Friday Fun - Last Meal on Earth

Zack Seibert Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

Happy Friday Community!

I listen to a lot of podcasts in my spare time, and one of them always asks their guests what their last meal on earth would be. Which got me thinking about my own...

I have some middle-eastern heritage, so I think my last meal would have to be a big assortment of mediterranean food made by my grandmother: stuffed grape leaves, kibbie, hummus, baba ghanoush, kabees el lift, etc. and then top it off with too much baklava for dessert.

So, if you knew your days were numbered, and you were allowed anything at all, what would your last meal be?


@Zack SeibertMy last  meal will be Atlassian Stack

Oh man, good question @Zack Seibert.  

I can't decide between the tasting menu (wine pairing included, of course) at Atelier Crenn or an In n' Out burger (double meat, no cheese, raw onion) and a strawberry milkshake. Do I go fancy or do I go guilty pleasure food? Hmm....

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.30.18 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.31.40 AM.png

Scott Theus Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

@Monique van den Berg, I guess that depends on how much time exists between finding out it's your last meal and the arrival of the Reaper. If he's already knocking then go for the burger. There is nothing worse then having to rush a meal as appealing to all the senses. 

BTW...I have a new bucket list item :)


@Scott Theus worth it. The tasting menu at Benu is also amazing and I considered that for my list instead Two words: Lobster Bao.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 11.43.24 AM.png

Alinea has always been on my bucket list...

I made Baozi once! It didn't come out great haha

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 07, 2018

Detroit-style pizza. For sure. 🍕❤️

Bryan Trummer Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

A fantastic choice!

Where can I taste Detroit-style pizza? I mean, Detroit, obviously, but.... like... anywhere else?

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 07, 2018

Mo, it's the best. 😭 Come to New York, and we'll visit Emmy Squared. Or if you find yourself in Michigan, hop on over to Jet's or Buddy's Pizza.

If Detroit style pizza is anything like Chicago pizza I would have to pass. I was thinking New York style but then I thought of a place in Boston that has excellent Sicilian! mmmmm... :)))

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 11, 2018

@Matt Curcio Oh gosh, no, not at all like Chicago-style! For Detroit-style, think rectangle + crispy crust.

You neglected to mention Italian pastries for desert!  And for that you would have to come to Boston for either Mike's Pastries or Cafe Vittoria.  Now, they both have pros and cons. Mike's is not a sit down site. You grab it and stroll Hanover St.  However Cafe Vittoria is a sit down and if you want to ppl watch its great too, and it is known for its 'colorful' clientel, (if ya' noo wadd-a mean...). But don't worry 'bout dat cuz I used to know some of da guys. ;))

There is also a great spot in Austin, TX called Via 313 that does amazing Detroit-style pizza. Those crispy edges call to me, their siren song of deliciousness lulling me into a food coma. 

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 11, 2018

@Steph Beasley Part of me wishes you hadn't told me that (I'm visiting the Austin office this week!)

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Jun 11, 2018

@Erica Moss - no excuses, now you have to try the best pizza in Austin 

@Erica Moss ha, I regret nothing, and trust me, neither will you. 

Scott Theus Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

That's easy....1 large pizza with double pepperoni, slightly well done, and a margarita. 

Oh...and it has to come from here: Pizza Palace

Bryan Trummer Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

That menu for Pizza Palace look amazing!

Definitely pizza

Bryan Trummer Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

Oh this is a hard one to answer. I would have to say a prime rib with mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and some German chocolate cake with a boulevard wheat beer. Or pizza if I was short on time, BBQ chicken pizza, with the beer still and the cake.

Ah, good post :D 
If I have superpower to eat without any limit, I would have South Indian Chicken Biryani



.. AND Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza


Rahul Patil Atlassian Team Jun 08, 2018

Drool @  Biryani.

Scott Theus Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

It may be just me, but there is something about this topic that makes me want to grab a towel and go hitchhiking.

@Scott Theus As long as you have your towel. ;) 

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 07, 2018


8. Fashion accessory

9. To play peek-a-boo with an infant/toddler

10. A skirt or really short strapless dress


Can we get to 42 uses?

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

11. Rucksack

12. Blindfold

13. Pillow

14. Wave at a bull in the ring if you are in a Hemingway novel

15. Mop up spills

16. Use as a hammock when sleeping in the forest

17. Use as a hot pad

18. Wrap your hair up out of your face

19. Honeymoon reasons...

Scott Theus Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

20.  A field Dressing

21.  Put a nice shine on a pair of shoes

23.  Soak it in water and sooth a savage sunburn

24.  A cape for a super hero

25.   Sit on it in the car after a day at the beach

26.  An emergency bed for new born kittens

27.   Wipe your exercise equipment after you finish your set

Bonus....These are all things I've done :)

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

28. A Diaper

29. Towel-snapping some buns

30. Curtain to keep the sun out of your window

31. Fishing Net

32. Mosquito/bug defense (wrap yourself up)

33. Lay it on hot sand and get a suntan without burning

34. Use it to make a "Karma's a B****" meme: -- excluding the one word, completely SFW :)

35. Makeup removal after #34

36. Wrap up a hot/cold pack

Scott Theus Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

37. A "Send Help" flag when stuck on the highway

38. Hang it on your doorknob to warn your roommate you are entertaining a guest

39. A "swiffer mop" cover

40. A chew-toy/tug-of-war rope for your dog

41. A turban

42. A rather annoying cartoon character

Bonus: Use it for this thing that has a name but idk what it is...


UPDATE: Apparently it's called a hobo stick?!

