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Friday Fun: The greatest show on earth, isn't it?

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 10, 2018

It's May. What would May be without a very special TV event, happening every year since 1956. And I remember, watching this since I was a child. I'm still watching the show every year. It's like Christmas, Halloween and Birthday, a highlight of every year. And it has something in common with all of these, the glitter, the costumes, the party : 


If you've never heard of this, you'll probably live in the United States. Then here's an introduction for you:

(it's also funny to read, if you are not from the United States :-) )

This year 43 Countries (more or less European, Australia is also on board) take part on the contest, it's one of the world's biggest music events. Tomorrow (Saturday evening in Europe, Australians have to watch the show for breakfast) you can see the big final show. It's glittering, it's weird, it's great. In Eurovision Song Contests, you can hear heavy metal songs sung by monsters, cheesy ballads, country music, pop, great voices, puppets, dresses having their own life, bad and awesome visual effects and performances, it's really really fun watching the show, if you don't take it too serious. 


(This is one of the craziest performances: Verka Serduchka from the Ucraine) 

In Germany, there are a lot of Eurovision Song Contest Parties. Especially in Hamburg, there's a big open air broadcast with thousands of people watching the show together. The ESC became iconic, especially in the gay community (but not only there). 

How do I celebrate the party? We meet with friends (about 12), prepare together a great international buffet with little flags of the participating countries (we don't manage to make 43 different things to eat, but we don't suffer from hunger this evening...), turn up the tv, make our own voting (especially for the ugliest dress) and have fun. 


(This is Netta from Israel, one of my favorites this year) 

(Addition.: she won the contest 😀)


And now it's your turn

Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest? If so, do you celebrate a party? Do you know this event at all? Do you like it, do you hate it (I could totally understand that :-) )?   Do you remember a very special performance at the ESC? 

Or, is there another iconic TV event, you are looking forward to every year again and again? Is there something similar like the ESC in your country? Tell us your stories, I'm curious.

And so, for the final vote: Israel 12 points (ok, Australia get 10 points :-)  )

Have fun (on Friday and Saturday - and Sunday morning - for you Aussies)!


I love Eurovision!  And I really hope the UK win this year so that we have to host a large, European, international event in 2019!

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 11, 2018

@Gillian Rourke - got my fingers crossed for you :-) 

I've got no interest, but I suspect it's the way it is covered here in the UK more than the competition.

I do have one unusually good thing to say though - the 1967 winner is really nice.  I used to make tea for Sandie Shaw when she was working with my mother.

I think I'll go for a Waendal Walk instead of watching.

Monique vdB Community Manager May 10, 2018

I don't know why I didn't get invited to a Eurovision song party this year! Next year can I come to Germany and party with you @Thomas Schlegel??

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 11, 2018

Yes, of course, @Monique vdB - you're more than welcome!

Or let's meet in the winner's country next year! I've been once in the audience of the show in Düsseldorf, Germany. That was great!

Monique vdB Community Manager May 11, 2018

Sounds like a plan, @Thomas Schlegel!!

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 12, 2018

@Monique vdB - oh, you lost your crown, what happened?

carolyn french Community Leader May 10, 2018

Although I'm not from Europe, various random years I've gotten into it, and watched the participants' music videos and the live performances. Similarly, every few years I get really into March Madness (US College basketball tournament) and have to watch all the games and do a pool with friends/coworkers, etc.

Netta from Israel is a fun contestant this year! I also like the Swiss band ZiBBZ, Rasmussen from Denmark, and Claudia from Portugal.

@Thomas Schlegel- your party sounds fabulous. I especially like the buffet with themed food and tiny flags 😍

Switzerland didn't make it through the semi-final :-( , Also my other favorite, Belgium, didn't reach the final.

But the viking, Rasmussen, made it to the final show!

Love it 😍 - we also make small parties every time and let us surprise what the candidates are wearing and of course of the music. 

Coming from Germany - we are used to the feeling of getting zero points ;)  


Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 11, 2018

But not this year, hopefully - although, I don't like our Ed-Sheeran-lookalike...

Who knows... but pretty sure there are better songs and performances! 

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 14, 2018

@Fabienne Gerhard - Fourth :-)  Didn't expect that! 

It was awesome - great perfomance absolutely stunning and going straigt to the heart. Hope you had a great party @Thomas Schlegel

And within the larger community we want to see 'an other character' check out ''Outlaw In 'Em''  who i will support , vote for and dance on. Though his krumping style dance is new to me . i will just do it. Its Waylon with an "Outlow in 'Em"

Sounds good:)

That buzzfeed article though: "there's some sort of gay musical olympics going on that only Europe was invited to" 

I'm over here in America sad that this isn't part of my viewing lineup. 

A little unfair, there's some Asian countries competing, as well as Australia.

Now I'm extra jealous. 

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 11, 2018

@Meg Holbrook You can watch the contest live in the US on

You're my hero. 

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 14, 2018

@Meg Holbrook did you see the show?

Yes! The girl you like won :O 

I'm guessing people taking over the stage is not a regular occurrence though, right? 

So much confetti. So much glitter. My eyes are happy and so is my soul. 

By the way, my husband the entire was like "What the hell are you watching??" 

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 14, 2018

Great :-)

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 14, 2018

no, I've never seen someone taking over the stage before... I'm sorry for the UK singer. But she reacted perfectly.

In May 2019, you can see the next Eurovision Song Contest. And be sure to see the two semi-finals also! 

M Amine Community Leader May 11, 2018

hope that France will be in top 3 (at least ;)) this year :)

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 12, 2018

They would deserve it, especially for the song’s story.

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 14, 2019

Don’t forget:  It’s Eurovision Week again!

Have fun with the greatest show on earth 2019!

From what I’ve seen up to now: 12 points go to Iceland and Czech Republic. 

@Thomas Schlegel  - Is it planned next year in May 2022, Italy? Heard something but I was not quite sure. 

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader Oct 05, 2021

@Suvradip Paul  - Yes, it will be in Italy because Italy won this year. But I don't know exactly when and where. Usually it is in May.

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