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Using JIRA for Getting Things Done (GTD)

Ben Newport May 9, 2017

Is anyone else using the GTD methodogy by David Allen for task productivty improvemenent?

Do they have any tips they want to share?

I have setup a nice GTD Kanban board, GTD Issue scheme and workflow. Now to start using it. 




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ckotte July 19, 2017

Hey Ben,

do you still use JIRA for GTD? :)

I also thought about using JIRA for GTD, but I'm not sure if this will work well because there's no JIRA app for my mobile phone.

How do you quickly put your ideas into JIRA from your mobile phone? Can I send an email to JIRA and the text is automaticaly out into the Backlog or something else?

Ben Newport July 24, 2017

There should be a JIRA app for your phone. There is one for IOS and Android. 

Also, you can access JIRA via the mobile site, and yes you can convert Inbound emails to JIRA tickets. :)

I am using some of the GTD principles yes. However i have had to customise it a litttle bit given that the board i created is a team board, instead of an individual board.

See Seen December 29, 2019

Hi @Ben Newport , can you share screenshots of how your kanban is set up? as well as jira scheme and workflow? I'm not new to GTD but rather new to jira. Thanks!

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