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Resolved vs Implemented

Bob Sovers August 28, 2019

The Jira status of "RESOLVED" on the Confluence Cloud project (eg. ), has the pop-up text of "This issue has been rolled out to our Cloud instances, and also fixed in a Server release. Please look at the Transitions tab to get to know when it was deployed to Cloud, and to the Fix Version field to find out when it was resolved in a Server release."

And yet, the actual resolution is "Duplicate" --  which is NOT implemented.  


Jira needs to differentiate between the multitude of resolutions which are NOT implemented from those which actually are, so that the pop-up is the actual truth, instead of a LIE!

Based on this query( project = CONFCLOUD AND status = 'RESOLVED' )...

Here are the full set on NOT implemented resolutions:

  • Duplicate
  • Incorrectly Filed
  • Invalid
  • Won't Fix
  • Obsolete
  • Timed Out
  • Tracked Elsewhere
  • Not a bug
  • Cannot Reproduce
  • Won't Do
  • Support Request
  • Unsolved Mysteries (My favorite) 
  • Handled by Support
  • Incomplete
  • Spam


Here are those which are Implemented:

  • Fixed
  • Done
  • Answered
  • Resolved Locally
  • Deployed







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