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Created Jun 8, 2018, Last active Sep 18, 2019


  • Featured Security Advisory for JSD Server and Data Center

    Good Day,   Atlassian just published a security advisory, please click here to read more about it. Best, Fadoua  

    13 views 0 0 Fadoua yesterday
  • Featured Confluence Security Advisory

    Morning All, Happy Friday! Please click here to read more about the most recent Confluence Security Advisory. If you have any questions, please ask them in the Atlassian Community as there are ...

    63 views 1 1 Fadoua 08-30-2019
  • JIRA & Docker

    Good Day Nova Members, Did you know that you can run a version of JIRA on your own laptop or Desktop? Then enjoy all the features available for JIRA Server? With Docker I was able to "install" an...

    12 views 0 1 Fadoua Tuesday
  • Your thoughts

    Good Day, Recently Atlassian made two major announcements: Price Increase that will start in October 2019. For more information, please click here Launched free tiers for all its cloud produc...

    26 views 3 0 Fadoua 09-10-2019
  • Atlassian Swag Store

    Okay, so there's this site.   What do you think about everyone getting a shirt for a All Atlassian Shirts gr...

    33 views 3 2 Billy Poggi AUG NOVA, DC 09-06-2019
  • What about Trello?

    Good day members, I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing long weekend! We always talk about JIRA, Confluence, I know I mentioned to @Billy Poggi AUG NOVA, DC we would like some BitBuck...

    20 views 0 2 Fadoua 09-03-2019
  • Enjoy Labor Day!

    This day is more for the staying home moms and dads, who work really hard without getting any compensation. Their happiness is to make their families happy. Happy Labor Day! Best, Fadoua

    21 views 1 1 Fadoua 09-02-2019
  • Atlassian ninja

    Seems I had to rejoin. Usually, I can't meet on Thursdays, but I hope to see you guys soon!

    22 views 1 1 Daniel J Kessler 08-29-2019
  • September AUG with Modus Create

    Modus Create is hosting the Community AUG in September.  Want to ask questions ahead of time to make sure they're answered when we're there?  Here's a great place to do that!   ...

    106 views 3 2 Billy Poggi AUG NOVA, DC 08-28-2019
  • Kudos to Rachel Wright, how she uses Trello!

    Good morning All, Back to normal, vacation is over. Summer is almost over 😢😢, so cloudy here in Northern VA However, @Rachel Wright decided to brighten our day, by sharing how she is ...

    58 views 4 3 Fadoua 08-27-2019
  • Welcome to the group!

    Delighted to see new members joining our lovely group!                                         &n...

    44 views 6 0 Fadoua 08-27-2019
  • Jira Align

    Good morning Folks, Stressful week for lot of parents as the start of school year is around the corner. Still waiting for some nice pictures for our Picture Contest. Also wanted to make sure that...

    75 views 3 1 Fadoua 08-20-2019
  • Picture Contest

    Hello everyone,   Share with the community a beautiful picture that you took this summer. It doesn't have to have any people on it. If you have one from previous vacations, no problem. B...

    93 views 6 1 Fadoua 08-17-2019
  • Who will you pick to present?

    Good day members, My apology for the delayed post, extremely busy day. If we can make it happen, who will you like to present for us during upcoming NOVA Meetups? Some companies can present in-pe...

    30 views 0 0 Fadoua 08-13-2019
  • Books to read suggestions

    Good morning All, Happy Friday! Why is everyone so quiet? I know it is summer but I am sure you are not on vacation the whole time except if you work for public schools. Well, today I want to a...

    64 views 6 2 Fadoua 08-09-2019
  • No more missed meetups

    Good day members, We understand that life can be hectic. Work, family, health, many of you sign up to attend a meetup but for some reason can not make it. It is totally understandable. As muc...

    40 views 2 1 Fadoua 08-06-2019
  • Carasoft Free Training

    What?  Are you for serious?   Yeah, Kevin is totally serious.  Here's the link.   Look forward to seeing you ther...

    97 views 9 2 Billy Poggi AUG NOVA, DC 07-30-2019
  • 2019 07 25 Mattermost and Atlassian

    We're getting ready for our event tonight with Mattermost!!   We're at a new location!!!   Mattermost sent SWAG!!!  Atlasssian sent SWAG!!!     It's go ti...

    96 views 3 5 Billy Poggi AUG NOVA, DC 07-25-2019
  • Back to my favorite game

    Good morning All, I am scratching my head to find a topic, however no luck 🤔 I know lot of people are enjoying some time off, when others are getting ready to enjoy theirs. For the ones like m...

    87 views 9 0 Fadoua 07-23-2019
  • Stay hydrated

    Good Day NOVA members, I hope everyone is fine with this heat wave. You can tell, I am in front of my computer as I can not afford to go out in this unbelievable temperatures. Even the pool water...

    34 views 0 0 Fadoua 07-20-2019
  • Application Monitoring

    Good Day, Hope all is well! I am curious to know what tools are you using to monitor your applications. If they go down how do you get the alerts( via email, text,...)?Stay cool, not sure about y...

    52 views 3 0 Fadoua 07-16-2019
  • Critical Security advisory in JIRA

    Good morning All, There is a critical security advisory for JIRA Server and JIRA DC through the Administrator Form. Please click here to read more about it. If you have any questions, Atlassian E...

    59 views 0 1 Fadoua 07-11-2019
  • Introduction

    Hi Everyone! I'm Terri and new to the NOVA AUG group. I am super excited about it as it is nice to see the connection and collaboration between all of you. :)  I have attended the DC AUG event ...

    69 views 4 2 Terri Yeago 07-10-2019
  • Happy 4th of July!

    I know, I know it is almost end of the day. Happy 4th everyone here in U.S.A!  

    40 views 0 1 Fadoua 07-04-2019
  • Welcome new members!

    Always delighted to see people joining our group          

    83 views 6 2 Fadoua 07-02-2019
  • Mattermost VS Slack

    Good Day members, I hope you are enjoying the summer. Little bit hot for me though. As you can see the AUG leaders are bringing Mattermost Team to the next meetup. Hopefully, lot of us can make i...

    39 views 0 0 Fadoua 07-02-2019
  • Oops ! Wrong Post

    Oops ! Wrong Post

    64 views 0 0 Gsep Support 06-21-2019
Northern Virginia
Northern Virginia

The online home of the Northern Virginia Atlassian User Group! NOVA meet the third Thursday of every month at different locations.

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