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Friday Fun: What was the best concert you ever attended and why?

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Feb 21, 2020

Hope everyone is having a great Friday.  The best concert I ever attended was a Journey concert a few years ago.  Watching Arnel Pineda energize the crowd and knowing his back story gave the concert a little more meaning.  If you have a dream and are willing to work for it anything can be accomplished, so don't stop believing.  



I saw Gwar long long ago.  My cousin snuck me in to the warfield in SF when I was I think 12 or so.  Red hot chilli peppers opened for them.  Fell in love with the red hot chilli peppers right then and there.

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not been to many but we went to Canada last year and my cousin got us tickets to go and see Nickelback. they were really cool!

Oingo Boingo's two final shows.  My best friend and I used to go see them every year, and those last two concerts were epic!


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Stephanie Grice Community Manager Feb 21, 2020

Tom Petty :) 


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Lucky you. I feel bad that I did not have a chance. One of my fav artists.

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Monique vdB Community Manager Feb 27, 2020

My sister saw Tom Petty not long before he died and said it was an amazing show. 

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Well I will not choose the best I ever attended, since that group would probably not be many of the people's taste here, but one of the latest I really enjoyed would have to be Molchat Doma. The band, which has really interesting sound and the atmosphere at the show was incredible. All the fans were just enjoying every bit of the show and mainly altogether. The band has done great job and you could see they are really enjoying what they are doing.

Now I'm super curious though.

edwin vasquez Community Leader Feb 21, 2020

I have floor seats to a Mark Anthony concert next Friday, hopefully that makes the top of my short list!

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It will be a great experience edwin

edwin vasquez Community Leader Mar 01, 2020

It was awesome! He can bring the energy and pumps up the crowd. His range when he sings is amazing and he makes it look effortless. 8D232EA1-2CD2-4D4E-AD3D-69D7E517E720.jpeg

Ivan Lima Community Leader Feb 21, 2020

For those who enjoy classical guitar, Duo Assad is a must-watch concert.  :)

I like watching davie504 on youtube, myself. ;D

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Thank you for SLAPPING LIKE on my comment.  "Epico".

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Metallica concert, last year here in Madrid, was pretty awesome <3


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Antoine Berry Community Leader Feb 24, 2020

Been there probably a few days apart in Paris, can confirm it was awesome. :)

Glad James has recovered well from his detox since.

Always awesome!

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Feb 28, 2020

My friend does the audio for Metallica.  They will are getting ready to go on tour again.

Sajit Nair Community Leader Mar 09, 2020

They came to Gurgaon a couple of years ago.. There were some disturbances and they never took stage. One of the biggest disappointments ever since I had the ticket.

I got to see Guns N Roses live with BOTH Axl Rose AND Slash on stage AT THE SAME TIME for the first time since the year I was born (23 years at the time). Best concert I've ever been to though the Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas special is a close second.

That said, both TSO & GnR were what I would strictly define as concerts. As much as I love concerts, I'd rather go to a show. Axl, though impressive, just sang for 3 hours and didn't get involved with the audience. I mostly just watched the screens above him so it was more like just a really loud TV. TSO told a story and was almost more like a musical play that featured a laser show than a concert, if you get what I mean. 

I might get some flack for this, but the best musical performance I've been to that was both a concert and a show was Daughtry & Nickelback. Chad Kroeger has a much larger stage presence and actually gets into it with the audience. Also helps that it was the first show I've ever seen at Red Rocks (natural ampitheatre if you ever visit Colorado, I don't care who you see but you MUST see at least a show there) and we happened to be in row 7 with really, really cool pyrotechnics. So, possibly slightly biased.

That said, Nickelback definitely had the worst audience in terms of concert/show etiquette. Some dude pissed on the stands next to me after the show was over. Thanks dude.

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Haha, never actually realized the difference between concert and show. You are right though.

And I would never ever imagine Nickelback would have such a great show, to be honest. Except that pissing dude, of course.

I have only been to a couple of concerts.  I really enjoyed seeing the Vans Warped Tour in Houston about a decade ago.  Some of my favorite bands were Simple Plan, Ready Set, 3Oh!3, and Less Than Jake.  Outside of this I haven't been to many concerts so this one definitely stands out the most.

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3OH!3 is from my area. I was in high school right after they got big and they turned into local legends.

Shannon S Atlassian Team Feb 28, 2020

I went to a few Warped Tours in the late 90s and early 00s, and they were always something to remember!

Jack White in Prague in 2014. I have seen him again in Warsaw in October 2018.

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Scorpions here in Bulgaria, in a town near the sea coast.

It was before the smartphone age, so when they played the Send me an Angel song, the crowd turned into a sea of flame. Lighters, candles, matches shining below the starry sky.

One of the memories which will always keep me warm.

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Feb 27, 2020

Like Tim, I haven't been to very many concerts in my life and the last one was over 10 years ago when Metallica came to Toronto.  What was great about that concert is that Volbeat opened for them and they were relatively unknown in North America when they played and I thought they were amazing!

Easy....My first Rush concert: Roll the Bones, November 16th, 1991 at Savage Hall on the University of Toledo campus.  A fraternity brother and I sat out all night before tickets went on sale and got 8th row floor seats, center stage, for us and 6 others. 

