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Friday Fun: Got Crazy Socks?!?

Benjamin Community Leader Apr 08, 2021

Another Fun Friday! It's been a while since I signed up. Thanks to @Monique vdB for the reminder. Hope everyone had a great week and ready for awesome weekend ahead!

Not sure where the week went but I'm sure glad Friday coming around the corner. 

Do you all have any crazy and fun socks to share?

Got these from my sister to remind me what ever challenges comes along, "I GOT THIS".

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 3.39.14 PM.jpg




Great socks!!!


Mine are not really exciting, but they are my fave. The Cat in the Hat comes to mind whenever I see them (sure the colour isn't quite right), so these are my Dr Seuss socks.


friday socks.jpg

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Jesus baby brought socks with panda for my son (3 Y.O.). He asked me to buy the same socks after Christmas so we can got to sleep wearing the same socks :D

Výjimečný dárek od Dedoles Veselé ponožky Panda

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Esther Strom Community Leader Apr 09, 2021

I'm addicted to BlueQ socks

Current favorites:


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Mandy Ross Community Manager Apr 09, 2021

@Esther Strom I love them too! I have 3 pairs including the crafty bitch ones I'm wearing today. :D 

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O.M.G. they have AMAZING socks!!!

Andrew Kendris Community Leader Apr 09, 2021

Happy Friday All!!

I'll be zooming into the weekend with my Taco on Wheels socks 🧦


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Mandy Ross Community Manager Apr 09, 2021

TACO SOCKS!! +100 @Andrew Kendris 

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Andrew Kendris Community Leader Apr 09, 2021

Thank you @Mandy Ross 😄 

Nah, not here, I just keep it simple with a pile of identical ones, so I don't have to think about pairing.  Apart from the odd random gift...


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And you may need to squint a bit at the one on the left to see the theme - RIP Charlie!

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I have a similar sock drawer full of Atlassian and partner socks 

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Today I'm wearing my Crafty Bitch socks, a gift from my BFF @BJ Miller , who knows I love to knit/crochet/spin/paint/sew/embroider! 

Image from iOS.jpg

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Brant Schroeder Community Leader Apr 09, 2021


Had to dig deep to find these ones.

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BJ Miller Atlassian Team Apr 09, 2021

@Mandy Ross I love your socks! I am rocking my Partners in Wine socks, and my kitty (Rosie) isn't sure about them!

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Mandy Ross Community Manager Apr 09, 2021

@BJ Miller tell Rosie I said meow!

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Esther Strom Community Leader Apr 09, 2021

@Mandy Ross I have those Crafty Bitch ones, too! I'm also a knitter. Ironically, I've never been able to finish a pair of socks; I just get too bored and end up frogging to do something more interesting 😂

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Mandy Ross Community Manager Apr 12, 2021

@Esther Strom I admire your ability to even start socks! I've never attempted them, I'm more of a hat/scarf/baby sweater skill level! 

Esther Strom Community Leader Apr 12, 2021

I've been knitting for 15 years, and there are some really basic sock recipes out there. If you're interested, I can share. If you can knit in the round (either DPNs or magic loop) you can knit socks!

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Hmmm. Dont come look in my cupboards - I have at least 6 jumpers and other half finished projects in various spots around the house. My problem is I choose really complex things, that I then make changes to and so it takes me FOREVER to finish. 🙄

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Mandy Ross Community Manager Apr 13, 2021

@Linda Milne_Togetha Group_ same! I have so many half done projects where I get into them and then I just lose interest and put them in a bag.  @Esther Strom I'd love an easy sock pattern! I probably have to get new points bc I lost like 2 of my set of 5 :doh:!

@Mandy Ross,

I'm a spinner, too!  I have about 30 bags of raw alpaca (fiber) up in my attic waiting for me to day. :)

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Esther Strom Community Leader Apr 16, 2021

Ooh, I haven't tried spinning yet. Do you use a fancy wheel, or a drop spindle? 

