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Friday Fun: What is the unique personality trait that is setting you apart from the others?

Hello, favorite people of mine!


I love the number 27! Have no idea why, but it feels special to me. So, happy 27! 


After talking with a lot of you live or in slack, I noticed many specific traits in every person that I met. Because curiosity is my strongest and my weakest part, I need to find out more NOW! On my special day, share with me what you consider as your most unique trait that differentiates you from the person next to you.


If I want to find you in a crowd of thousands of people, what should I look for? Your beautiful smile, or the way you wear your hat, or maybe the jokes that you're telling so well; or the colorful sneakers?!


I know that some of you won't believe me, but my unique trait is that I'm always Grumpy. I have this specific serious, a partly cloudy look that feels like I'm planning my revenge on something. I think the reason behind is my way of thinking about several things at a time, planning and calculating almost everything. My mind is so busy with its stories and colors, and he is taking a break by grumping, I suppose...


Significant events are coming, and we should be prepared to recognize each other! :)


Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 26, 2019

Hey @Teodora _Old Street Solutions_!

This is a great topic!

I have an extremely unique talent to "hide" in a crowd. You won't find me, but I'll find you!

At Summit 2019 I was wearing a bright green hoodie.  I should be easy to spot, but I was still able to approach people I was meeting up with before they saw me there.

I'm hoping to get approval to return to Summit 2020 and I plan on sporting the green hoodie once again at least for one of the days.


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So curious! My all-seeing-eye and your talent will be provoked at some high level :)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 26, 2019



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Nice! I will be watching for the green hoodie! Now that you mention it I think I saw you on the livestream in the crowd :)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 27, 2019

Oh no!  I was spotted that's not good.  Absolutely, I'm hoping to be able to go again to meet a bunch for you wonderful people!

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It seems that @Jimmy Seddon and I have a very similar unique trait. I also have the ability to be invisible even when I am right next to people. I can't tell you how many times I have been sitting next to someone in a meeting and they ask the question "Where's Davin." to which the whole room just snickers. Also, quite frequently I have to back up and re-try for the sliding doors at the grocery store. For some odd reason they don't pick me up ... frequently. Maybe I just walk to quickly or something ... I don't know.

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I suppose you are double-careful when you walk fast straight to a sliding door :) Sounds like a Schrodinger's Sliding Door - opened and not at the same time.

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 26, 2019

Yes! @Davin Studer I have been in the exact same situation in a meeting room.  Though I haven't had that issue with automatic doors.

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LOL how is that even possible?! You must have been wearing your invisibility cloak!

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Deleted user Oct 07, 2019

I'm not invisible, but as barely over five foot, I do get run over frequently, especially as people go around corners and don't see me..  I think I need a bike flag.

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Hi @Teodora _Old Street Solutions_ 

Years ago a coworker told me that I must have a file drawer of jokes and puns in my head; every so often I'll open the drawer, take one out, and show it around. If it gets a good reaction it goes to the front of the drawer, bad jokes go to the back. Now, every time I see him I tell a joke, and he tells me where to put it (figuratively)

BTW...a third of them are probably pirate jokes because pirates.



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Good that people like you exist, they are saving people like me. I'm a terrible joke-teller with the ability to kill every joke ever invented. 

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 26, 2019

@Scott Theus I feel like you should have made an off topic post last Thursday ;)

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In all honesty, my puns are the worst. I make no apologies, it's just how eye roll.

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 26, 2019


I love it!

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Kat Marketplace Partner Sep 26, 2019

We had a fun pirate pun and jokes session in our office on International Talk Like a Pirate Day last week.


I'd be keen to share puns. I love them!

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OMG, how eye roll - puns are my favourite! And deadpan humour :)

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Oh My Goodness @Scott Theus, that's a great trait; and thanks to @Jimmy Seddon's inspiration... you've earned yourself some classic #FunManAndy artwork.... 


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Pavel Junek Community Leader Nov 16, 2019

I like your picture!

