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Friday Fun: It's moving day!

Dominic Lagger Community Leader Mar 04, 2021

Hello together

I have just recently moved. This was my 3rd time in my life, so I get to one move every 10 years. I think this is not very often :) 

Moving Season 5 GIF by Friends

The move itself was pretty comfortable. We were well prepared and could / had to buy a lot of new things. These things we ordered them comfortably via internet.

On the subject of moving I have three questions and would like to know from you:

  • How many times have you already moved?
  • When was the last time you moved?
  • Is there something that always has to go with you and is never thrown away, what is it?

I am curious about your answers!



Home is where the anchor drops! ⚓💙
Hope you can enjoy your new home - buying new things, reorder everything and start new is what I enjoy most.

I'm a middle often mover I would say but still need to learn

  • I moved 8 times in 39 years and 9th time is already in planning 😅 which doesn't mean everything is always well planned but my friend Taco will support with a moving board
  • Last time was 3 years ago and it was a little bit of horror 😪 Why? The time before we got supported by moving company and family and it was only 10 km - and this time everything that could go wrong - went wrong, no moving company, elevator didn't work, no holidays for people who wanted to help... but we made it 😎
  • This could be a long list - I'm bad a throwing away... There are two boxes I packed when moving out at my parents and I'm not even sure what's in - 'Various' is written on it - maybe old school stuff, things I've painted, stuffed animals... no idea, moved them 5 times now

Love this topic - thanks @Dominic Lagger 😀 - can I book you for the next move? 

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Dominic Lagger Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

Oh this is what I loved the most! We nearly got every day a new package to open and build something with it. 
i have settled in very well, thanks! 

I'm very well structured and I'm very good and I am very good when it comes to throwing away the unnecessary. So your "various" package would be gone after your next move :) 

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Nice topic for Friday fun @Dominic Lagger 

I have moved 3 times in my life (same as you).

Last time was 4 years back. It was hassle free experience since I had hired a movers and packers company to help.

There are a lot of things which are never thrown away: Books, some expensive furniture, all the electronic equipment's, plants with pots (I have few plants which are with me since more than 7-8 years), the list can go on.. 

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I really like this topic!

- I've moved 7 times in 34 years, but 6 of those have been in the last 10 years!

- Last time went really well, I moved in with my fiancee, so it was just a case of slowly bringing things over until it wouldn't all fit!

- I have a teddy bear that my sister gave to me the day I was born, that's always by my bed, and I like family photos too

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Esther Strom Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

I also have a teddy bear my sister gave me - she was 8 and I was 16 and going to a summer university program and she didn't want me to be lonely, so she gave me her bear. 33 years later it's somewhat worse for the wear, but it's outlasted several boyfriends and a husband 🤣

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

Well this will make me look back in time...

  • if I don’t count all my moves while in college - I have moved 11 times since 1982. Wow that is a lot!
  • i moved from Austin Tx to North Carolina in 2019
  • i have gotten much better at not holding on to things with each move. There are a few items that have been with me for a long time and I’m sure there is something that has been with me since the beginning, e.g. photos, tools but not much for sure.
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Dave Liao Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

Definitely count the moves in college!

Jack Brickey Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

well add 5 more then. :-)

Not much of a mover, but I'll be moving (hopefully soon!):

  • for 3rd time. When I first moved out of my parents' house, I found that I can make myself feel "at home" almost everywhere, mostly because of my ability to change and reorder stuff super-fast.
  • 4 years ago, and the next one is planned in 3-4 months
  • my flower pots :) I can't live without plants, and I feel much more calm and comfortable when they are around. And (don't die laughing) my fluffy bull toy :D it's a small fat bull full of warm life memories.
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I love this Friday Fun post!

