaustively how colours influence humans, be it or positive or negative.

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Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 06, 2019

That reminds me of another piece of trivia -- that warm colors make people hungry. That's why fast food logos all tend to be red, orange, or yellow!

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 1.28.49 PM.png

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 06, 2019

For some reason I feel like i need to get something to eat now...

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My company's logo was dominated by blue and has a little orange, and there is a cute dolphin on the left.



After the acquisition of, the new overseas brand was created. Recently we just updated the logo, the new LOGO and vision system have adhered to the minimalist principle.




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Did you lose the Dolphin completely ? :( Just checked the website. Don't see it.

Ollie Guan Community Leader Oct 11, 2019

From the Chinese market to internationalization, the dolphins have swam to the vast sea! :)

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

My organizations' brand (Government of Canada) has a canada flag, which represents the people we serve: Canadians. The colours were chosen since that is the actual colour of our flag. I have seen some departments have their own brands. 


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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 06, 2019

@Jodi LeBlanc you represent us well!


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Aww thanks @Jimmy Seddon - so kind of you to say! :) Sorry for the delay in responding, I have been on the road the last four weeks (to every province in our beautiful country) and four more weeks to go!

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@Jodi LeBlanc : To be overtly candid, I am dissapointed in the lack of maple syrup, ice hockey, curling, mounties, moose, beaver and goose, and of course beer in the logo - maybe even some poutine for the diveristy.
I feel a Fun Man Andy photoshop brewing... as long as it doesn't offend or insult!

Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 11, 2019

@Jodi LeBlanc - visiting more of Canada is something I want to do next summer.

@Andy - PTC Redundant - I would not be offended or insulted.  In fact I will encourage the photoshopping.  Bring it on! 

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

Nice! I would love to see it too Andy! :)

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

@Jodi LeBlanc / @Jimmy Seddon 
I trust this doesn't disappoint...... ! I look forward to the change in your nation's logo! 


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OMG Andy this is beyond expectations and your caption is priceless! Love how you captured Canadians so perfectly with all the photos, seriously the GoC needs to adopt this branding!! Love love love it!! The only thing I would add is ketchup chips - kidding, it is perfect the way it is!

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hahahahaha!!! That is the BEST reaction ever. Made me smile big time! 
For someone who has never been to Canada and only knows the culture from people like you, from movies, and from celebrities, I have quite a lot of enthusiasm for the country! 

What's better then... Ketchup Chips.... or Poutine...?
Does that come down to the regional tastes...?

Like Jimmy Seddon likes this

Love that you captured us so well without even stepping foot in Canada - we really need to change that soon, PEI needs to be your first stop! Hmm...probably poutine would win over ketchup chips but might be different preferences per region :)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 15, 2019

@Andy - PTC Redundant - That picture is amazing!  and you have almost captured every stereotype possible:


Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

Great stuff @Jodi LeBlanc : I can't wait to come to PEI!
Right now my PEI Trello board consists only of this:

LIST: Budget
CARD: How to pay for this trip!?!?!?


(Flights are complex and pricey... but should an HQ visit in Boston happens, it suddenly becomes really REALLY realistic! Really-istic?? hahaha!)

Like Jimmy Seddon likes this

@Jimmy Seddon So great to hear. Awesome reaction and what an epic GIF!!! Love it!

Like Jimmy Seddon likes this

Can't wait for your visit @Andy - PTC Redundant - but summer is the best time, this time of year it is getting chilly! But really if you get to Boston at any time you really need to do the puddle jump over :)

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

@Jodi LeBlanc : me neither!
Things are bubbling this end - can't make any promises right now, but looks like a client roadshow in Boston might happen soon.... and adding a PEI trip onto it would be most logical!
Even if in the chilly winter months... bbbbbrrrrrrr! 

That's wonderful Andy! Please keep me posted when you know more :) And the beaches and our tiny province are still quite beautiful all year round! 

Since I am also part of Canada's Free Agents, here is our logo:



Puzzle piece represents problem solving, and hiring a Free Agent may have the puzzle piece an organization is looking for (skillset) to solve a problem or complete a project.

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It's interesting they went with black and white.

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

I am not sure why they chose black and white @Stuart Mills - I will have to look into that. The sister organization GC Talent Cloud has a bit more colour in their logo.


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Deleted user Oct 07, 2019


GREAT question and one I never thought about in relation to my company's logo.  I "assumed" it was red and blue on a white background as we're a U.S.A. based software company.

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My company's logo largely use Brown Color with a bit of Black.

Brown is a natural color that evokes a sense of strength, reliability and dependability. It's often seen as solid, much like the earth, and often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety.

Due to this reason, we selected this color for our logo :-)

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

At Fortress we focus on blue to express trust, openness and communication. This last trait has a double meaning as we largely have our roots in the Telecommunications market. I also think our CEO like blue as we have used in in our past two companies. 🥶



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I feel it's only right that seeing as @Monique vdB posted about the Atlassian Logo, that we get the evolution of Charlie right here as its own comment....


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Brant Schroeder Community Leader Oct 11, 2019

Our main color is crimson which means strong.  

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

Bit late to the party but wanted to get involved with this one, here is our logo.  Our branding is all about purple,  it's rarely used so tends to stick in the mind more once you have seen it (or any of us in our branded purple polo shirts/hoodies.  Color Psychology says that it “can have calming effects over the mind and nerves, it can be uplifting and can trigger creativity.”.  The butterfly signifies change, amongst other things.  We are a Google Premier Partner and consultancy that aims to change (improve) customers ways of working by building solutions for them with Google technology or shifting them to G Suite and away from alternatives like MS Office. 

Hope you find this interesting?

Appsbroker Logo Purple 2017.png

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

@Chris Whitehead - that is SO cool!! Your whole website is really awesome!
Although, I am dissapointed that - considering the butterfly imagery -  the company's motto is not:
"Changing way of working by causing tornados across the world"  :oP

(What a terrible joke....! Sorry)

Like Chris Whitehead likes this

Interesting...I'm noticing that the brand colors folks are posting are brighter and more "cheery" than those traditionally used (however, I am biased as I work in Finance).  Is this just coincidence, the wave of the future, or are people who work for companies with cheery colors more likely to respond to such posts? ;P 

On a side note, our company colors are blue and white.  "Cool" colors have historically been associated with Finance and blue is a "trust" color. 


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