Is it a unique trait not to have one? 

I've got nothing I have not observed in other people.  The closest I've got is people seem to think I'm a good asset in a pub quiz because I'm an information sponge in some fields. 

I've won quizzes based on

  • being able to yell "32,768" first when asked about powers of 2 (after converting it to decimal from the 8000 I'd done in hex in my head),
  • recognising that St Basil's Cathedral is NOT the Kremlin,
  • knowing that the distance between two cricket stumps is exactly one chain (I had to argue that one, as the official answer was "22 yards" or about 20.11 metres, but I got it after the host looked up how long a chain was),
  • being able to name 5 elements starting with H (everyone got Hydrogen and Helium of course, but when I can rattle off Holmium, Hassium and Hafnium before the end of the question, my friends start to worry that I should get out more). 

But, this is not unique - the major asset at our usual quiz is Pat, who appears to have absorbed encyclopedias covering

  • western music produced between 1945 and 1995
  • olympic sports from 1896 to present
  • football going back to Samuel Pepys diaries (for our North American cousins, this is real football, the one where you do not pick it up and run with it, the world's most popular sport.  Although Pat's son-in-law often joins us and he's a proper rugby-chess coach)

TLDR: I don't think "I drink and I know things" is a unique skill.  Or interesting.

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@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ the Chemical Elements song has served me well! I once got ERBIUM in the NYT Crossword thanks to that song. Still proud. 

You should play trivia with my husband, he once won trivia by knowing the name of the inventor of the wristwatch and what year the first hot hair balloon launched. HOW!?


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Oh, Oh, Oh, the first wristwatch was not intended to be a timepiece, it was a conversion of men's "pocket watches" for the more ornate women's clothing in the late 1890s or early 1900s.  I have no idea who first did it, but I do seem to remember it was either an Austrian or Swiss person.

(yes, I'm old, and I have several waistcoats and my great-great-great grandfather's pocket watch to add a touch of class)

As for Tom Lehrer... well... I suspect more people have heard, and appreciated, his songs than facebook claim as members.  Sorry Scott and Mike, but you're not going to get higher than 4th on my fanboy list.  Two Toms and a Peter will always be in the top 3.

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Nic, I guess then the people around you define your distinctive trait. Looking back to our last event, you have to carry your burden as a true Legend in the Community Forces. 

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Wow the nicapedia! I am impressed :)

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I can tell you that you are one of the few community leaders whose name I recognize in community posts. There is something about how you sometimes candidly tell people that what they want to do is a very bad idea that makes me chuckle. 

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I'd like to say I at least try to explain why I think it's a bad idea and what might be a better idea!

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I don't think I have a special or distinctive trait... but may be one could be that I always tend to see the good side of things. I am quite a cautious person, but when something unexpected happens or I have to take a decission that I don't really like, I always tend to explore how can I find something useful in that situtation.

Ahhh... and i have another real nerd trait :D When I go running instead of listening to music I listen to astrophisics podcasts... it is very relaxing to learn about einstein's relativity while you are sweating!

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Wow, a double workout for your brain and body!

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Hello @Teodora _Old Street Solutions_  and everybody. 


My boss is my childhood best friend. We know each other since we were little. Now I'm working with her for about 4 years almost and everything is awesome. We manage to keep our work//friends relationship separate and it's the best thing ever.

I discover my special trait in this period while working with her. After 2 years I knew what she's thinking about, I knew what's her next move. This helped me grow in the company, a company I want to think I helped to grow. At the beginning it was just me and her. And for 6 months we started to organize internships and interviews with students and now after almost 4 years we are a young team of 9 developers and I LOVE IT.

And guess what? as I started to know better my colleagues, know I can do the same thing with them and it's so funny because sometimes they tell me I`m scary :)) Lol.

Also, in my personal life, i'm always the serious one. 

But, if i go out i`m the soul of the party ( i'm actually a clown moving from there to there and always agitated). 

