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Friday Fun: Fruit !

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here's the question of the week: What is your favorite fruit ?

Finding and trying new fruits is something I like a lot. When I was young, I wasn't aware that there were other fruits than apples, oranges, bananas, clementine, water melon, pineapple, grapefruit, peaches, cantaloupe, dates, plum, strawberries, blueberries apricots, raspberries and cherries.

Then I got this book that I still have and continue to look at, and discovered that there were more than I originally thought like mangoes, kiwis, khakis, litchis … Over the years, I was able to try many of them.


Then after a few years I went to Dubai for work and discovered many other fruits or varieties of the same fruit that I didn't know about. Of course I tried some of them but since they were not in the above book, I didn't know how to choose them at their best so maybe I didn't choose right when I tried the snake fruit (salak). But when I tried the rose apple I was happily surprised by its taste. 

Recently I had a discussion about exotic fruits with friends and someone told me about a documentary film that I could like.

And again, while watching it, I was surprised to learn that more exotics fruits exist! I like fruits a lot so when someone asks me what's my favorite fruit, I still hesitate, but today, I'm choosing the mangosteen.

What is your favorite fruit ?


I'll cheat as I usually do in these questions, and name two:

My favourite fruit that I can easily get my paws on because it is (now) seen as a stock item all suppliers should have on the shelves:  The avocado.  (Note, I do not have a sweet tooth)

But I do prefer fruits that are harder to find in the UK, like soapberries (lychee, longan and ackee), physalis, and spanish lime.  The winner however, is something I always mis-remember as a "monsoon plum" and have to look up, coming back to one of its real names -  Malabar Plum 

(Oh, and in last place is pineapple.  It's not for pizza.  Not because it doesn't work on pizza, but because it's downright horrid and shouldn't be on or in anything I might taste)

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Sorry @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_  but I'm going to have to start another food definition war. You are mistaken, pizza MUST have pineapple - sweet pineapple and salty olives are a total must have.... mmmmm pizzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaa


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I have no problem with putting all sorts of things on pizza (give banana and chilli a go - as long as you don't overcook the banana so it starts to caramelise - yum).  But they need to be at least edible, even if they're not really food.

Pineapple is not edible.  It shouldn't  go in or on any food.

Personally not sure about olives on pizza - never quite got the hang of green olives on pizza (they go in the martini instead), and I think the pimento or garlic stuffed ones get a bit overwhelmed.  Black olives - yep.  Also, it's rare I'll have a pizza or flatbread without capers.

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On that we agree, they have to be black, or more specifically kalamata in our house!

Have you ever had a proper fresh tropical pineapple... not that tinned stuff or even that under-ripe rubbish they have in the supermarkets. The real thing, eaten properly ripe, cut fresh is like nothing else. Its total yum.

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I've tried some greenhouse grown pineapple, grown by an excellent gardener, and nope, it was still inedible.  Just one of those things that simply doesn't work for me.

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Not sure that greenhouse grown cuts it, but neither am I sure if Ive had one. Even here in the land down under its hard to get a properly ripe pineapple unless you live at the top end and grow them in your backyard.

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John grew all sorts of plants and almost always did an excellent job - there should be a picture of him in the dictionary under "green fingers".  I trusted him to make the best of everything we could grow and eat.  But, it's pineapple, it's a lost cause.

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Pineapple on pizza should be against the law...

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I disagree - the law should say "you can put anything you want on pizza, as long as all the consumers of the pizza are fully aware of what (might) be on it and hence able to make informed choices as to whether it is safe, edible and nice for them".  

Of course, if it has pineapple on it, it's not safe, edible or nice.  To me.  It's a subjective thing.  

For me, it's not about how pizza works, it's just that pineapple is inedible (and hence totally ruins a pizza.   Along with any other dish you might add it to)

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Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Jun 05, 2021

All this talk about pineapple makes me want to throw some on a bbq and caramelise it with some bacon (healthy choices right)

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there is nothing better than black juicy cherries on christmas day

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Wassail Sangria?

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WOW, guess what I'm having this christmas!!! Cherries just for eating are still on the menu however!

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Yep, love a good cherry all on its own, but if you're going to improve a drink by adding them to it, this is a good choice!

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oh yes, alcohol AND cherries, cant go wrong really.... so long as you are eating them in the correct season. Whats with cherries in winter. Sheesh.

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Black Cherries in Kirsch... with plain vanilla ice cream....that too me is just a perfect Christmas dessert

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Dave Liao Community Leader Jun 03, 2021

My favorite fruit changes depending on mood, but I can say for sure: I LOVE pineapple on pizza.


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Yeah its my fav Pizza ever...well Ham and Pineapple

Like Veronique DUFOUR likes this

I'm loving all the love that pineapple on pizza is getting :D 

My favorite fruit does change from time to time but I'm a pretty standard guy. Commonly I'll stick to bananas (fresh or processed in banana bread/banana-split/...)

But when I'm looking for something a little more exotic I'll go for a mango, so hard to cut and feels just "ugh" since it can be so "greasy" but love the taste.

Oh and as a cheat I'll go for a good sweet apple (pink lady for example) with peanut butter on it. Gotta love that sweet/salty combo!

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I fully agree with everyone saying pineapple does belong on pizza!

I think my favourite everyday fruit is a banana... they're just quick to grab.

As far as 'exotic' fruits go, it would have to be passion fruit - it goes great with most cocktails!

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G subramanyam Community Leader Jun 08, 2021

My Kinda taste and choice. I will go with banana's and mangoes. While passion fruit remains my favorite for cocktails.

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Laura Holton Community Leader Jun 04, 2021

I've finally found group who love pineapple on pizza 🍕I usually get weird looks every time I order one! Here's to all of us pineapple on pizza fans!

