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Friday Fun: Whats your biggest impulse buy?


Ok so I was thinking what i would ask as my Friday funday question and I was gearing towards superhero/tv series/ funny something.... until i got home this evening to find it RAINING inside my house!
The pipe under our bathroom sink had burst and water had flooded the bathroom, started to pour down behind the sink and across the room to the other side of the bathroom and down behind the radiator pipes. it was coming down and through the light fittings, through the ceilings joists door frames, cracks in walls..... well you get the picture!

Did I mention we just bought and we just moved in 5 weeks ago?

So we are already planing the kitchen refit... it starts in 4 weeks... so we decided next year.. maybe look at bathrooms? however... apparently tonight we have just put a basket together on Victoria plumbing enough items for our 2 bathrooms.... so..

What is your biggest, or strangest impulse buy that before you hit the purchase button... you didn't even think you would be buying that day?


Kat Marketplace Partner Mar 05, 2020

My 👍🏻 represents sympathy rather than enjoyment of your situation.


As to your question, we had to rapidly buy a single sized mattress and ALLL the bedding a few weeks ago when our toddler fell out of his smaller bed multiple nights in a row. This was also just a few weeks after moving and settling him into a bedroom the perfect size for a little bed and toys i.e. a room too small now.

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DPK J Community Leader Mar 06, 2020

What a nice Friday fun question! I usually do a lot of research before buying anything, but I made a mistake twice in my life,

  1. The FYF -
    • Barefoot running shocks
    • I bought 2 pair (one for friend)
    • Used just 10-12 times in 5 years
  2. Chromebook
    • I'm a developer, and why I need a Google Chromebook :-(
    • It is used by my wife now :-)
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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Mar 06, 2020

Much like @DPK J said, I generally do a lot of research ahead of any large purchases. 

However, a couple years ago Build-A-Bear did a limited run on a Power Rangers Green Ranger Bear.  I was always a fan of Power Rangers growing up (I secretly still am ;) ), and without hesitation I went to the local store and built one of those bears and bought all the accessories. 


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You do know that there is a Dr. Who Build-A-Bear out now and a Baby Yoda bear on the way, right?



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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Mar 06, 2020

Looks like I'm making another trip!

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You're evolving to my true inspiration! :D 

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A large Big Green Egg with nest and conveggctor. We weren't even in the market for a grill, let alone an egg. Got home, put it together and grilled hamburgers that same night. 

Image result for large big green egg

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I have so little impulse control, and i'm a sucker for watches. Some days are better than others, but I think this was the worst/best story:

I once bought a  watch because I like watches and it was pretty. I felt bad that I was getting a new watch and my wife wasn't so I bought her a bracelet. The matching necklace was pretty too, so I figured "why not?"

That was an expensive day :)

Thankfully, I've learned over the years that I'm susceptible to impulse buying, so I keep a "mad money" account that I can use when the mood to buy something strikes me and now I never spend money on impulse stuff that I don't already have. 

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I wish my boyfriend bought me something ridiculous every time he bought himself something unnecessary! hahaha

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Oh gosh, maybe my cactus? 

I bought a 4 ft tall cactus about two years ago and I'm quite certain it's slowly dying. (I hope it gets enough sun in my new apartment to stage a comeback!) 

This cactus was more than $100. It is incredibly difficult to move. And it tipped over in my best friend's backseat as we tried to get it home. It also doesn't look spiky, but it has these tiny little spikes that you won't notice until hours after touching that cactus—you'll hit a key on your keyboard just right and feel a sharp jab. They're like invisible splinters. It's terrible.

I love my cactus.

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@Jimmy Seddon was my fave response up until now. This is hilarious. I think we need a picture of the cactus.

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Cactus Tax!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Mar 06, 2020

We obviously need to see this cactus. 

+1 for a cactus photo! 🌵

BiancaE Atlassian Team Mar 06, 2020

yes! yes! cactus photo!