Image result for towel on stick nap sack

Davin Studer Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

43. Napkin

44. Knee protection on a hard floor

45. Campfire kindling

46. When you're trying to pull someone up dangling from a cliff and they're just ... out ... of ... reach.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

#46 though - winning 

Hey, you sass that hoopy @Scott Theus ?  There's a frood who really knows where his towel is.

Brien Matthys Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

Tacos with Chips and Salsa! I could eat this daily! :)

Roast lamb with kumara and pumpkin cooked by my mother-in-law followed by hot apple pie with cream and vanilla ice-cream (assuming the end is not long after the meal otherwise I need dairy-free ice-cream).

Followed by Earl Grey tea and banana cake with chocolate icing.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

Just take me to a chocolate factory and set me free. Clean my body up when I hit the floor. I'm Augustus Gloop in real life. 


Agree with @Kat Warner [TechTime] though, any ice cream would need to be consumed relatively close to my departure. 

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 07, 2018

@Meg Holbrook Living for this reference.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

I'm happy you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down. 

Coconut something. If I'm going to die, I might as well have something I'm deathly allergic to. 

I suggest a Pina Colada!

I have a perfume that is Pina Colada smelling. It's my favorite. I've never actually had one.

So it's my last day on earth and I can eat anything? Anything?

I'd eat a mushroom. Specifically:

Image result for extra life mushroom


Bryan Trummer Community Champion Jun 08, 2018


Ollie Guan Community Champion Jun 07, 2018

Yang's Fried Dumpling!


I eagerly searched for where this is, but see that the answer is Shanghai. Noooooooo.....

Bryan Trummer Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

Those fried dumplings look amazing.

Showing my UK roots, I'd have a chip butty:

Warm from the oven, thick fluffy slices of bread.

Lashings of melting butter.

Thick cut chips, the slightly waxy kind of potato, rather than the floury kind.

Salt, pepper.

One round would have Worcester sauce, the way I traditionally had them.

The second round would have some cheese and sambal olek.

I would die full and happy.

I agree Linette! I would also put an English Roast dinner out there.

Roast chicken with roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy. What I miss most about being home!

Alana Fernando Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

If I know this is my last day on earth, most probably I won't eat a thing on the day. surely it is the meal I had the day before. looking at my current meal routine it would be rice and curry. Oh god! I should change my meals 

I would definitly eat a mix of cakes from my grandma - if I had to choose one I would take "Frankfurter Kranz" (Frankfurt wreath) like on this pic. That's something to die for - a lot of buttercream, biscuit dough, marmelade and caramelized almonds.
Bildergebnis für frankfurter kranz

Will my day on earth end when I finished the meal @Zack Seibert?

Damn got hungry now - have to call granny on the weekend <3

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

I need this in my life. 

@Meg Holbrook - Come to Germany - you can get this almost everywhere here - but be careful, one piece and you can't do anything else anymore, just sit and relax for the next hour... 

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

@Thomas Schlegel - I'm on my way. Save me a piece. 

@Meg HolbrookI can send you the recipe if you want to try it :)

-> Maybe we need a recipe-change-area in this community - would also be helpful when you're not sure what to eat during day

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 11, 2018

@Fabienne Gerhard - that would be great. I have a bundt pan waiting!

that would be great.

Have a pan Waiting 

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

I would take

- a Tom Kha Gai Soup first

- Some Italian pasta with grilled chicken, spinach-cream-sauce and a lot of parmesan cheese

- Creme Brulée

and a Bavarian Weizenbier

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Jun 09, 2018

Or a bucket full of Nutella - who cares about calories on the last day...


@Thomas SchlegelNutella <3 how could I forget that

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 11, 2018

Give me a five pound bag of pretzels, a bucket of nutella, and call it good. 

Davin Studer Community Champion Jun 13, 2018

Buckets! Goodness I've never seen a bucket of Nutella.

Scott Theus Community Champion Jun 08, 2018

After my pizza, my margarita, and my demise I want to cook my next meal with Anthony Bourdain.

Meg Holbrook Community Champion Jun 08, 2018


my heart.

Alice Camilla Community Champion Jun 09, 2018

This is a difficult question since I love food. But I guess my answer would be mom's spaghetti with her simple tomato sauce, you know, I'm just your typical girl from Italy. 🙃

Joff Redfern Atlassian Team Jun 09, 2018

Fred’s steak. You can only get it at Schaubs meat market in Palo Alto, CA

Hidden gem of the Silicon Valley techie crowd. Plus mash potatoes and green beans with garlic and butter.


Omar Herrera Community Champion Jun 09, 2018

I will eat a cheesecake the best one.

Danny Harris Community Champion Jun 11, 2018

Chilled (not baked) Lemon Cheesecake

My food tastes vary a lot, and I'm rubbish at building a meal where the courses complement each other, so I'll just go over the courses.

  • A starter of Mr Falafal's finest (Just outside Shepherd's Bush tube) 
  • 1847's "fish and chips", but just the fish part
  • The "chips" the Old Vicarage in Witherslack used to do to go with the fish (sadly, closed years ago)
  • Edmund's ice cream (Birmingham)

I couldn't work out a way to fit a curry dish in there though...

Jonny Adams Community Champion Jun 11, 2018

I'd start with tenderloin tamales from Reata in Fort Worth, then gorge myself on the buffalo ribeye and the chile relleno. A Billionaire Margarita to pair with my tamales and a Fort Worth Old Fashion to go with my ribeye.

Half of that fried chicken donut sandwich from Do Rite Donuts in Chicago would count as my savory-sweet dessert which might do me in anyway.

Bryan Trummer Community Champion Jun 11, 2018

Now that's what I call a meal!

I would either do a meal of my Italian favorites (buffalo mozzarella on anything, lobster pasta, and a simple gelato) or a meal at my favorite Persian restaurant in Houston its all good there... no dessert.  


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