  • I've moved at least 11 times - I should sit down and figure out the actual number, but I know it's in the double-digits.
  • Last time I moved? Summer/fall 2019.
  • My tech gear follows me. Every time I move, I shed furniture, books*, clothing, and miscellaneous items I've collected over the years, but my laptop(s) and smartphone(s) (sometimes I've got multiple at once) keep following me... 👻

* really hard to do, but the invention of digital books helps here

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  • I've moved 6 times in 49 years. I'm hoping to move back to the city some time this year, but that depends on my selling my current house, which may not be easy.
  • The last time I moved was in 2003, just before getting married. I got the house when we split and have just never bothered to leave.
  • My family photos - ones that are actually framed, not digital - and my mom's cookbooks have always come with me. Even more important to me going forward since my parents are both gone.
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  • Not really counting going off to college or moving to FL because both of those only involved a suitcase. I have moved 3 times,
  • The last time was almost 25 years ago when we bought our "starter" home.
  • Nothing from those previous 3 moves, moving again soon and though I am sure we will move a lot of things so we don't have to re-buy them, the only must move would probably be pictures and, if I can figure out how to move it without breaking it, my big green egg. Google image for reference in case anyone doesn't know what that is.


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Jack Brickey Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

oh you better believe my BGE moves with me. I have had it for about 15yr now but only one move. I had to make two crates to move that beast but it is worth it. In fact I have a pork shoulder going on tomorrow morning and cooking all day long (~15hr).

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I run the Big Joe, it's about 300lbs, and its one of the things that keeps me up at night about a move.  My motorcycle is 1000 lbs, but its not ceramic!

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That's a very good idea of topic. I feel very nostalgic when I think of all the times I moved. 

Even though I absolutely HATE moving, I have moved about 6 times in my life for different motives (college, work ...) and those 6 times where in the last 10 years.

Last time I moved was last year, in January 2020 actually, because my previous landlord actually... died and her kids wanted to sell the flat so we had to move quite in a rush. It was exhausting but I prefer my current apartment in terms of transports, location...

I had to sell/give a lot of books during last move because I hoarded a lot of them through the years. That was quite relieving because I figured that... there is a very little number of books I actually can't live without. And I felt lighter after giving all those I will never ever re-read.

Of course, since then, I bought a lot of other new books, so I know what I will have to do when I'll move again :D

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Bridget Community Manager Mar 05, 2021

Wow - this is a timely Friday Fun thread for me because I just moved this past Sunday from Truckee, CA to Seattle, WA. 

  • How many times have you already moved? Not including moving from the east coast to the west coast after college, I've moved a total of four times. 
  • When was the last time you moved? The last time I moved was pretty nightmarish - I moved from Oakland, CA to Truckee. 
  • Is there something that always has to go with you and is never thrown away, what is it? My kitties always come with me, despite me threatening to leave them behind when they're bad. They are not very good road trip companions, so I am keen not to move again anytime soon :). 
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Andrew Kendris Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

Here's to my inaugural Friday Fun post 🎉

  • Looking at all these posts, I seem to have lucked out and only moved 3 times in the last 10 years.  
  • Moving is never an easy experience but New York seems to have a way of making it so much more...interesting - ha! The last time I moved was 3 years ago and the image above is a proper representation of me pushing a recliner up a flight of stairs (which leads me to the answer to the last question).  
  • I've had the same super comfy recliner for years and just can't seem to part with it.  It doesn't have any modern bells and whistles, just a solid ole chair that's perfect for reading.  

I'm sure that if I every find myself moving, I'll be sure to check out Trello for a Moving template or create my own!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Mar 05, 2021

@Andrew Kendris welcome to the party!

Mandy Ross Community Manager Mar 05, 2021

I moved once as a kid when I was 9, then I went off to college. From the time I started college til I was 32 & got married I moved 12 times! Then in the last 18 years I moved once, 3 years ago, from Hood River Oregon to Morton Washington. 

My husband and I read a lot and have a hard time letting go of books. We had 23 boxes of books we hadn't unpacked since we moved that we finally made a place for last weekend. 23 boxes is LOTS of books! Also, my plants. I cannot give them away and start over, some of them I've had since I was in my early 20's! 

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Andrew Kendris Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

Oh yes the the books @Mandy Ross!

Nothing beats a good book (and a real one too - I find it hard using an eReader).  Having a hearty library is so fun but, when you gotta pack it up, that's an effort! 📦

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Mandy Ross Community Manager Mar 05, 2021

I have to say @Andrew Kendris , I hate packing and moving books but there is something incredibly satisfying about unpacking and re-organizing them! I spent a whole day last weekend reorganizing our books and I was in heaven! 