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Wow you have ESP! Impressive how  you read people, about like Donna on Suits! She knows everything about everyone and even their next move before they make it.

Hi @elenushhh 

This is so great! It must be a real pleasure to work with you (and your scariness hehe)! 

@Jodi LeBlanc omg actually I love Donna and when I watched the TV serial I told my boss about her and how much I love her, and wanted to be like her.. 🤣 


@Teodora _Old Street Solutions_

I guess I am :)))  I love working with then too btw 😁😁

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Thats a good one.

I have this ability (can call it a talent too) to keep my eyes open and sleep within, especially when somebody is talking something which is uninteresting, and all this in such a way that nobody notices that am actually here just physically.

I practiced over the years to perfect it, and doing  this has ensured nobody is getting offended, a noble intent isnt it :)

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Hmmm! I will be looking at my participants when  teach next week to see if they also have that superpower :)

I practiced over the years to perfect it, and doing  this has ensured nobody is getting offended, a noble intent isnt it :)


True that! :))

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader Sep 27, 2019

Hmm, don‘t know if this is a trait in the way you are looking for, but I almost always wear hats or caps. I don‘t wear any in the office and not at home, but almost anywhere else.

I have two pork pie hats, more than eight flap hats and dozens of baseball caps and I love every single one of them.

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The question is, which hat do you wear at summit - or a different one every day?!

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I think my unique personality trait is I can sense conflict from a mile away. I am known as a peace keeper and a trained mediator and coach. A few times during team meetings I have sensed tension (where others haven't noticed it) and I am able to discreetly bring the two aside and work through the issues as a neutral party, without anyone being the wiser. I care so much about people that when tension due to conflict arises I like to help address it before it festers. Conflict can be healthy for collaboration and unique ideas, we can't always be agreeable, I am talking about the conflict that can turn toxic and break down working relationships.

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@Jodi LeBlanc, it always feels like you are the sunshine in our Community, so I did not doubt that you are the caring one!

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Thank you so much, so kind of you to say @Teodora _Old Street Solutions_ :)

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Mandy Ross Community Manager Sep 27, 2019

It's usually easy to pick me out in a crowd - I tend to have pink hair. Once my husband panicked because he couldn't me when I was standing right next to him - turns out I was wearing a cammo cap and evidently that's the main way he keeps track of me in a crowd! 

But in terms of a unique personality trait, I can usually see the funny side of pretty much anything. Things can go completely to shit, and I'll just shake my head, recognize the absurdity of everything, and resort to comedy to get myself and my team through it. (a former boss once told me I missed my calling as a standup comedian - I was like, "Well, if comedy is pain you're giving me plenty of material!!")

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Love Love LOVE pink hair! 

I admire your skill to turn everything on the bright and funny side, and I hope that I'll learn it somewhere in time :) 

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DPK J Community Leader Sep 27, 2019

I don't know if they are personality traits but here are few things,

  • Don't talk to me during morning hours, I am always angry in morning.
  • Don't write bad code while working with me

and also curly hairs :-)

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My unique personality trait is that I can easily befriend people.

I am an extrovert and I love meeting and socializing with new people.

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Some of my particular (though not unique) traits include: 

  • I love listening to other people talk (as a writer it's helpful for material)
  • I can be anxious in crowds, except when I'm in costume-- and I performed as a clown for a number of years
  • I get grumpy when I'm hungry, which happens kind of frequently because I forget to eat when I'm really into my work 
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Grumpy when hungry - count me in!

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Mirek Community Leader Oct 04, 2019

When I was attending leadership track some time ago I was talking much about my personality with my coach and he saw that I have tremendous ability to read when people are lying and manipulating. I admit that I have that "feeling" and it comes more like natural. Because I do not like to want to watch politics or news.. Seeing how everyone is making a mess in our heads makes me worry where we (humans) are going and how easily can be manipulated on all channels. 

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It sounds like a treasure and pain at the same time. Well, until you get used to it.