Best show ever. I still remember playing the air drums to Tom Sawyer. 

(RIP Neal Peart) 

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Funny enough one of the best concerts I ever attended was cancelled and the band never played. It was the first time that Metallica toured in Puerto Rico. It was an open air arena and every one was there early, then it started raining. They kept postponing the start time and in the meantime people were drinking and partying, people started treating the muddy ground like slipping slides, the vibe was insane. That is until they later announced the cancellation and people rioted. To this date I have not seen them in concert.

That is kinda sad and funny at the same time, story to remember.

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Kat Marketplace Partner Feb 27, 2020

When I was a teenager me and a friend wanted to go see a local band Zed playing an all ages gig on New Years Eve. Party-pooper parents said we were too young.

Since we had nothing to do we accepted a baby-sitting job for a friend of my friend's family. Turns out they were staying at the hotel next to the Zed concert and we could see parts of the stage and hear he whole thing form the hotel room!

I'm 38 and from Melbourne, Australia. I've seen heaps of awesome bands over the years, but my favourite show of all time was Eddy Current Suprression Ring at Golden Plains Festival in 2016.

This is a band from Melbourne who gained a cult following for their loose, low-fi jams. 

They were dormant for a few years until this show, and so when they announced this show, there was huge hype. When they got on stage they delivered in spades. They make it seem so simple, and they seem to play with such freedom, but they are so locked into each other. 

First concert: Elvis Presley - 1976 at the Capital Center in Maryland.  I was 10 and happy as could be that my mom let me join her and her girlfriends.

Best concert: Bon Jovi 1988'ish - England.  Opening was Skid Row (really new - never heard of them but they were amazing) and then when Bon Jovi was closing out the boys from Arrowsmith jumped on stage!  A long an wonderful fun day.  

Look how 80's cool I was.  --- Yes - those are cigarettes in my shirt sleeve.  I was in the Navy and it was the 80's.  


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"That boy from Arrowsmith"

... Steve Tyler?! Dude looks like a lady XD


Most amusing thing about this picture beyond the fact that Steve Tyler has the same haircut as you, is that you have two sets of sunglasses on XD

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@Heth Siemer 

I was holding the one pair around my neck so my shipmate could go down to the front stage area ... he didn't want to lose them.  I stayed well back from that mess.  :) 

I struggle to decide between two.

My first festival (that wasn't away from home) was Monsters of Rock, where I saw, Ozzy, The Scorpions, Def Leppard, and the infinitely esteemed "Bad News".  Oh, and Motorhead (but I've seen them a lot).

Five years later, the local festival was a bit more varied, with Nirvana, Blur, Sisters of Mercy and, of course, Ned's Atomic Dustbin (not the Goon Show version)

But festivals give you a lot to go on, and I don't think 40 performances is a concert.  It's 40 performances.  A concert is one performance.  But I'm still a bit stuck on deciding between a Queensryche gig and the London Philharmonic performing The Planets.

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Looks like I’m the only one who enjoys EDM concerts 🙈

My favourite concert was Swedish House Mafia in Bangalore for their ‘one last tour’ (that obviously didn’t happen, they performed recently again) This was while I was still in first year of college college in 2012.  The lights, vibe and music. It was fantastic. I didn’t tell my parents about the concert, I don’t think they still know. I still remember them playing the acoustic version of ‘Don’t you worry’ like it was yesterday 😢


(this picture is just off the internet, I can’t find a photo from my library its been 7 years 😔) 

A close second for me was Hardwell. I’ve been wanting attend a stint in Tomorrowland for a while now. I just don’t think I’ve got the stamina to go on for music festival anymore 🙈

On a different note, I really hope to see Coldplay some day, I’ve been repeatedly told they’re great performers. And they’re one of my favourite bands. 

I think it would have to be Cavendish Beach Music Fest - It is a country concert but Taylor Swift performed and we were front row. I also loved seeing Aerosmith perform at an outdoor concert in the pouring rain (it was a warm rain and added to the performance), it was such an incredible experience! Oh and Shania Twain, Elton John, and Brian Adams (as well as countless others over the years - my very first concert when i was little was Vanilla Ice lol).




Garth Brooks - Stadium Tour! He's a legend in country music. It was definitely a bucket-list concert!

I would say 2nd would be Twin Cities Summer Jam 2019 - first year of this event and man - it did NOT disappoint! Its a great mix of country, rock and pop. Headliners were Aerosmith, Rascal Flatts, Pitbull, Tim McGraw and so many other acts leading up to them!

Sajit Nair Community Leader Mar 09, 2020

I love attending local bands.. there are a couple indie ones here where the energy just gets too raw. In terms of famous ones, I'm still waiting for a major one though.. hopefully soon.


I love to play Fortnite a lot and FORTNITE AND TRAVIS SCOTT they both collabs during the concert and I watched the concert with in-game.

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So as much as I don't like BRs (that's a whole soapbox)... Fortnite does some really REALLY cool stuff in-game with their collabs. Gotta watch the Star Wars clip in game. That was pretty sick.

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Monsters of Rock, 1986 - Def Leppard, Ozzy, Bad News, Motorhead


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