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In the space of 30 years I have moved at least 15 times, and lived in Ontario, NYC, San Jose, Atlanta, Glasgow, London and now Vancouver since 2008.  I'm considering another move now, but I would literally like this to be my last one till I die!  giphy.gif

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Mar 05, 2021

What a fun question!! I've moved a few times - once from Arlington to Austin for college, 3 times in college between apartments, and 5 times afterward between homes and apartments.

The last time I moved was about a year ago, and it was into a home that I purchased, so hopefully I won't be moving for quite some time any more :)

Some things that I make sure to bring with me: my dog Shakespeare, vintage items I've collected over the years, a few family photos, and surprisingly some boxes of items that probably need to be donated still wink

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Monique vdB Community Manager Mar 05, 2021

This is a great question! I've moved 7 times. Last time I moved was when we bought our house, right before my daughter was born, in 2011.  (We had to remodel it first. The bathroom was so small that my nine-months-pregnant self couldn't even fit in it.) 

I have always lived in California, except for a one-year teaching fellowship in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I moved across the country in my car.  I think the only essential things I made sure to keep with me were my parakeets and my stuffed squirrel. 

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Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

@Dominic Lagger That's is really an interesting topic!

I really don't like the hassle of moving homes, but such things are not in our control sometimes.

  • How many times have you already moved? 2 times in last 5 years, 1 move from one State to another, and another within the same town.
  • When was the last time you moved? Last I moved to another home within the same town in April 2019
  • Is there something that always has to go with you and is never thrown away, what is it? Yes, I love all my digital items like TV, Laptops, Cell Phones, Digital Smart Speakers (Echo and Home) and they always move with me.
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Hmm, let me count. I was nine years old when I moved the first time. Then I left my parent‘s home when I was 19 and lived in eleven different homes since then, located in five different cities. The maximum distance between two homes was 800 kilometers.

I’m living in my current home for 10 years now and I hope, I don‘t have to move again, I‘m quite happy where I am.

And what do I take with me with every single move? My record collection, the records I bought in the 80s when I was a teenager. I have hundreds of them and I love to browse them from time to time, so many memories come to life when I look and listen to them. 

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Darryl Lee Community Leader Mar 05, 2021
  • How many times have you already moved?

A little while ago I was trying to remember one the places I lived. I could only remember the street name. Scary thing, public records - by doing a Google search, I found that address, along with several other places I'd lived along the way.

Anywho, the count is 13. That includes 2 moves when I was a kid. 6 times when I was in (and not so in) college.

But most recently we've been in the same home for almost 19 years, so at least there's that.

  • When was the last time you moved?

19 years ago.

  • Is there something that always has to go with you and is never thrown away, what is it?

Oh man, looking around my house, and garage full of junk, it's like, what have I not thrown away?

Somewhere in the garage is the Apple IIc. Some day I hope to dig it out and fire it up.


Oh one last thing - as my parents have started decluttering their house, they've decided to give me all my junk from middle and high school that was in their garage. Argh, so I've got a few boxes of old papers, woodshop projects, in my garage now. Noooooo!

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Dave Liao Community Leader Mar 05, 2021

Time to recycle en masse! Don't forget to eCycle too! ^_^

That Apple IIc looks amazing. I used to play a lot with a IIe, and there's nothing like the simplicity of a black-and-white (or green-and-off-green) device.

I've got a few moves -

  • When I was born, my parents took me back to a house in Heaton Mersey. 
  • We moved to a larger place in Stockport to allow for the other three kids they claimed they wanted (they changed their mind and stopped at two when my sister was born because she was a bloody nightmare baby)
  • Then we moved to Reading, one house for a few weeks while they looked for a proper house
  • Stayed in the proper one for 15 years
  • Lived in four different houses while I was at university
  • Parents moved while I was there and when I finished, I moved back in with them for a while
  • Then went across town to live with my partner
  • Then we bought a house together and moved there.  This is the point at which cats happened
  • Split up, so I moved into a flat near the station because I'd become a commuter
  • Bought my own house halfway between town and the station and lived there for a decade
  • And the last move was from there to my current house, that suits the four of us perfectly, apart from being in England - the current plan is to move to Scotland when it leaves the UK and joins the EU

So 12 moves so far, and a plan to move at the very least once more.