I have the opposite "gift" - my first impression of someone is totally wrong. It often puts me in strange situations though :)

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

Mirek - it sounds like you are an empath! I am very similar to you.  Little tolerance for political dog and pony shows and I value meaningful conversations over small talk.  I run away from fakery. 

Mirek Community Leader Nov 08, 2019

@Shaun Sheehan- yes, indeed! It is good to know that there are similar people that also have same thinking. Maybe there is still hope that things would change in the future and much more people would see that life is very short and we should use every minute for meaningful things.

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Yes! There is ALWAYS hope. :) 

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Oops, just saw the question was about personality trait. I think the fact that most people at work think I am so sweet and innocent, but then get to know me and find out how far from the truth that is.

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Kat Marketplace Partner Oct 31, 2019

You sound like a fun person to play Cards Against Humanity with. :)

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Jeff Tillett Community Leader Oct 31, 2019

I've been told that I have the ability to talk to anyone about anything. Maybe that's why I have to bring an empty bag for swag from Summit? :)

As much as I like to talk about myself and share my experiences with others, I don't really like analyzing myself, so even this little bit that I'm writing here was very difficult for me. :)

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Only makes your response more special :) Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

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@Teodora _Old Street Solutions_ :

This is one of the best Friday FUN posts ever!

I have enjoyed watching all the FUN gather for over a month now.

I have to say I can't imagine you have been GRUMPY recently with all this FUN going on within Community thanks to you Teodora.

It's no surprise therefore what I consider are my personality traits..... enjoy another custom #FMAGIF:


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I have been told my smile stands out.  I do enjoy seeing other people smile and it's pure magic when you smile at someone who seems down or are having a bad day and they smile back. :)


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I truly believe you! So beautiful :) 

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You are too kind! :)

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Coming from a countryside family, I've always been in contact with animals and nature. It must have influenced somehow in my relationship with animals in general. I find my super-power is that I very quickly connect with dogs, cats, rabbits, ... you name it.

Fun story, during my uni days I was looking for a flatmate. A candidate came in with her two dogs, one on each side of her, and her boyfriend. A Chinese Shar-Pei and an American pitbull. We sat down on the couch to have a chat and both dogs came to me, one cuddled on the couch and the other rested its head on my leg. The owners were in shock! 10 minutes later I had a new flatmate and two lovely dogs living with me 😄

How awesome @Fernando Bordallo ! Thanks for sharing :) 

I am also an animal lover, and I have a great relationship with all kinds of creatures, especially the "bad" and the "super-dangerous" ones. They always adore me, and yes, it's quite shocking for the audience :))

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When you say "bad" and "super-dangerous" ... what animals are these?!?! 😧

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Haha, usually just some pets considered "evil" from their owners. But I worked for a zoo in the past and had tougher experiences like snakes, spiders, bigger cats, etc. 


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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 14, 2020

Not the spiders!

I just remembered a funny story a long time ago; we had some lectures about a specific tarantula (of course, with the tarantula as a special guest).

It was something like:

"They are friendly types, but you should be careful, when they are scared, they rub their hind legs and can strike you with a "mist of hairs" in the eyes."

*me, already scratching my face* 

too fast, too stupid hehe

Like Fernando Bordallo likes this

Snakes beat spider for me ... I have two terrible moments with them:

  • 6 year old in a safari park show, they lined up my classmates and me, put a really huge snake on our shoulders ... I got the head 😧and it looked at me straight in the eye 😳
  • 12 year old in another safari, went to sit on a bench a nearly sat on a lovely curled up snake ...

Wow, wow, definitely beats my story :o

Now as an adult, you can share a beer and talk about the weather when you see one...

Like Fernando Bordallo likes this


Zak Laughton Atlassian Team Feb 07, 2020

I am extremely literal. This is super useful for troubleshooting computer issues, but super annoying when I hear people use ambiguous phrases like "Next Friday" (like...the next Friday this week, or the Friday next week?)

Oh, I know the feeling. I ruined a lot of office jokes in my life by taking them literally :)


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