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New to Web programming

sencay June 17, 2020

Hi community!

I am working as a freelance programmer, mostly on projects running on embedded devices, or on a PC communicating with such devices.

Now I am about to start developing an interactive Web site, some kind of enhanced blog, as a private project in my spare time. First step will be defining the coarse requirements, then picking the technology to use.

I would pe pleased if you could point me to some Web programming projects that you think are well organized, if they do showcase their way of working.

Kind regards,

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Ahmad Pouei June 20, 2020

I think you should explore projects on freelancer site. There is a lot of projects you can contribute

sencay June 20, 2020

Thank you for your suggestion.
Did you mean a specific freelancer site?

Ahmad Pouei June 20, 2020

I had some beneficial experience with it. I think it is good to improve your skills and introduce yourself with new technologies

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