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Mar 06, 2021

Poor sis! 😂

Like Dave Liao likes this

Sister is better now she's 40 with her own kids, they've enabled her to understand she was a right royal pain (to be fair, it was only until she learned how to express herself coherently, once she was able to "talk" to me and I could translate it for the parents, she stopped being a nightmare child, and then when she could talk directly to them, even better)

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I forgot the question about the thing that comes with me.

Obviously - the cat.  But the better answer is the penguin.

It's a really battered, faded, one-eyed penguin soft toy with a long story.  My grandma gave him to me when I was born.  It's always been there, and probably always will be.

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This topic makes me twitch nervously. Its well over 20 times... probably well over 30 times, as I sift through the memories of my collection. 😱

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... I think I'm finally done with the moving now, and where I need to be 😁👍

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Kat Marketplace Partner Mar 07, 2021

I have had 30 home addresses plus some time couch surfing in 38 years. I had to check a spreadsheet I made last year to confirm the number.

I had a couple of boxes that moved with me though the last half a dozen places. 


An interesting item that has travel with me a long time is some plastic containers given to be to hold hot drink things (sugar, tea bags, Milo) during my last year of high school. One of those containers is holding my tea bags at work right now - 20 years later.

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--> I think I have moved 19 times! It was kind of weird for me to count them all up because when I was younger, I can remember thinking it was soooooo boring that I had never travelled or moved to anywhere cool and interesting! I lived in the same house from when I was born until I went away to work at a summer camp for the first time (at age 17).

Anyway, I worked at different summer camps each summer, which meant moving away for a few months each year for the 4 years I was at university. I also changed uni and so moved from one city to another doing that.

THEN, I married an English person so moved from Seattle, Washington USA to London, England GB. We were together for a while, although moved across the country for them to do a teacher training course, and then eventually got divorced, so I ended up moving around a little after that, trying to find my feet again.

THEN, I met an Italian person and they won a type of "braindrain" contest to get Italians who had lived and worked in the EU to come back to Italy so finally I moved from Bath, England, GB to where I live now in Padova, Italy. We moved our stuff at the end of 2018 and then settled here from 2019.

--> My partner bought an apartment last year so I have moved most recently, during the pandemic, in May 2020.

--> I don't think I really have one thing that always has to come with me. Something I have had to get pretty good at is maintaining contact details for all of my friends and family. I think because I have now moved country more than once, I have had to be pretty brutal about keepsakes otherwise.

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Thank you @Dominic Lagger , great topic for #FridayFun!

Svenja Rising Star Mar 09, 2021

So far I moved 7 times. This includes a 1-year move to the states. I was working as an au-pair and lived in the states for 13 months. 

The last time I moved is now 2 years ago - I'm currently happy with the flat I'm living in but for the future I want something a little bigger and more central.

One thing that always moves with me is a scrapbook with all my memories from the states. It's also that one thing that I would always try to rescue no matter how dangerous it would be. 

Thanks for my first #fridayfun posting!

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LarryBrock Community Leader Mar 10, 2021

Great topic @Dominic Lagger - thanks for posting it.  Like @Jack Brickey this is a nice trip down memory lane.

I have personally moved 10 times in my lifetime, once in 3rd grade, then away to University, a few during University years, and the rest after I graduated and entered the workforce.

The last time I moved was 23yrs ago.  We were incredibly blessed to land in a neighborhood that's full of wonderful people who are now as close as family.  It also gave our two girls a nice stable childhood with some friends that they've had for 15+ years.  There's one last move planned in the next 5-7 years to our "retirement home" which will hopefully be the last.

I have an Ivy and a Ficus tree my mother gave me when I left for college that's still with me.  There are also family pictures that haven't been digitized that always move with me. I also have grown a fairly extensive collection of wood working tools, some of which are from my grandfather who was a carpenter, which will always come with me (as woodworking is part of my "sanity retention plan").


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Hi @Dominic Lagger 

   I have moved many times and in one of them even to the continent.

   The last time I moved was a little over 10 years ago and I don't rule out moving again

   And what always has to go with me are my photos and memories of my family, because they are part of my life


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