This seems to be the only pic I have handy on my phone.. Maybe I'll drop in a better one for you guys on Monday :)

(PS. I still have 3 of the 5 plants in this picture. My track record with keeping things alive is a little bit sketchy.)0fhrLSf

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Sajit Nair Community Leader Mar 09, 2020

@Samie Kaufman - Your Gal at Gliffy 
"My track record to keep things alive is sketchy
could be a cool T shirt slogan. :D

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Monique vdB Community Manager Mar 06, 2020

So years ago, when we were expecting our baby and in full nesting mode, my husband and I used to go to this auction house nearby to look for furniture. While on maternity leave, I went to the auction house and on a whim, placed a "low" bid on an antique Victorian replica dollhouse .  Imagine my husband's surprise when I called him and had to explain 1) I had just spent $750 on a dollhouse, and 2) we now had to figure out how to move this giant dollhouse into our house.

It now lives in my daughter's room so I can pretend I bought it "for the baby" but no, this dollhouse is 100% mine. When she goes off to college, I plan to decorate every room in detail. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 10.53.00 AM.png

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Ok this one is awesome as well. It reminded me that one time I bought an antique chest from a yard sale on a whim. I also put in my daughter's room and it is also "hers", but I won't let her get rid of it. ROFL.

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BiancaE Atlassian Team Mar 06, 2020


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This is so beautiful!!! I absolutely love it

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wow I love it! My cousin built one of these model houses from scratch and it took her years, so many fine details - but absolutely stunning!

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BiancaE Atlassian Team Mar 06, 2020

I moved to the top of a hill in San Francisco and biked to work for the first time (as I had been doing the previous 3 years) only to try to bike home and realize it was a LOT harder to go up the hill than down it. I stopped at an electric bike store the next day and bought an electric bike! I have never gotten more joy out of any other material good in my life. 13/10 would recommend :) Pic of the bike after (easily) getting to the top of a hill in SF.

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 11.14.02 AM.png

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I like the way you think. That's a really nice-looking electric bike, too!

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Ah haha, what a fun topic!

My biggest impulse buy was my 2008 Dodge Caliber back in 2012. We were "in the market" for getting a car as my previous one was starting to have multiple, expensive issues. On a whim, we drove up to a local dealership with the thought of just test-driving some cars I thought I would like to get an idea on what to start planning for in the coming months.

While at the dealership, they pulled an incoming trade out for me and let me test drive it. I FELL IN LOVE! We ended up signing papers that day. Unfortunately, since it was coming off a lease agreement trade in just that day, the dealership couldn't release the car over to us until the other paperwork and service checks on it were closed.

I waited a week to get my car. I had it for 6 years before we made the planned decision to sell it and get a new - NEW car (only 96 miles when I drove it off the lot).

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My husband and I are "want to be minimalists" so we don't really splurge that often. Probably our hot tub was an impulse buy, we weren't even in the market for one but use it all year round so we don't regret the purchase :)


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Her name is Kazul...


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Sajit Nair Community Leader Mar 09, 2020

@Dana Jansen - Confluence Queen- she is a beauty. :)


I decided I will start skiing again. It was four years ago and with 0 turnarounds :D 

Anyway, I'm glad that my mom took them and she is enjoying some rides in the Alps. 

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I am LOVING these responses.... 


Green Ranger... my colleague has just received the link from me on skype and is going after work to see what they have (HUGE Power Ranger Fan)

The Cactus... Genius... 

Mad Money Account... you should market that idea!

Hot tub... Well Obviously! :) haha

Doll House... well where else do you let the borrowers stay when they come to visit? 
I'd suggest a small hot tub for them too!

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Sajit Nair Community Leader Mar 09, 2020

Awesome responses everyone.

My impulse buy has been my Thunderbird.
I already had a pretty good bike and one day I went to book a new car that I had been researching for a while. The showroom guys said the waiting period would be for 5-6 months, after booking because its the demand is too high.

I got out, went to the Thunderbird showroom and booked one.
Fun fact - haven't bought a car yet. Been 6 years since that day . :P

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Honestly I spend a lot of money on "impulse buying", but the only thing I can think of now is when my father decided to buy snowboard for both of us when I was a kid. At the time I very much doubted it would be fun, but I agreed, since I did not want to spoil the enthusiasm of my dad.

Well after like 15 years of self-learning and injuries, we are still riding often together and it is our passion, it is still the most fun sport I have ever done :)

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