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  • Confluence Docker Image

    Good Day everyone, I hope you all and your loved ones are safe and healthy! I was thinking this is a great news after I read it in LinkedIn. Yes, Confluence Server Docker Image is available. I ...

    40 views 1 2 Fadoua 05-19-2020
  • April's Event

    Hello Everyone,  Billy here.   @Fadoua had a great article  ...and I w...

    122 views 6 2 Billy_Poggi_AUG_NOVA__DC 04-24-2020
  • What new skill did you learn?

    Good Day everyone, I hope you all are doing fine. For us who live in Fairfax county, it looks like we are in Virginia's Hot Spot 🥶 I keep browsing online, I am reading that while some people hat...

    116 views 10 5 Fadoua 04-21-2020
  • Stronger Together

    Good Day everyone, Today during the Atlassian Virtual Community Leader Workshop our Nova Group ranked among the most active groups!  Kuddos everyone! I will also take time to congratulate&...

    93 views 4 3 Fadoua 03-31-2020
  • Virtual Summit 2020

    Good Day, Just in case, I am sharing Summit Virtual Link: I will try to share any useful information. Best, Fadoua

    86 views 1 1 Fadoua 03-27-2020
  • My latest article about working from home

    Good Day, I hope everyone is safe.  As a parent, I am still in disbelief that the academic year is over!!!!!The situation is already stressful, now they are adding more but leaving us in unc...

    80 views 0 0 Fadoua 03-24-2020
  • Jira Align and March and we're doing it LIVE!

    I always try to share the page where we can communicate with everyone while preparing for our first ever remote only Atlassian Community Event.   This is our holding page. Also, this is o...

    285 views 12 4 Billy_Poggi_AUG_NOVA__DC 03-17-2020
  • Welcome to New March Members!

    Always and forever happy to see new members joining our group. Let's shake their hands virtually 🤝. I know I know it is not the best option under the actual circumstances, however we have to be po...

    108 views 3 3 Fadoua 03-11-2020
  • Jira Align PDF

    Good morning All, Since our next AUG meetup will be about Jira Align, if interested please send me your email address so that I can forward your way a small PDF I received from Atlassian. Hope ev...

    109 views 0 2 Fadoua 03-03-2020
  • Question about importing CSV file to create project in Jira

    From what I have been told, it is possible to import a CSV file to create Epics, Stories, etc into Jira. I guess my first question is "Is this true"? Assuming it is true, we have a customer e...

    174 views 4 0 John_Kennedy 02-19-2020
  • About symposium and NOVA Meetup

    Good day Novatlassian, I hope everyone is doing good! I bet you didn't miss my post last week, as I know for sure I am boring you to death 🤪 Unfortunately I have to post per Atlassian rules wh...

    162 views 4 1 Fadoua 02-18-2020
  • Was it too much?

    Good morning All, Well, even though this is Atlassian Group page, we are allowed to discuss non-Atlassian related topics. Let's talk about the Super Bowl Halftime Show since it has been a discuss...

    176 views 7 1 Fadoua 02-04-2020
  • Docker and Atlassian Tools

    Good day, Not sure if you are aware but Atlassian is supporting their tools if installed using Docker. It is really worth the try. Once you download Docker to your computer, you can install any t...

    132 views 0 1 Fadoua 01-28-2020
  • Welcome New Members!

    Hello everyone, As always, I am so happy to see more people joining our group! I noticed couple of Atlassian Team joining. I am delighted!!!!

    214 views 6 1 Fadoua 01-28-2020
  • So much to catch up on

    How has everyone been?  Good I hope!   It's a new year, which brings new hope.  A New Hope you ask?  Yes.  But not a Star Wars thing.  ;)    This is a chan...

    182 views 1 3 Billy_Poggi_AUG_NOVA__DC 01-22-2020
  • Tell us yours

    Good day Members, I hope everyone here in Northern VA is doing good with the cold these days. Anyone else in any other States or Countries not sure about the weather in your town, however I am hopi...

    140 views 0 1 Fadoua 01-21-2020
  • Government Symposium 2020

    Good evening everyone, Here is the link to whoever is interested to attend the Team Tour Government Symposium in Washington DC on February 20, 2020.

    147 views 0 2 Fadoua 01-14-2020
  • Ready for a change?

    Good day, This will be our first official 2020 post.   Well, around this time of the year lot of people talk about their resolutions. I think it is really "fasty" (it makes me think about th...

    142 views 0 0 Fadoua 01-07-2020
  • Hello, NoVa!

    Good morning, Atlassian Community! I am a UX Design Specialist and Confluence enthusiast who loves to learn while designing new experiences through building collaboration across teams and across con...

    152 views 1 1 Brant_Nesbitt 01-07-2020
  • Adieu 2019!

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year!                                        

    162 views 1 0 Fadoua 12-31-2019
  • Merry Christmas!

    Wishing each one of you a Merry Christmas!

    139 views 0 0 Fadoua 12-24-2019
  • What do you do?

    Good day, I am curious to know how you indulge yourself during the most stressful time of the year? For people in the US, Holiday Season is the most stressful. Other countries I am not sure. If...

    135 views 0 0 Fadoua 12-20-2019
  • Atlassian University

    Good morning All, For those of you who are not aware. Atlassian made some changes to their certifications. They also added some free skill builders. Please check all the information here Stay w...

    202 views 4 0 Fadoua 12-17-2019
  • What's your question?

    Good evening All,   My apology for the delayed post. If we can have Atlassian Team answer your questions: what is the question, you will have for them? It could be technical or non-technic...

    197 views 5 0 Fadoua 12-10-2019
  • What did you learn?

    Good Day everyone, I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving, and you are getting ready for Christmas. Today my question will be very simple: what is the most valuable lesson(s) learned during the year 201...

    213 views 3 0 Fadoua 12-03-2019
Northern Virginia
Northern Virginia

The online home of the Northern Virginia Atlassian User Group! NOVA meet the third Thursday of every month at different locations.

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