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@WW  I have three icelandic cross lamb fleeces in storage too! I'll trade you for some delicious, delicious alpaca! I just spun up some gorgeous Merino/silk blend, so luscious!! 

@Esther Strom I started on a drop spindle, but quickly upgraded to an Ashford Traveler and I also picked up a Louet from a friend who was moving and sold it to me cheap. Spinning is like meditation to me! 

Esther Strom Community Leader Apr 16, 2021

>Spinning is like meditation to me! 

That's what I need! I don't really have room for a wheel, but I might have to look into drop spindles. Because I need a fleece stash on top of my yarn stash 🙄

WW Rising Star Apr 16, 2021

Spinning is mesmerizing, just watching the wheel go round and round, your foot (or feet) goes up and down, <ah>

You'll hate me for this, but I got my wheel at Salvation Army for ~$60.  Best guess it was built in the 1970s or 80s.  I also do woodworking, kind of as a (pun intended) spin off hobby from fiber works.  So I built 3 more bobbins to fit my wheel.  There were some chew marks on it, but other than that, it works just fine.

My wheel is portable, or rather it's small enough to bring places.  It doesn't fold up or anything.  I don't think anyone has room for the standing ones these days.  You can get a fairly small wheel.

Drop spindle will just take you a long time to make the yarn.  You can make a drop spindle out of like an old CD/DVD and a dowel or something, too.

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Mandy Ross Community Manager Apr 16, 2021

@WW that's the dream, finding a good wheel secondhand! I love the chew marks, that's just character. I really want to do decorative painting on my Ashford, but of course that's another project to add to my ridiculous backlog! 

Now you guys are making me want to abandon all my projects and spend some time in the garden spinning! 

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WW Rising Star Apr 16, 2021

Sounds like we may need a (yes I can't help myself) spin-off group.  Something of a mash up between the Atlassian Community and Ravelry.

Ravlassian, Atlasselry, Jiravelry?


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@WW I'd be there for that! Several of my Rav communities have recently started using Discord; we could easily set up a chat server there!

ETA: or, duh! A group right here on Community for crafters...

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@Mandy Ross if I were ever to try socks again, this is the pattern I'd use. There are two basic methods - toe-up and cuff-down. I've always done cuff-down, but I think that's what contributes to the boredom. With toe-up, if you get bored, you can call them finished as soon as you get past the heel; you'll have a perfectly wearable pair of ankle socks. Cuff-down, you spend tons of time on the leg part, but can't stop until you're really finished.

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WW Rising Star Apr 19, 2021

@Esther Strom , I like to make yoga socks.  They have no heels and no toes.  Basically, you eliminate the hard parts, and can keep your feet warm, while still having stability doing yoga. :)

Mandy Ross Community Manager May 03, 2021

Thanks @Esther Strom !! I will give that a shot! 

skeleton socks.jpg

Not much of a crazy sock selection in my drawers...

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Mandy Ross Community Manager Apr 09, 2021

@Tom Kakanowski I used to have those same socks!! I totally wore them out and they went to sock heaven. 

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SriKumar P Atlassian Team Apr 13, 2021

Wow this one is great👌

There are so many great socks... that we never get to see. Perhaps we all need to start a movement to make sure our socks are always on display!!

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LarryBrock Community Leader Apr 12, 2021

My favorite relaxing socks are on the left and my favorite riding socks are on the right. laugh

favorite socks.jpg

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I love colorful socks! Here is my collection laugh


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Darryl Lee Community Leader Apr 16, 2021

I don't really wear crazy socks. But sometimes I get them as swag, and my wife kept these (and somewhere there are mates).


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I don't really have crazy socks myself. My son, Mats, on the other hand, loves crazy socks and brand socks. In the photo a very small part of his collection. So if someone wants to make my son Mats happy, it is with socks with logos. :-) 

greetings Marco

Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 09.02.11.png

Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 21, 2021

No crazy socks for me, buuuut after seeing all of your socks, all I can say is that I'm definitely buying something similar! It's time to say bye-bye to old one color plain socks!

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