But actually on to the question at hand, I reckon it would have to be mangos 🥭 for me although I do enjoy blueberries, passion fruit, papaya... okay now you just know what I have in a smoothie! Of course if you can add a splash of alcohol in there it's even better🍹

HappyFriday everyone 🥳

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So much love for pineapple on pizza 🍕 hehe! Amazing!

I have to say my favourite fruit is strawberry 🍓 They are juicy, sweet & are great in smoothies (I usually pair this with banana for breakfast). 

Anyway, happy Friday!! 🍻

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Oh, not a favourite fruit thing, but one of my nieces insisted I load up up so she could kill a lot of fruit.


Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 14.07.43.png

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Millions of peaches, peaches for me...

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John Funk Community Leader Jun 04, 2021


Like Veronique DUFOUR likes this

Peaches, indeed! I live in South Carolina, which produces many more peaches than our neighbor to the west, who call themselves the Peach State. Pffft! ;-) 

My county holds an annual peach festival on July 4. :-) 

Hard to beat peach ice cream and peach cobbler.

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John Funk Community Leader Jun 04, 2021

Yes, peach cobbler is my favorite dessert!

Like Veronique DUFOUR likes this

One of my friends has a cover band, most of whom are geeks. One of their covers is broadly:

Millions of kitties, kitties with me...

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And remember peaches come from the can.

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John Funk Community Leader Jun 04, 2021

Definitely peaches for me. And now is the perfect time for those in the US. Just had one last night and more today.  :-)

Also, so cooked peaches in a light sugary sauce with cinnamon served warm over vanilla ice cream. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

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Andrew Kendris Community Leader Jun 04, 2021

It depends on the season but the primary choices are:

  • Apples in the fall
  • Watermelon in the summer

Also any fruit that can be put into a pie is a win 🥧 😋

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Raspberries are my go to (if its good enough for bears its good enough for me), but I love Cape Gooseberries when I can get them (cant seem to grow them well where I live now)


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Put me in the no pineapple on pizza column. Though I do like pineapple.

My favorite is hard to say, there are so many, and like Nic I like savory and sweet. I would probably have to go with bananas. Growing up dad used to have a bunch of different varieties of banana trees in the back. Most people don't realize how many varieties there are or that you can cook with the unripened (green) ones, not talking about plantains (which I also love).

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Ivan Lima Community Leader Jun 06, 2021

Açaí is my favourite. I like it 100% pure, and yes, it's a bit bitter and tart when pure. It's just like black coffee, all dark, without sugar. You turn up the nose in the beginning, but once you get used to it, there's no going back. Well, you can make it very fancy indeed. You will find delicious recipes with açaí that are amazing. I recommend an Acai bowl topped with banana and your favourite crunchy granola.

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This post is so yummy! I love exotic fruits!

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Thanks to all for your participation to this post :)

I didn't think there were 2 teams about pineapple. I like pineapple on pizza but I could live without it as well! 

Like G subramanyam likes this

I think there's three teams

  1. Those who think it's ok to put pineapple on pizza
  2. Those who do not think pineapple should go on pizza
  3. Those of us who know pineapple is not edible (and hence have no opinion on the pizza thing, as it shouldn't be on or in any food at all)
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Is there a 4th team who would like to speak up? :)

John Funk Community Leader Jun 09, 2021

4. Those who enjoy eating pineapple all by itself just because of the glorious fruit that it is. 


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Monique vdB Community Manager Jun 10, 2021

I love fruit (and pineapple on pizza). My all-time favorite is probably strawberries, with tart green grapes, nectarines, apricots, purple dragonfruit, and mangosteens as my runners up. 

Like Veronique DUFOUR likes this

I didn't realize until I saw your book cover photo that hot peppers are fruit!  So, I was going to say blueberries are my favorite, due to their high concentration of antioxidants and delightful flavor, but now I think I would say jalepeno peppers are my favorite fruit. They can make any dish a delight, whether sweet or savory.


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Depending on how the word fruit is interpreted, a tomato, an avocado are also fruits. :)

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Peppers (including chillis), coffee, chocolate, and sweetcorn are indeed fruits, alongside tomatoes and avocados.

In other news,

  • rhubarb is a vegetable, not a fruit
  • pumpkins are fruits, not vegetables
  • peanuts are not nuts
  • cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage are not vegetables
  • strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are not berries
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John Funk Community Leader Jun 12, 2021
  • Classic Software Projects are not Classic Software
  • Next-gen is not Next-gen
  • Jira Core Cloud is not Jira Core
  • Jira Portfolio is not Portfolio


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Yep, agree on all of that.  But it does make want to ask if company-managed projects are fruit or veg ;-)

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John Funk Community Leader Jun 12, 2021

It's the one I use the most - so I will say fruit, because I like fruit better than vegetables. 

Like Veronique DUFOUR likes this

This thread is blowing my mind.  Everything we thought we knew is wrong.

Like Veronique DUFOUR likes this

My favourite fruits are Mango and Watermelon! They are amazingly juicy and tasty! The seasonal availability of mangoes make them more precious! :)

P.S. I like Pineapple on Pizza too :P

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Brant Schroeder Community Leader Aug 07, 2021

Banana 🍌 

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Hana Kučerová Community Leader Aug 07, 2021



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Alex Koxaras Community Leader Aug 11, 2021

It's hard to choose only one. But if the world was coming to an end, and I had to choose only one that wood be bananas.

Like Veronique DUFOUR likes this

@Alex Koxaras I agree, it is very difficult to choose only one!!

Wow! Thanks @Veronique DUFOUR for initiating this thread.

I love many fruits but if I have to choose only one then I would go for Mangoes - Loads of childhood memories.


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Fabian Lim Community Leader Dec 30, 2021



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